Black and Orange Burgers Opens Up at 14th and U St, NW

Another late night option has opened up at 1931 14th St, NW. Black and Orange opened to the public last night. So without doing an internet search – anyone remember what used to be in this location? The transformation is pretty wild:

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask about the status of their outdoor seating. Anyone happen to know what happened with that?

So, they’re open 11am-5am and you can see their menu here. Black and Orange also has a Dupont location at 1300 Connecticut Ave, NW.

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  • was it DTLR? Or some kind of shoe store? walked by last night at 7 and it was empty, walked by at 8 and it was SRO packed

  • That’s DTLR right next to it on the left. Wasn’t it some kind of discount clothing spot, Bargain something or another? Do I get a PoP shirt if I am right?

    • DTLR = Downtown Locker Room. It’s where all the peeps that are hep on the freshest sneaker’s pick up their kicks…and lids.

      • They used to have a really fly selection of those flamboyant hoodies that look like they were designed by Japanese schoolgirls, too.

  • I work near the Black & Orange at Dupont, and I’m more likely to eat here than at Shake Shack, unless I’m craving a concrete. I like B&O’s burgers better and their fries are far superior to Shake Shack’s. My biggest complaint is that their buns are too soft and greasy [queue the smartass remarks!].

    • Seconded (well, I don’t work near Dupont, but seconded to everything else). And, I like Shake Shack. I just think Black and Orange is better.

  • it was a bargain mart. You could buy socks and dollar store shampoo, random but kind of awesome

  • More “gourmet” burgers! Awesome! Can we get another pizza place too????

  • brookland_rez

    Looks yummy. Can’t wait to give it a try next time I’m at Black Cat.

  • Just what we need, another fast food joint at 14th and U. And this place is going to be open until 5 a.m., which is lilely to result in issues with the drunken people who will show up there after the bars empty out. Why do the owners think anybody who actually lives in the neighborhood wants them here? The 14th & U area is becoming like Adams Morgan, and not in a good way.

    • I do 🙂 I own/live 1.5 blocks away, and welcome them 🙂 Moved to a dense area…because I like density.

    • are they serving beer yet?

    • I live a half block away and am thrilled by it. We needed more cheaper options and Taylor and B/O are welcome additions.

    • I don’t suspect anyone moves to 14th and U for its peace and quiet…

      I live within a few blocks and look forward to trying them out on Friday :).

    • I own a house around the corner from this and support their opening.

    • I moved away from 15th and U because I saw the writing on the wall about 8 years ago. I don’t want to live in the middle of a 24 hour freight train of activity. But that B&O is much better than what used to be there.

    • I live three blocks away and I’m glad too!

    • Spoken like someone who has never been to Adams Morgan.

      Nowhere in the city is in any danger of becoming Adams Morgan. Being a nightlife district does not make you Adams Morgan. U Street isn’t there. It is definitely a lively party scene on the weekends, but it isn’t on par with 18th Street by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Thank you. You are exactly right.

        You want to live somewhere with “no commercial corridor” more power to you. You want to live in the burbs, more power to you. I live in the neighborhood exactly for the reason that I can go out to some pretty cool places just outside my front door. As a “city person” I think this is the best part of DC to live in. I use my car to get to work in the burbs and I don’t like to even think about getting in it to go out. Restaurants, bars, clubs, and fine dining are within close walking distance.

        I honestly feel if you don’t like this place coming into the hood because you think it will attract the wrong element and it is “turning into Adams Morgan”, you need to move. This is a very vibrant neighborhood from early morning till late at night. Unless you have been living here since before its revival (which I would say most of my neighbors have not), didn’t you know what you were getting into?

    • Is Hal being serious? I can’t tell.

  • I was one of many who’d been rolling their eyes at another burger place, but looking at the menu, this actually sounds interesting and good. I will try it out!

    Also, hasn’t U Street been “the new Adams Morgan” for YEARS now?

  • Long before it was a DTLR, it was a grocery store, Safeway or Giant.

  • “A burger grilling company”

    Good god how pretentiously stupid.

    They do burgers “pink” or “not pink”. WTF is that?!?!
    If you are going to call your self a “burger grilling company”, you better be experts at the grilling part:
    Rare: 75% pink inside
    Medium Rare: 50% pink inside
    Medium: 25% pink inside
    Medium: brown inside with a slight hint of pink
    Well: 100% brown inside, no pink at all

    So B&O: which “pink” are you referring to?

