SnitchEye Wine Bar Looking for New Locations

A couple of weeks ago we learned that SnitchEye Wine Bar was negotiating a lease at 3rd and Florida Ave, NW. Thanks to a twitter follower BlasianSays for alerting me to their new facebook update:

“The not so good news… negotiations are not looking so great for the property we had in mind and we have started looking at other properties in the case that this one does not work out. We need your input. Where would you like SnitchEye Wine Bar to be located? Do you know of any properties for lease or sale for retail use?”

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  • As others have commented in previous posts, the name needs to be changed. It just doesn’t sound good….at all.

  • Move to 9th & M 🙂

  • The remodel-in-progress property at 9th and Rhode Island NW! Or the old Vegetate/DC Eagle space on 9th.

  • I would try some of the vacant commercial spaces at 1st and Rhode Island NW, in Bloomingdale. A wine bar would compliment the existing businesses nicely.

    • Totally agree. There is a great renovated building at First and Seaton and the vacant laundromat space right on Rhode Island. I don’t know how much the rent would be but I know a wine bar would certainly be welcomed in that neighborhood. Windows, Rustik, Boundary Stone, Bacchio and soon a Thai restaurant are making it a destination spot for the area.

      • These are all fantastic ideas, and unfortunately you are not the first to think of them. The landlord that owns most of that block thinks he’s sitting on a gold mine. Rent demands do not match reality for the independent businesses that would LOVE to locate there. Sorry, guy, Starbucks isn’t knocking down your door.

        • it will be. but bloomingdalians won’t be having it… we are happy with the coffee shop we have. we don’t want burnt coffee, do we bloomingdale???

          • Depends. Would they actually have a place to sit or would they also be overrun by the Macbook brigades parked at a table for hours?

  • Is that the actual logo, or just a sketch? If it is the actual one that is awful.

  • I agree with Aaron4uva that there are some spaces around 1st and RI in Bloomingdale that could support a wine bar. However, I also agree with other that Snitcheye is a gawd-awful name. How does “SnitchEye” invoke anything cool or related to a wine bar? It’s as bad as McNasty’s in CH.

    • there is a back story i’m sure… maybe you can ask the owner when you stop in for a glass of wine. i love how people here are commenting on the name of the establishment when it’s clearly UNSOLICITED. i realize this is a blog, but this post is about location, not about name. they don’t CARE what YOU think of it. i’m sure it’s a private joke, meaning YOU are not privy….

      • Um, if people decide not to go there because they think the name is terrible, then I bet the owners will start caring really quick.

      • The notion that comments on a blog about any topic need to be solicited is ludicrous. Such feedback could be used constructively to help shape the direction of the endeavor. However, as we’ve seen time and again in the DC restaurant scene, many restaurateurs would prefer to ignore or worse denigrate their public. The subsequent failures are unsurprising.

        • Hi Craig,
          I am one of the owners of the future SnitchEye Wine Bar and I want you and everyone to know that we are always open and listening to your constructive criticism. We actually are asking our Facebook fans to help us design and decide on the official logo for Snitch Eye Wine bar. Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you when we open.
          Check out our page for more updates:!/pages/SnitchEye-Wine-Bar/220903951316897

  • How about the recently renovated 10th and O property? I know the lower level of the northern most building was slotted for commercial development. Nice little patio are potential, as well.

  • How about the recently renovated 10th and O property? I know the lower level of the northern most building was slotted for commercial development. Nice little patio area potential, as well.

  • How about the old Zee’s space? With a restaurant, Bisto Boehm, next door and Shaw’s Tavern across the street, this might be a good location for a wine bar. Plus in about a year, you’ll have 200 market-rate apartments less than a block away.

  • How about something along North Capitol. Lots of places probably available between NY Ave and Fla Ave

  • 2 doors down from Boundary Stone or the Corner of Seaton and First.

    The old florida avenue coffee house – not the best location – but I think a high quality place could make it work.

    There are a lot of vacant storefronts it seems along Florida… but I wouldnt go past 5th – there’s about to be an abundance of competitors down that way.

    The 1700 Block of North Cap has some empty rental space on the NE side. Also down by the firehouse, at the corner of R and North Cap there is some space.

