Anyone Know What Happened to the Corner Store at 13th and Otis St, NW?

Dear PoP,

You think you could Post something on the little corner store at the southwest corner of 13th and Otis? It has been closed for two days or so and I’m getting concerned. I love the store and the charming Ethiopian woman who owns it. One time she gave me a free meal when I complemented the wonderful smell of whatever was cooking. I hope the place will be open again soon.

I think it may have been involved in the recent bust by the major narcotics unit of MPD. Anyone else know/hear anything?

UPDATE: A commenter writes:

“The owner went home to Ethiopia until Feb 22/23. No drug bust! It will reopen before the end of the month.”

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  • The owner went home to Ethiopia until Feb 22/23. No drug bust! It will reopen before the end of the month.

  • Pretty irresponsible to link it to the drug raids with absolutely no proof. Glad it will be re-opening. Agree with the OP that the staff is always friendly.

  • springroadintoaction

    That’s good news. I was worried their recent renovation put them under or something. The folks who run it are great.

    • tonyr

      I hope that the “recent renovation” was mainly inside. I’d hate to think that a can of red/green paint and a couple of brushes put them over the edge.

  • They have great homemade meat pies.

  • I too have been worried about Nani (sp?) the lovely woman that runs that place. So glad to hear all is well – the meat pies are the bomb! Thanks for the update.

  • Lets not jump over POP too badly. It is a corner store, some of the corner stores in our neighborhoods certainly don’t have the best reputations. With that said, he has admitted he may have jumped the gun, and noted the mistake.

    Love this place, and love the Fat Tire sign in the window, always makes me smile 🙂

    • The current Fat Tire sign is actually a replacement for a previous Fat Tire sign. When I asked Nani what happened to the first Fat Tire sign she said that it was too small. She ended up offering it to me and I took it. So nice!

  • Yes, the proprietor is kind, but her decision to sell single bottles of liquor, and to adverstise liquor so prominently on 13th street, not only creates an eyesore, but contributes to crime, litter, and public drunkenness endemic to the neighborhood. Several of us (immediate neighbors) have engaged her on these issues, but found that she won’t acknowledge that her store contributes to neighborhood problems. I commend her for making improvements to her store over the last couple of years, but I wish she and her store could be a better neighbor.

  • When I lived on 13th street, I bought from that store almost daily. I wish I had a corner store closer to my house now.

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