And Here is Where Lime Fresh is Going to be in DC USA in Columbia Heights

Future home of Lime Fresh on 14th St, NW at DC USA in Columbia Heights

Yesterday I showed you where DSW will be located at in DC USA on the Irving St, NW side. I was also shown a few other locations for other tenants that have signed leases. Today, we’ll look at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill which we first heard about in early January. From their Website:

“Fresh” “Healthy” “Organic” “Sustainable”
We’re sick of green-washed buzzwords you hear a lot but don’t mean much at all.

So, here’s our no-quote truth:
Our food is freakin’ good. It’s how we went from one bumpin’ burrito shop in hell-raising, health-conscious South Beach to over 11 (… and counting) along the East Coast.

Why’s our food so good?
We use the best ingredients available, including humanely raised meat and produce that’s delivered daily and prepared on-site for all our homemade salsa, sauces and sides. Plus, we really care if you like it. We make your meal however you want it, bring it out to you and bring it back if it’s not perfect. We’re cool like that.

We also have vegetarian, low-carb and low-fat options. But we’ll be the first to tell you that a mound of sour cream on a low-carb wrap… still has a mound of sour cream. So keep it in check Madam Denial.

So, yeah. If you want delicious, freshly-prepared Mexican food with a precocious, often-offends attitude … then welcome. We like you already.

You can see their menu here.

So they’ll be located on the 14th St, NW side between the Payless and Radio Shack. The space is about 3500 square feet and needs a complete build out. While they hope for a spring opening, I’m guessing it’ll probably happen in early summer.

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  • really? right across the street from chipotle? does this place have better burritos?

  • And so the double vision stores begin.

    Best Buy Radio Shack
    Best Buy Staples
    Five Guys Z Burger
    Pot Bellys Panera
    DSW Payless
    Modell’s Target Sports Zone Nash Sports (I realize they’re closing)
    New Ramen Shop Pho 14
    Starbucks Coffy Cafe
    and now:
    Chipotle Lime Fresh

    The only things that provide something unique to the neighborhood now are FroZenYo, Julia’s Empanadas, that new Chipotle style Pita place, Pete’s, Panda Express, Marshalls (kind of), IHOP, Children’s Place, Mattress Discounters, and Vitamin Shoppe. And aside from that new Pita place, Pete’s and Julia’s I could easily live with out any of those.

    Columbia Heights…neighborhood of growth but nothing to write home about.

    • If you have lived in Columbia Heights for at least 8 years then this growth is certainly something to write home about!

    • Most of those are only superficially duplicates. Radio Shack hardly duplicates Best Buy and the sandwiches at Pot Belly are completely different than Panera. DSW sells name brands, while Payless sells cheap crap. In any case, I don’t really see a problem with some competition.

      • I agree with you. Best Buy does not duplicate Radio Shack. That would be like saying a margarita duplicates a teaspoon of salt.

        Really does Radio Shack actually sell anything that can’t be had at Target plus a cell phone store? At one time they used to sell stuff like soldering irons and little switches, but I don’t think they do any more.

      • I guess my point wasn’t that each place was an exact duplicate, but that their services mostly could be had at a cheaper alternative next door. Do we really need a Radio Shack or Staples with Best Buy and Target upstairs? I’d say no, and give that space to something more useful. Do we really need a Payless when we have a Marshalls and soon to be DSW? Again I’d argue no. Panera and Potbelly’s are different, and I’m tired of Five Guys and excited to see what Z burger has to offer, but if we have yet another main chain fast food, can’t it be something different entirely (Cava Mezze Grill should hopefully fit that bill). Does the Vitamin Shoppe and Matress Discounters really contribute anything to the neighborhood?

        Point being is that each new place that comes to DCUSA just doesn’t seem to contribute that much and there’s few things that really gets one excited about (or if it does, it make something else that’s there obsolete).

    • where is “Chipotle style Pita place, ” located? sounds awesome!

    • Is the new Pita place good? I must have missed it. Where is it exactly?

  • I have no problem with this being right across the street from Chipotle. There’s ALWAYS a long line at Chipotle, so obviously there is adequate demand for 2 similar burrito places. Now maybe I’ll have a crack at actually getting a Burrito Bowl for a change without waiting in line for 20 minutes. you could put a Chipotle across the street from Chipotle, and they’d both do well!

  • Looks like they have a wider menu selection than Chipotle. Andy, every business you cited is apples to oranges. Each place has different products and offerings. Having all of these options are great for our community!

    • I appreciated the amusing Napoleon Dynamite reference on the menu. A bit too 2005 (or whenever that was) but it still made me smile.

  • Good to know it’s neither “Fresh” nor “Healthy”, neither “Organic” nor “Sustainable”. Just more crap.

  • I am pretty much sick of more burrito/burger joints.

  • I really don’t ever want to eat at this place after that douchey description

  • I think they just refer to themselves as “Lime,” not “Lime Fresh.”

  • This place is really good. I went to one of their original locations in South Beach 3 1/2 years ago – was totally different than Chipotle. Think less “bigass burrito” and more “light, fresh” taste.. citrusy/tomatoey whatever.. it’s good.

    • I’ll second that. Have also been to one of the original Miami Beach locations a few times. The first time I went, had expectations that it would be similar in taste to Chipotle or possibly Baja Fresh but was happy to find out that it was much better. I think this place will do well and will seriously cut into the lines at Chipotle.

  • Yawn. Another bad chain Mexican restaurant.

  • I’d be glad to go there if they have gluten free or Paleo options. And yeah, stop hating on new busineses. When I moved to CH the two places to eat within a few blocks from my house were the bulletproof glass chinese restaurant that sells loose cigarettes, and the salvadoran place where people would get stabbed after controversial soccer matches on TV. I’ll take wine bars over winos any day.

  • Whatever happened to the plan for some local businesses in DCUSA? Or was it locally owned…?

  • There is one in Clarendon. Their food is okay. It is nothing to be excited about in my opinion.

  • sounds like a pretentious “organic” version of Chipotle disguising itself as cool. I’ll stand in line at Chipotle instead. At least their honest about their calories and give you what you pay for, A HUGE BURITTO THAT FILLS YOU UP!

  • burritosinstereo

    Last time I walked past Chipotle the line was literally out the door. No thanks. I’m sure this place will end up being comparably busy, but probably way more worth the wait.

  • I’ve never seen so many people so whiny about having options. Having multiple choices for services is a good thing. Maybe you’d prefer CH had only one gas station or one dry cleaner.

    On a lighter note, I wonder if they’ll be able to serve the delicious frozen margaritas we had at a Lime in Orlando!

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