    Is the Worlds Mission for Christ Church still occupied at Randolph and First?

    You could get real crazy and go to the new building at 4th and RI Ave NE. Or the new metro development at RI Ave Metro. 4th Street NE could be a great commercial area if the sketchiness would be diluted with more businesses and foot traffic.

    I think your best bet though, is along Florida Ave NW, the 1700 block of North Cap, or the 2 vacants near 1st and RI Ave NW

  • P Street and 3rd NW

  • H Street NE, but down on the 3rd – 6th Street side. That part of H needs more development and it’s far away from the other wine bar on H.

    • Agreed – the west end of H St NE may already be priced out, but some new properties on the Ethiopic block were just renovated and for lease, Boundary Road is opening across the street, and the nearest competition is Sova (7 or 8 blocks away).

  • devoe

    I wish I were surprised – the owner of that property left it completely open to the elements for well over a year, and I know people who tried to lease it but couldn’t get a call back.

    Worthless landlords are a major drag on Bloomingdale/Truxton. For other examples see the North side of 2d and Fl. Ave. On one side you have a multi-unit building with great potential that has been on and off the market for the past five years just to keep from paying higher taxes, and on the other side you have a dilapidated ex-crap store owned by someone in the neighborhood without the decency to clean it up.

    As for potential places to relocate, the vacant space at the NE corner of 1st and Seaton would be amazing, but good luck dealing with that landlord.

    • That’s a great point. There should be a moratorium on how long a property can be vacant for, period. It’s so easy to game the system, there might as well not be a vacant property tax at all.

      Gray and his buddies should set the limit to 4 years max. After that, vacant taxes are levied, regardless. Give 2 years for properties that are vacant at the time the law is passed. You’ll see sweeping revitalization across parts of DC.

      • devoe

        There already is a three year maximum for exemptions to vacant property taxes under a single owner. The owner of the multi-unit building, Raj K Sehgal, is now subject to vacant property taxes (city did not agree with me that it was blight, but take a look at that monster) and the building on the NE corner of 2d and Fl. Ave. has been declared blighted.

        The money these worthless sacks are going after must just be bigger, meanwhile the neighborhood suffers for their profits.

      • Even if they are owned by churches. Much of the problem with vacant lots/buildings is they are owned outright by neighborhood churches that don’t have funding to keep them up. There is no incentive to unload the property since they are tax exempt.

    • +++ on the 1st and Seaton location. Jump on it though – I know of two other potential proprietors interested in that location (one of whom has met with the owner/landlord).

  • Next to the “Bestworld” market on Mt Pleasant St is a place that would do well as a wine bar. As Radius and Tonic have shown, there’s plenty of market space left for that kind of thing in Mt P.

  • so what exactly is snitcheye supposed to mean? and how is it even remotely related to wine?

  • Several available properties from Petworth Metro up GA to Upshur (and of course 800 block Upshur). Rents are still reasonably cheep for long term leases, and the ANC is very supportive of new businesses moving in (don’t underestimate this).

  • I recognize all these places may have their own issues, but: 2nd and Florida (north side); 3rd and P; the old Zee’s would be a great spot–with Progression Place that corner will handle 3 bars; the old dry cleaners on R btw NJ and 5th would be fun, though maybe too big.

  • I just spoke to the owner of DC Reynolds which is going in on Georgia Ave a block south of the Petworth metro and the small building to the south and the old hardware store might be a nice spot. There is a critical mass forming on that block but no wine bars 🙂

  • I have two suggestions on Georgia. Either down by Mama Chuy/Dulcinea or up near Looking Glass/Blue Banana.

    And I don’t get the name either. Do the owners know snitch has a negative connotation?

  • I like the current location, but I also think North Capital is a good idea. If I had to choose based on location alone, I’d get as close to N Cap and Florida as possible. They’re putting in something like 500 new units in Eckington, between the two condo buildings I’ve heard of. That’s huge. Bloomingdale is ideal for the next 2 – 3 years, but once those condos are up, you’ll be getting all the DINK patronage from the Eckington side as well as the Bloom/Truxton folks.

