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  • Will it be a place of worship again or could it be something else? Anyone know more about the zoning?

  • It’s a nice building, I hope it can be adaptively reused (B&B? small gym? condos?) I hope whatever happens with it, the new owners replace the chain-link fence with wrought iron.

  • Now that its price is more in line with reality, some enterprising individual will buy it, rezone it for additional residential density and build condos. It is a big lot, there is easily room for 10-12. It would be nice if there was a bit of street level retail but being as it is directly across the street from a school, all the regular uses are off limits.

    All in all a win for DC. The city gets the property back on the tax rolls, someone makes a dumpload of money selling condos and Columbia Heights gets ~20 more well to do yuppies with the disposible incomes to match.

  • FYI, the sale is for the church building only now. The previous sale included the large adjacent townhouse.

  • can someone please buy this and turn it into a pub?

    • Due to its location directly across the street from a school, no retail use that includes alcohol sales of any kind will be permitted.

      • LisaT

        That’s too bad. Every time we pass when the for sale sign is out we talk about making it a jazz club.

      • really? that’s crazy. aren’t most bars open at the exact opposite time as schools? Schools: 8am-3pm. bars: 5pm-2am. I have never understood zoning laws.

      • Does Wonderland have a special permit or something? It’s directly across from the school’s playground and last time I checked, they sold booze.

  • If I had money to burn, I’d try it out as a daycare center. There’s outdoor space for a playground, plenty of light, good location. And there’s such a dearth of childcare options around here.

  • This lot is zoned R-4. The “R” stands for residential, meaning no commercial. There is a reason why there are no pubs, daycares, gyms, etc. on this block. Eleventh Street from Kenyon to Monroe, on the other hand, is zoned C-2-A. The “C” stands for commercial, which is why that strip is full businesses. So, this lot is likely to end up as housing or remain a church (which is permitted in R-4).

  • would it be wrong to gut it and turn it into an amazing house?

  • Could they trade properties with the red church at Sherman and Lamont NW (Greater Harvest Baptist) -including the ugly yellow vinyl sided apt bldg behind it that has never been finished. GHBC would have a better building, and the little red church could be a nice little commercial space, restaurant/pub… art gallery, yoga/dance studio…. With no school in sight, and commercial zoned on Lamont, this would be a great option, and a developer could finally tear down that apt and build something better there.

  • Built in 1905 at a cost of just $14,000!

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