Any Fans of the Tortilla Factory Closing, March 1st?

Thanks to @lordscarlet for sending word. I’ve never actually been there but it sounds like it was great. Tortilla Factory often was mentioned in the comments when we talked about best places for Mexican food. Their Website says:

“Since 1975, The Tortilla Factory has delighted the Washington Metropolitan Area with the finest Mexican food this side of the border. They have something for everyone! From delicious Margaritas, to tasty enchiladas, to vegetarian options, to kid’s meals…

Come enjoy the authentic Mexican atmosphere with traditional costumes, hats and Mexican folklore decorations.”

Were there any fans?

From Connection Newspapers:

Customers from all over the Washington Metropolitan area are streaming to the Tortilla Factory in Herndon after learning the restaurant will soon be closing its doors after more than 35 years in business. Late last week word began to spread via the Internet that owner Chuck Curcio would be shutting down the restaurant on March 1. Since the public found out, there has been a waiting list each night to relive the memories and enjoy the Sonora Mexican style cuisine.

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  • Herndon? What’s Herndon?

    • Some people aren’t scared of venturing beyond their own little neighborhood. And some people miss out on a lot of stuff.

      • it is bizarre how small peoples worlds can become, and with a weird pride too.
        still, there is no restaurant in herdon that is worth spending that travel time to go to if that’s all you have planned.

  • It’s been years since I’ve been there, but when I worked in Reston I would go there often. Great food and great service.

  • Serious question: Do you mean “fans of the closing of the Tortilla Factory” or “fans of the Tortilla Factory, which is closing”?

  • 1.) Herndon is next to Reston in Ffx County. (It’s like the Pawnee to Reston’s Eagleton).

    2.) The Tortilla Factory is a freaking institution.

    3.) They have the best chips and salsa in all of America.

    4.) It will be missed.

  • brookland_rez

    I’m sure it’s good, but I’m not going to Herndon to go eat.

    I’m not scared, I’ve been to Herndon once, the traffic getting there and getting around there is hellacious.

    • Sounds like you’re scared of traffic. It’s not that bad if you go on the weekend. You were probably driving out there at 4 PM or something.

  • This place has been a legit institution out there for a long time. It began when Herndon was a small, quaint town that was surrounded by dairy farms and not sprawl and office buildings. It’s a shame.

    • It’s also a shame that so many people in DC are scared of trying new things.

      • I don’t think it’s so much that they are scared. Rather, it’s that they don’t have the means to do so without a car. Plus, it sounds much better to be to talk shit on suburbs than to admit you cannot go somewhere others can go. I’m lucky to be a city dweller with a car. I can bike or walk when I want, and I can get the hell out of DC for an afternoon when I want. There are some decent things to do in the suburbs – doesn’t mean you have to live there.

  • Tortilla Factory was the type of place you thought would always be there and didn’t realize how much you appreciated it until you heard that it was closing. I think anyone who had the experience/privilege of growing up (roughly) in one place, can relate. Thomas Wolfe had it right, “You can’t go home again.”

  • As this is a DC blog about neighborhoods and real estate in DC, it might be relevant to point out why a lot of its readers find the idea of going to Herndon for a taco to be a preposterous idea: we don’t drive.

    • lordscarlet

      So, what you’re saying is that in the least-car-owning-wards less than half of the households have no car? So then, even in those least-car-owning-wards the majority of homes, sometimes up to 80%, own a car? Astounding.

      And don’t tell me that how you get to work is any reflection on how you get about on the weekends and evenings.

  • Pretty sure the point of this post was to see if there happened to be anyone in the area who liked the Tortilla Factory…not to make some statement about what is and isn’t worth venturing out of DC for. Plenty of people who live in DC proper (some even…WITHOUT CARS *gasp*) now grew up in Northern VA and thus find this story interesting! And as an FYI, Herndon definitely isn’t scary, and while the tacos at Tortilla Factory probably don’t compare to those in Austin, they are pretty damn good, and will be missed.

    • lordscarlet

      Agreed! I grew up in Woodbridge, and, unfortunately, I was not privy to Tortilla Factory. However, my wife grew up in Reston and grew up on Tortilla Factory and I learned how amazing it was. It was a great example for the type of local business people clamor for in DC. It had the same owner(s) for its entire existence (I believe), it was there for a long time, had largely the same staff for decades, knew their customers by name and treated the customers they didn’t know as if they were friends. On top of that, the food was great.

      I’m not sure why we are comparing to Austin tacos, though (I mean, I know it is because of our friend in the above post, but work with me here). How do they compare to any establishment between DC and Herndon? You would be hard pressed to find many that are better.

    • herdon is actually kind of cute. there’s a decent art center. a couple of cool pubs. a tiny downtown area. dc is a very small city. people need to get out more.

  • I am going to miss the T Factory’s salsa terribly. Their salsa is my go-to party food and it makes for a great spread when paired with the T Factory’s chips, guac and black bean dip. There’s a rumor that the owner’s son will sell the salsa at local farmers markets. I’m hopeful that he’s able to keep the salsa locally available and I will drive from NW to pick some up any weekend!

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