St. Arnold’s in Cleveland Park to Open Soon

Dear PoPville,

Walked past St. Arnold’s on the way to work this morning. Brown paper is off the windows, tables and chairs are set up, and a cleaning crew was in. A woman walking out of the place told me that they would be “open on Thursday or Friday.” Place looks great!

St. Arnold’s is located in the former Sabores space next to Dino at 3435B Connecticut Ave, NW. This will be their 2nd location. Their first spot is located in Dupont at 1827 Jefferson Place, NW.

Stay tuned for an update when the Underground at St. Arnold’s opens in the basement section of the former Club Soda space:

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  • I don’t think that’s been Club Soda for decades. It was some sort of sports bar most recently, and before that, it was the Park Bench Pub. I guess they’ve just never bothered to take the sign down, and I’ve never seen it lit up.

  • I am very happy for this trend to continue – just got back from Belgium and still in love with the food and the beer – bring on the gueuze!

  • The Dupont St. Arnold’s is really great! Good food and great beer selection. Glad to see they are doing well enough to expand.

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