  • Not a fan of their burgers. I went to the Dupont location a few weeks ago for the first time and the burger was extremely dry, even though I ordered it “pink.” May give it another shot at this location, but I think Five Guys, Shake Shack, etc, is better…

  • So now that all of the dopes who missed the point of my ealrier post have weighed in, I guess I can respond to all of them at once. The point is that most of the people who live in the area don’t want a fast food restaurant or nightclub in every building in the neighborhood so that people from Silver Spring or Bloomingdale or Arlington can come to our neighborhood to party. We want real stores that sell stuff or services that we need, like clothes or gifts or dry cleaners or leather goods or motorcycles or whatever.

    I have lived in the U Street area for 15 of the 25 years that I have been in Washington and to the dope who says “spoken by someone who has never been to Adams Morgan,” I can assure you that I have been to 18th Street many times over the years (probably while you were still in high school) when it actually had some good restaurants and before it became a weekend war zone. My fear is that with the proliferation of nightclubs and cheap fast food places in the 14th & U corridor, the neighborhood will deteriorate into AM. In case you don’t realize it, the 1300 block of U Street has one of the highest rates of crime in District 3. Many of the crimes are robberies that occcur late in the evening or in the early hours of the morning. My guess that at least some of the victims are visitors to our neighborhood who have just left a bar, on their way to get a burger at a place like B&O.

    And to the other dope that says that “14th & U is noisy and filthy, get over it and move” my response is that unlike you, I have some civic pride and want my neighborhood to be more than just litter and filth and crappy fast food joints. I expect the noise and have lived with it for the past 15 years — it’s the other stuff that I don’t want. Also, the other genius who mentioned “urban density” obviously doesn’t understand the term. B&O is moving into an existing one-story building, so the “urban density” will not change (only the clientele since the former tenant was also a retail business). The only thing that will change is the quality of life and the way that the neighborhood is developing. I support new businesses, just not a restaurant or club opening in every vacant building. It is only a matter of time before Republic Gardens and State of the Union are opened as new clubs, which will continue to the deterioration of the neighborhood.

    Besides, B&O probably won’t last long since something new and better will come along in a year or two and the hipster crowd will rave about that new place and how wonderful it is for 6 months or so until the next new place opens and the cycle will repeat itself. Or some of these people will move to the suburbs because they will have kids and won’t want them to attend the crappy DC public schools so they won’t be eating at places like B&O. Or some others will return to the flyover state that they came from because their job here sucks and they realize that they will never get promoted at the NGO where they have worked for 5 years. Or whatever.

    So if you want to support the place, that is your right, but I have the same right to not support it. Oh yeah, and to the genius who thinks I’m not serious, guess what? I am.

    • Yep, agree. Adams Morgan really isn’t that crazy these days and pretty tame (especially Sunday-Thursdays). I’d say most weekends U St. has more people and partiers now than Adams Morgan does. Granted, there are still some crappy bars (McNastys being the prime example), but there are also now bars like Jack Rose and Bourbon.

      • In the 90’s:
        Adams Morgan was always tame Sunday – Wednesday’s. That was the only time residents went out in Adams Morgan.

        Thurs – Sat nights were left to the partykids. But there were fewer bars back (and way more restaurants that were not acting like bars) back then, so even the level of crazy was lower.

        It’s even a touch cleaner than it was in the 90’s, because of the BID clean-up. But the number of bars and their capacity is too much for that small area.

        I love living in Adams Morgan. I can walk my dog up 18th street early on a friday night and she gets to get petted by everyone who goes “awww can I pet her”. She loves it. But we are outta there by 10 – as the crazy is too crazy.

    • What about the graduate student from Austria who was kileed by a drunk driver at the intersection of 18th & Florida? That was last summer. And how about the the guy who got into a fight with the cops last summer in AM (it took several cops to subdue him — its on You Tube, check it out). And how about the people who have been physicaly assualted at Jumbo Slice (or whatever it is called)? I guess the Going Out Gurus forgot to mention those incidents.

  • Rogue States used to be there. If you look at the menu, they named a burger in honor of it.

  • I live 3 blocks away and I welcome Black and Orange, since we need more places for a quick and inexpensive meal. I have lived on 11th St. For more than 20 years, and I am less than a block from U Street. Most of the posters here approve of this type of addition to the neighborhood, as do most of my neighbors. The fuddie duddies can move to arlington.

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