Check out the National Mall

I don’t know when the last time you’ve been to the National Mall was but this sight blew me away. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. When completed (Dec. 2012), hopefully it will last longer than McPherson Square 2.0

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  • …last longer than McPherson 2.0? Only if urban hippies with trust-funds aren’t given carte blanche to squat on public land.

  • Does this mean they’re done with the reflecting pool end? I was down there several months ago, and it was a giant ugly embarrassment.

    How come other cities can keep their public spaces beautiful without tearing them up for a year at a time? Paris sees more tourists annually than any other city in the world, and you’d never see a park even approaching the level of tired and dingy that our nation’s capital seems to take for granted.

    • I dunno, I’ve been to Paris three separate times over the last decade, and have never managed to get a picture of Notre Dame without it being covered in scaffolding. Actually, pretty much every major monument I’ve seen anywhere in the world has been under construction when I went there (I am apparently cursed). I don’t think it’s just DC.

      (But yeah, the reflecting pool has been under construction forever!)

    • ah

      I think Paris doesn’t allow softball and kickball in the Tulileries or Luxembourg gardens.

    • Because this is being administered by the National Park Service, which automatically means that it will take about three times as long as if it were being done by anybody else, and it will probably end up being all screwed up by the time it’s finished.

    • I just got back from Paris two days ago; the park across the road from my hotel was cordoned off by ugly cement barriers and completely torn up.

  • Hope they don’t dig so deep as to hit those secret tunnels.

    Anybody recall several years back all of the extensive underground work on 18th St next to the Eisenhower (Old) Executive Office Building? Never found out what that was all about.

  • The irrigation is huge. I thought they would cheap out and not put it in. It’s essential if you don’t want a dust bowl or sparsely grassed space. They should cordon off certain sections at a time during high summer, when sun and feet would decimate the grass if not given a break.

  • This is going to make finding a field for softball a bitch this season. Competitiveness for unaffected fields will be insane.

  • I can’t wait for this to be done – I just hope that the park system works with athletic leagues, event planners and others to make sure the mall doesn’t end up looking like it did last August. I think that means that organized leagues are going to have to both pay for use and look at other fields around the city.

  • I think that’s B.S. personally, always some other secret plan… Like building evacuation tunnels from the capitol…

  • This basically kills off the softball leagues for this summer… to the joy of many on this site, but to the dismay of those who enjoy actually using our city’s wonderful public spaces – not just looking at them.

  • it will look exactly the same as it did before…. sucks for the GW graduating class of 2012, no mall ceremony for you

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