At Least They Didn’t Say Patriots vs the Phillies?

Thanks to a reader for sending an email from the folks at Dirty Martini inviting you to watch the Super Bowl:

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Super Bowl Sunday the Dirty way! Watch the Eagles v. the Patriots on 9 HDTV’s with supreme surround sound! Amazing drink and food specials too! We’ll look forward to seeing you Sunday night!
Wear your team colors for special incentives all throughout the game!
Reservations recommended but not required.

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  • they also better hope the NFL’s licensing minions don’t see this. NFL does not play nice when it comes to letting unlicensed businesses use the term “Super Bowl,” hence the euphenisms bars and restaurants typically employ to refer to it.

  • orderedchaos

    @ Danimal, seems to me the reason PoP posted this notice was to poke fun at their email error “Watch the Eagles v. the Patriots”, not to promote the bar over local options.

  • Danimal, what are you talking about? This is to point out a funny sport ignorance by the bar. Did you read the headline?

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