Careful, Roads Really are Slick

A reader sends the following shot from Sunday morning near the Old Soldiers Home on Rock Creek Church Road, NW. Be careful out there.

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  • a lil tip for all my fellow Washingtonians… when you are driving and hit a patch of ice, do NOT turn into the direction you are sliding in! you should turn the wheel into the opposite direction to regain control of the car. Also, do NOT slam on your breaks, this just makes it worst. Try to just take your foot off the gas and let the car slow down on its own. If you drive stick, try and keep the rpm’s low, spinning wheels are harder to control. These are all things they taught us in drivers ed back home (Cape Cod, MA). hope this saves some bumpers…

    be safe out there!

  • man, The Old Soliders home must hold a record for the most crashed into fence in DC.

  • Bikepaths?……………………………………Even slicker!

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