Starbucks Closing at 3430 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Last weekend, I noticed the sign that the Starbucks at 3430 Wisconsin Ave, NW was closing Jan. 29th. And WTOP (via DCist) shares a very interesting fact – it is the first Starbucks to open on the east coast:

The first Starbucks store on the East Coast, which opened in 1993 on Wisconsin Avenue near the National Cathedral, will serve its last drink Sunday.

Starbucks says it will reopen upon completion of the new Cathedral Commons Center, which will be anchored by a new Giant supermarket.

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  • “Please visit us at our other locations, five steps away in any direction.”

  • Wow, that’s odd. I don’t think it was for lack of business. Last time I went here the line was literally out the door. And that was around 10AM on a weekday morning (aka after rush hour).

    I bet this has something to do with the Giant redevelopment.

  • The first Starbucks on the East Coast???? Dating all the way back to 1993!?!?!? I can’t believe they’re doing this. Talk about the loss of a DC institution.

  • I hope I’m not the only one who isn’t going to shed any tears about a Starbucks closing.

  • I worked at Starbucks fresh outta high school in 1997 this location had an upstairs office where they sent everyone for barrista school. I wonder if they still do that, since the espresso machines are automatic?

  • This is good-ish news in that the clearing out of shops in that block presages the beginning of the new Giant and related development, which finally cleared its last legal hurdles. Please g-d, there will soon be a real grocery store and density to support a good coffeehouse and much more on that strip.

    I should also note that the last few times I’ve been in that S’bucks, it’s been a mess. Trash overflowing from bins inside and out, snarky, tuned-out baristas…and I certainly won’t miss the guys who are always smoking cigars right outside the entrance.

    • Those two blocks have been a major EYESORE for wisconsin avenue and I have always been SHOCKED that it took so long to get it revitalized. That old 1950s Giant space is ugly and the entire strip where suntrust and starbucks is just needs to be razed. More Mixed-Use, modern buildings will suffice. Too bad Starbucks isn’t going anywhere, they will be back when the new center opens in 2035.

  • I guess the redevelopment is good, but I’m gonna miss the old fashioned, 1950s-60s strip mall character of that part of Wisconsin. I also wish that GC Murphy’s had never closed. That place was a step back in time.

  • In an odd way, it breaks my heart to see this place close, temporarily or not. This Starbucks locale is the perfect quick coffee stop for me on my way to work. As a night shift L&D nurse, the coffee is essential! Plus, the staff there have been awesome. They will be missed!

  • I miss me some Sirius Coffee.

  • Good riddance. Please close all the rest while you’re at it.

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