Sweet Scuttlebutt: Cava Mezze Grill Coming to Columbia Heights

Back in Aug. ’11 I heard some scuttlebutt that a Cava Mezze Grill was looking at a location by U St, NW. Turned out it was not that location but Cava did confirm that they were looking for more locations around DC. I have it from a very good source that they have found a location in Columbia Heights. They will be moving into the radiance medspa space at 3105 14th St, NW (I believe radiance will be opening in a new location.)  I’m not exactly sure of the timing of when this will all go down but I give this scuttlebutt a 92% accuracy rating.

Cava Grill is run by the same folks who own Cava Wine Bar located on Barracks Row at 527 8th St SE.

Think Cava will be a good addition to Columbia Heights? You can see their menu here.

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  • Never tried the Grill, but the Barracks Row shop has the best grilled octopus in town. All the standard Greek fare is top notch as well.

  • Awesome! I love the Cava restaurants, and I’ve been to Cava Grill in Bethesda once. It has a Chipotle-esque set-up (choose a base, a meat, toppings, sauces, etc.) and it’s delicious. Seems like it will make a killing in Columbia Heights.

  • OMG! I am addicted to Cava Grill. It is SO freaking good. I don’t live or work near Bethesda, but I make the trip there at least 3 times a month because I can’t take the cravings. If this is true (please be true), I will officially be into intervention territory.

    On a side note, I was loving the concept, and was downtown so I thought I would try Roti. Seriously, disgusting. Cava blows this place out of the water. If you are in the Bethesda area, its worth checking out.

  • Finally. A reason to go to that part of CH again. I haven’t been since commonwealth closed. I do have pho 14 delivered religiously though. Now if only Whole Foods would move into Dcusa.

    • Radiance is a great place–too bad its moving. local/dc minority owned, one of the first non restaurant SMALL businesses to move in during 14th st changes. spa massages, facials, my wife gets her mani-pedis for vacation season there. why do we need yet another hipster place there? how about kicking out that ghetto 7-11 down the street at columbia for grilled octopus?

      • You don’t know why Radiance is moving. Yes, they could have been forced out. But they could also be moving by choice.

        Also, how is Cava “yet another hipster place”? It’s also locally-owned. The owner is the son of Greek immigrants and a longtime DC-area resident.

        • The Cava on Barracks Row is awesome, so this is great news! Am always thrilled when another dreary yoga place or hair/spalon gets turned into a fun bar or club. Cava’s pretty upscale, so no danger of it being a hipster joint.

          • aahhhh…Hipster…the meaningless word that’s only used to describe people that other people don’t like…

          • I’m with Andy. “Hipster” seems to mean everything from people with tattoos & piercings to people who comb their hair to people who have friends. Completely meaningless.

            Psyched about Cava, but I did like being able to get a massage in the neighborhood. Hopefully Radiance will just move somewhere close by.

      • Ignorant comment of the day award goes to……profchris!

  • I think it’s good and bad. I like the food, but I don’t like the new location right on that nasty busy stretch of 14th.

  • Sounds like good news for Columbia Heights. I’ve been to the Barracks Row location and wasn’t particularly impressed, but it seems like there are a lot of Cava fans out there, so it probably will do well.

  • I’ve never been, but the menu sounds great and this fills a huge neighborhood need — no food of this nature anywhere that I can think of in CH. If this place is as good as people are reporting, they will print money — just look at the massive lines at Chipotle despite the ample competition in an area packed with el salvadorean / mexican options …

  • The menu looks good. I think this type of place will do very well. I hope that’s the case for them if they move in.

    • I do think they could go without ‘village sausage’ on their menu though. ‘I’ll take the village sausage, please.’ It sounds like a bad joke. Sausage about sums it up.

  • I always wondered who’d be brave enough to get botox injections in this place.

  • Yes, yes and mo’ yes! Young and local business owners, good food and great vibe; I will be there a lot!

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