And Here is Where Tasti D-Lite is Going to be in DC USA in Columbia Heights

This week we looked at where the DSW and Lime Fresh will be located in DC USA in Columbia Heights. Today we’ll look at Tasti D-Lite. We heard a Tasti D-Lite was coming to Columbia Heights back in Aug. 2011. They also have a Dupont location open at 2029 NW P St, NW. The Columbia Heights location will be on Irving Street between Panera and Panda Express. It also requires a complete build out so keep an eye out for a late spring/early summer opening.

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  • I love that new stores are coming into DCUSA, but I just wish there was a little more diversity. Do we really need 2 fast food “Mexican” places and 2 fro-yo shops?

  • Tasti D-nasti. That looks gross. It doesn’t look like they include any fresh ingredients in their smoothies.

    • Yeah, I love how soft-serve ice cream has been rebranded as frozen yogurt and milkshakes have been rebranded as smoothies. I don’t have any problem with ice cream and milkshakes, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we’re getting anything healthy at these places.

      • Tasti D-Lite is neither ice cream nor yogurt. It’s massively processed junk straight out of the lab. It doesn’t even deserve to be called food.

  • OMFG! I’m so excited to see another chain in the city. They’re like cute, little viruses, and they’re warm and safe because they’re chains so they must be better for you than those sketchy local places with their sketchy locals. But it won’t be home until there’s a Cheesecake Factory and a Maggiano’s. Yes, then it will be home.

  • hispanicandproud

    DC is never happy.

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