Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park

This rental is located at 3861 Newark St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Pristine sun drenched 2 level 1 BR + Loft (2nd BR) in McLean Gardens. Shows beautifully. 1175 sqft, BRAND NEW top of line kitchen, cathedral ceil, skylights, W/D. Pets OK! Pool, tennis, playground, gardens, picnic areas, public trans.”

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,400/Mo.

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  • Cute place, decent deal, but wayyyyyyy to far north (in my humble opinion).

  • Parking? McLean Gardens has been on our radar for buying.

  • McLean Gardens is pretty nice, but here are a few caveats:

    -Unless you plan on driving everywhere, you are pretty much dependent on the 30’s buses.

    -Street parking mostly

    -Lots of AU students (not necessarily a bad thing)

    Also, the Giant at Newark and Wisconsin is closing soon for renovations, so you’ll have to go to the Safeway or Whole Foods in either Tenleytown or Glover Park.

    • Good points. It’s a great neighborhood, but not if you’re Metro-dependent. That new Giant will be very nice when it’s done in 2026, though.

    • McClean actually has pretty decent buses compared to, say, other parts of Glover Park: the 96 to AdMo/U St./SE Capitol Hill; the H4 to Columbia Heights; the 30s buses; and, it’s a little longer of a walk, but the N buses on Massachusetts get you to Dupont/Farragut.

      I recently moved from that area to Glover Park and definitely miss the ease of getting around via buses.

      • And on a nice day (say, 65 degrees on Jan 31) the walk from McLean Gardens to Cleveland Park via Porter St is quite pleasant and less than a mile.

        • It’s definitely a nice walk going to Cleveland Park, but it can be a bit steep coming back up the hill. I always enjoyed walking down Newark for the beautiful houses. Plus, then I could stop at Byblos for a gyro on the way…

  • Lived in McLean Gardens two-bedroom for from 2005 to 2008. Ours was only 850 square feet, so this is one of the bigger units. I can’t remember what we paid but it was so long ago that it’d be an irrelevant comparison.

    As others have mentioned, it’s not the transportation black hole that some are making it to be. There are ample bus lines, Tenleytown Metro is a 15-minute walk away (a deal-breaker for some, not so much for others), the walk TO Cleveland Park is quite nice and all downhill.

    Street parking can be a bit of a bear at night because they charge exorbitant rates to park in their lots, which always seemed half-empty at all times.

    The pool and BBQ areas are very nice.

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