    Eventually, Bloomingdale is going to see and exodus of hipsters/low rent seekers, and it’s going to have an older, more settled demographic. I think the DINKs are your cash cow in the long run. I mean, when you go to wine bars, do most people seem like they’ve been parenting all day?

    Plus, you’d be somewhat close to metro at Florida and N Cap. Yes, the crime is bad now, but by the time you’re realistically ready for business, the neighborhood would have seen a chunk of the total expected change. If you wait until the condos break ground, you’ll be signing a lease for much more — probably out of your price range.

  • 4th and Rhode Island NE!

    The condo building there is (finally) renovating the first-floor retail, and it looks to be gorgeous. I”m sure the rent will be cheap. Be a step ahead!

  • Since there seems to be a stoppage in progess for the proposed wine bar in the old Borf building, what about the little spot that already looks like it was at some point a cafe on the Corner of R & N. Cap.?

    • that was never a cafe. was once a dry cleaners, and the last time it was fixed up it was going to be a car stereo installation service. but that never panned out.

      • I never said that it was a cafe. I said it looked like it had been a cafe to describe which building to which I was referring. But thanks for the history lesson. Very helpful.

  • The barber shop went vacant across the street from Boundary Stone. I heard the rent is around $1200-$1500–they clearly have a bathroom and water–would have to be built out. Also, there is space in the Sylvan Theater building next to Boundary Stone.

    • Great point. I like the idea.

      Basement wine bars seem to work in other cities – but here, things located in the basement are less successful. Though Saloon has made it, despite their crazy rules. And they started when their block was just a bit better than 1st and RI is now.

      I hope you check this place out!

  • 800 block of Upshur ST NW…perfect location. I like the name and logo…different than all that other nostalgia crap going down.

  • 3170 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, 20010 – I think this may have been mentioned earlier. Empty, for lease, nice corner location.

  • I second the folks who were recommending Georgia Avenue, both the stretch north of the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station and the stretch south of it.

    I still don’t like the name (I know it’s supposed to be an inside joke… but inside jokes are funny only to the parties involved) or the logo, but I hope the wine bar can find a home. Especially if it’s in my neighborhood. 🙂

    • Yes. New space available in Park Place building on top of Petworth Metro (3700 block of Georgia), and space available on eastern side of 3900 block of Georgia (close to Qualia Coffee).

    • Yes, south of the Petworth metro on GA on that new strip is a great idea

    • Yes, north of the metro by where Chez Billy is going in! There is a spot right near Qualia that is just being finished and has some really nice floor to ceiling windows!

  • There are a couple spots on 14th btw Monroe and Randolph that are for lease and might work. Rents are in the 3k/mo range for 5 year term. Name needs to change.

  • ‘ol Behzad getting cagey and weird on ya, is he? Color me surprised.

  • GA just south of Petworth metro…lots happening and less expensive rents!

  • For the love of god, please come to Mt. Pleasant!

  • Please open in Brookland!

  • GA Ave!! Otherwise Vinoteca gets my bidness!

  • PETWORTH!!! GA ave, somewhere near the metro.

    we’re nice, too, and we won’t make fun of your name. but we will drink your wine and have all sorts of fun if you set up camp near us. 🙂

  • P and 3rd St NW …renovated building and outside seating

  • How about on 9th St between U and T NW. There are tons of vacant store fronts there begging for a wine bar!

  • orderedchaos

    How about moving to that second-floor space that PoP just polled us about — the one on Georgia Ave.

  • Mt Pleasant by BestWorld, please! And I think the name is fantastic…

  • Looks like a nice spot on the west side of 14th is open just north of Spring between French’s Cleaners and the Red Derby.

  • What about New Jersey Ave?

  • P and 3rd St NW or any place else in the Bates Area. The Bates Area will make this business a reality.

  • Thank you. Please like our facebook page as that is the best way to communicate your ideas to us and our realty agent

  • GA Avenue. Get in now before it has H street pricing.

  • There will probably be a new location available at the location where Brook’s Upholstery is currently located in the unit block of Rhode Island Ave. NW. They will probably be closing up shop later this month or in March. It is a small location, but there may be room in the back for outdoor seating.

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