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  • I don’t live or work nearby, but I would go there if they sell meats/cheeses by the pound. (You know, as a deli would).

    • Italian Deli at the Florida Ave. markets – a deli that has an actual meat counter.

      • You’re thinking of A. Litteri’s in the 500 block of Morse NE. Fantastic deli, every Italian product you’d ever need, and they just added pizza. Unfortunately, they close at 4 during the week (although they are open Saturdays).

  • GRRR WHO NAMES THESE PLACES?? McNasty’s, SnitchEye, a Deli, WTF?

  • Wow, the industry really has run out of good names.

  • springroadintoaction

    “I’m going to a Deli.”

    “Which one?

    “a Deli.”

    “Which one?”

    “a Deli.”

    “Who’s pitching today?”


  • This is a great addition to NoMa! I had an excellent hoagie for lunch today, and I’m looking forward to trying a cheesesteak next. They also have a nice selection of Italian candies & cookies.

    The hours are Monday-Friday from 7-7, and Saturday 10-3. Eventually they are planning on seeking a beer/wine license, and would probably expand the hours as well at that time.

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