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  • Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, early 70s model. Very cool.

  • Beautiful car – my favorite. My guess is 1970 or late 60’s? I think it’s been re-painted/custom doesn’t look like an original color. Beauty.

    • The fact that only two people responded to this air cooled beauty makes me sad. I race air cooled VW and I keep looking for people out here to chat with. And DCMonkey: love your handle!

  • Six degrees of separation indeed. My first wife’s first college roommate was the daughter of one of the designers of that car!

  • It’s been customized, so I can’t tell exactly, but from the front turn signals, it’s a 70 to 74 (the last year of production).

  • learned how drive stick on my dad’s ’72Ghia. Just saw another one at a River Road gas station on Saturday.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Karmann Ghia – the VW with the engine in the front. Agree probably early 70’s.

    • The engine was not in the front – built on the same frame as the bug (aka Type I). It was designed by Italians and hand-built (each panel shaped by hand!) by Germans. Imagine what that would cost today.

      Definitely early 70s – as RJS said. My guess is a 70 because of the wrap-around turn signalsm, bumbers and separate headrests.
      A mid-60s convertible Ghia is my dream car.
      Learned to drive stick on a 70 Type III Fastback and first car was a bug – I still miss my 70 Beetle.

  • This was my first car when I started driving in the 90’s. I had a 1972, and it was red and had slightly different bumpers (chrome). One of my ultimate favorite cars. My dad lived on the mexican border (really, his street was on the border) and while I was there it was hit by a south-of-the-border driver with no insurance. The car is unibody, so you can’t just replace a panel. With inadequate insurance, that was the end of that car. But now that I am not a teenager, I can afford better insurance!

  • Definitely one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. While they can be souped up fairly easily, they were all show and no go from the factory.

  • I owned one of these in college. Got lots of attention when it was parked, got lots of laughs when it drove off – the thing couldn’t get out of its own way, but it looked the business.
    This is clearly a post 1969 version due to the lights, however which year exactly is difficult to tell since the bumper is not stock. My guess would be ’71 or ’72 – I don’t think it’s ’73 or the last year of production ’74, but I could be wrong on that.
    One in good driving condition will usually sell for around $3k-$4k, but be careful as they were notorious rust buckets.

  • Beautiful Karmann Ghia…

  • Molly Ringwald’s character drove a purple one in “Pretty In Pink”

  • Got to be a 70 or 71. And they’ve kept the chrome!! Beautiful.

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