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  • A list of the best and worst Star Trek movies, of course.


    • Really? Two votes for Star Trek: the voyage home? The one where they goto back in time to the 1980’s?

      • There is a longstanding theory that only the even-numbered Star Trek movies are any good. Of course, that assumes you actually like any of them. And the SF/Whales one is actually kind of funny. (“He took too much LDS in the 60s.”)

  • ooooh the possibilities for a caption contest… we will never know what could have become of this…

  • I REALLY hope this is some guy who got pissed off at people encroaching on his paid parking space. The BEST side are people who were able to parallel park so that their car was far enough from the edge of his space; the WORST lines are people who can’t park for shit. If that is the case this person gets +100 points for creative public shaming.

  • Whatever it is, it’s awesome. I prefer to not know the answer, if there is one.

  • Yep. I have no idea what this is, but I love it.

  • What is the context of the images? Are they on the side of a building or a garage, in a parking lot?

    • It’s facing 19th st – the garage on the first house in the alley between Biltmore and Mintwood.

      It replaced an equally eccentric (but fun) painting of Einstein, if I remember correctly

      • This is right. I walk the dogs by here every morning on the way to the park, and I gotta say, while I like the colors on the new mural, I really miss the Einstein (that’s probably the physics major geek in me).

  • It makes me want to play some form of Pin the Tail on the….what, parking attendant? Donkey?

  • It’s about the hatred of odd numbers versus the greatness of even numbers. Its about the beauty of white and blue versus the despicable nastiness of orange and yellow. Or it’s just a twisted version of spy vs spy.
    Either way, it’s spectacular.

  • This mural is downright ugly compared to the previous Einstein riding a bike mural. Bring back Einstein on Bike! The colors in this pic don’t PoP compared to reality.

  • I bike by this every day- it faces 19th St south of Biltmore. Initially they had just painted it pink and blue. Then the bars went up, and I was pretty confused about what they signified. Finally, the numbers and “Best; Worst”- and I have no clue. But it’s a nice addition of color to that block!

  • I’d like to think it’s for elaborate alley pissing contests…

  • Even Numbers are better than Odd ones?

  • I walked past the artists when they were painting the “Worst” and “Best” and they were pretty cagey about what it means. I am still confused.

  • Redskins vs Cowboys?

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