So About those Parking Tickets – President Obama Visited Scion Restaurant in Dupont Today

Scion is located at 2100 P St., NW. So I guess that explains all those parking tickets we talked about earlier this morning…

Thanks to a reader for sharing the press pool report:

Scion restaurant is described as having Asian-influenced cuisine, located at Dupont Circle in Washington. Lunch menu on its website includes burgers, crab cakes, and a lobster Reuben sandwich: prices for entrees between $9.95 and $18.95.Potus had taken off his jacket and had his shirtsleeves rolled up. The restaurant appeared to be empty of any other diners. Potus and his four supporters were at a table in the middle of the room with only place settings and filled water glasses.Potus was engaging his supporters in small talk, asking about their children and where each was from, how long they had lived there.One supporter said he had a question to ask the president from his 6-yr. old, but he did not ask it with pool in the room. Pool was ushered out after a minute or two and is holding near vans. There is a small crowd gathered on the street corner across from the restaurant.

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  • Ha! It took me way too long to figure out who Potus is. Long week…

  • Ha! Probably thousands of dollars of parking tickets so he could get a $10 reuben. This isnt the first time the white house has disrupted the local community all so he could go get lunch.

    • Truly history’s greatest monster.

      • As a matter of principle, the President shouldn’t make this kind of gratuitously cutesy visit unless he can do it without ruining the entire neighborhood’s day.

        We have a President, not a King, not an Emperor. We don’t tow one citizen’s legally parked car for the convenience of another citizen — no matter who that citizen is. Or, at least, we shouldn’t, if we believed in our egalitarian democratic principles.

        • +1,000. It was a ridiculous scene. If the state of security these days makes a lunch date for the President such an embarrassingly elaborate and expensive undertaking, well then maybe he should just eat in. I’m sure he has more important shit to do, anyway.

    • Watch it peon. What El Presidente wants, El Presidente gets.

    • The upside/downside of living in the capital of the free world. Kinda cool to look out your office window and see the president actually. Not that that’s ever happened to me, although his motorcade did go by once when I was on my way to work.

  • That location has been a death-sentence for every restaurant that has opened there, but Scion has been there for a while now. Pretty good food the two times I have gone.

  • Normally the Secret Service just tows to a nearby street. Sounds like they left the task to an overzealous MPD.

  • I’ve been to Scion twice and enjoyed both times. Tasty and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, now it will probably be overcrowded.

  • This is bizarre. I live around the corner and was around during the visit from POTUS. One of his detail said el pres was just going in for a meeting but not actually EATING at Scion. No meeting space at the WH today? Neighbors were amused because food at scion is soon mediocre. The secret service guy actually said “so is there any place GOOD to eat around here?”. Gave him a couple suggestions up P street.

  • Omg. Scion is awful. Bad food and not very clean. Seen rodents on their patio a few times. Couldn’t the donors who invited him to lunch pick a nicer place? Mr Pres – please come back and try some place like hanks oyster bar. Hope you enjoyed the free parking while you were in the hood. It’s not always like that!

  • This always happens when it’s a diplomatic or presidential thing — signs get posted that are outside the rules and then MPD tickets all the cars instead of just doing courtesy tows. This is a good one to fight via both the appeal process and public shaming of MPD via the usual means (twitter, local police listserv, local city council office). MPD needs to stop pulling this crap, when the purpose of the parking restrictions is VIP protection those officers should be conducting security operations, not wasting time writing BS tickets.

  • The security guys wouldn’t say much but they combed the block, including, all the trash cans before the motorcade arrived. Sent everyone inside or away from the entry. They did say it was just a meeting and that the President wasn’t actually dining there. No surprise considering the so-so food at that restaurant. My neighbor said that one security guy asked if there was a good place to eAt nearby. Kinda funny.

  • I’m more disturbed by the fact that the Secret Service doesn’t realize that in DC – any big parking disruption like this is well known to be some kind of big-wig politico appearance and therefore much more endangering to the “target” then if they just swooped in incognito at the last minute.

  • What a funny place to pick for a power lunch. Although apparently the pres and his peeps didn’t actually eat there. Meh. Scion is just that meh. I live near by. Never eat there. Wonder who his companion supporters were and what you need to do for one on one time with the big guy.

  • this would have been a perfect opportunity for DC to say to the feds “ya know, we’d love to help you with all that towing and site security, but lets chat first about about the whole statehood thing”.

    Seriously, ever time I see DPW/DDOT folks doing all sorts of work just for a federal/presidential event, i wonder why we don’t grow a pair.

    and i’m a fed too….

  • I saw the motorcade go up Connecticut at about 5:45 sooo I guess this was why.

  • Even after living here for 6 years, I still really don’t mind the President or any dignitary causing a minor disruption. The President was at with (Pentagon) the other day, and it’s still cool to me. Maybe it’ll fade as I have more “important” things to do, but seeing Marine One or a motorcade is pretty cool to me!

    Never seen anyone go in that restaurant, though!

    • I’ve lived here 22 years, spent lots of time on the Hill, been to everything, and I still think it’s totally awesome to see the monuments, run into a member of Congress, or even be temporarily way layed by that pesky presidential motorcade.

      • ditto. one of the things i like about living here. even if it may disrupt traffic/parking for a few hours, it’s still cool to see the president and first family going to real places in DC.

  • Scion, great food and lovely owners!

  • So all of those unlucky parkers now have to pay a fine as well as pay to get their cars back from the tow lots? That would be incredibly unfair.

  • I got the ‘courtesy tow’ once in Adams Morgan during the 2nd Clinton administration. No ticket fortunately, but it hadn’t been posted with sufficient advanced notice and I had no idea what happened. I found out about the tow when I reported my car stolen.

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