The 5pm Post – ESL to host official Thievery Corporation after party 1/13

Photo of Studio Bar courtesy of ESL

From an email:

Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) [1212 18th ST NW] will be hosting the official after party for the Thievery Corporation’s final 9:30 Club show, on Friday, January 13. The home of the local electronica music production duo, ESL recently opened a new room named after their first recording studio where the after party will be held, the Studio Bar. Everyone with a 9:30 stamp will gain free admission for the party. Afrolicious, currently touring with Thievery Corporation and recently signed to ESL Music, will be DJing for the night.

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  • I’m sad that they’re breaking up after all these years, but according to their blog, their many restaurant ventures are taking up too much of their time to focus on the music any more. I see Eric working in the kitchen down at Marvin all the time, so I’m not surprised.

    I already have tickets for the show on Friday, and I hear it’s almost sold out. I hope they play my favorite, “Lesbian Blonde.”

    • er, Lebanese Blonde?

      I, for one, think the world has enough dull vaguely electronic world music, but props to them for a successful career.

    • I think Anonymous 9:31 p.m.’s entire post was meant as a joke. Not a very successful one, it seems.

      • Not a joke, dude. Read their blog. I’m a big fan. Sorry autocorrect misspelled the song title. Actually, I’m not sorry.

  • Used to love ESL, am kind of over it. My friends and I have only had bad experiences with the bartenders either (1) ignoring us or (2) closing our tabs for “shift change” in order to get a tip more than once. Love the patio and LOVE when they have live music, but the staff kind of sucks the fun out of it for us. Has anyone else noticed that?

    • YES. You also get scolded if you’re not sitting in a perfectly vertical position on one of the couches.

    • I’ve never had anything, but great experiences at ESL, especially since the new Studio Bar opened. It’s tucked away and since most people don’t know its there, its super easy to get a drink. Totally ideal for groups and dates. @Ronald try the new Studio bar!

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