Reader Reports: T Street Station Post Office Staying Open Until March 1st then Moving to Reeves Center

Back in mid-Dec. we learned that the T Street Post Office (14th and Wallach) would be looking for a new location at the end of Feb. somewhere in the U Street neighborhood. Thanks to a reader for sending word that they’ll be moving to the Reeves Center (14th and U St, NW).

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  • This is a great idea – why didn’t anyone think of it before! Reeves is a government building with high security so a post office will fit in perfectly. And it will bring more foot traffic to that empty pavillion not to mention rent. Oh and then the old post office gets to be redeveloped into something more useful for the space. Really, really, really great idea!

  • The USPS brings me:

    1) Things I’ve already converted to e-only.
    2) Catalogs, advertisements, bulk mailings and other crap I neither want nor need.
    3) Notices from the USPS.

    USPS. RIP. Please.

    • Well sorry but there are a fair number of people in D.C. and all over the United States that don’t have 5 different ways to access the Internet much less the money to get even one. So basically you seem to be saying “screw ’em” – sorry but that won’t fly with me.

      Of course there is that nasty little bit in the Constitution. But hey – in your little hipster world everything works out.

      • I always find personal attacks to be amusing, and well, kind of sad. Incidentally, you would be the first person in history to refer to me as a hipster, but don’t let that stop your blind assumptions.

  • this move has not yet been confirmed.

  • I really dislike this post office. Sometimes I just want to buy one stamp or a book of stamps and still have to wait in line. What happened to the automated stamp machines that they used to have where you could pay by credit card?

  • Prince Of Petworth


    “Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has confirmed that the T Street Post Office (14th St. and Wallach St., NW) will be moving to the Reeves Center (14th St. and U St., NW) after its lease expires in February. The move will allow T Street Post Office customers to continue to have convenient access to postal services without interruption.

    “We insisted that the new lease be in the vicinity of the T Street Post Office, a convenience that we were certain presented no difficulty for the U Street area,” Norton said. “Lease expirations must not become an excuse for closing a post office or making it any less accessible. As a member of the subcommittee with jurisdiction over the Postal Service, I fully realize that the Postal Service has an excess of facilities, but no good case has yet been made for closing any of this city’s busy post offices. If one of our post offices is targeted for closure, I will work with the community throughout the appeals process until we get the same result we achieved two years ago, when none of the D.C. post offices on the preliminary closure list were closed.”

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