SnitchEye Wine Bar Coming to the 3rd and Florida Ave, NW

Photo via SnitchEye’s Facebook page

This awesome news comes from the In Shaw blog:

“We came in late to the BACA meeting, but just in time to hear of a proposed wine bar to come to 3rd and Florida. So if everything works perfectly there could be a new wine bar by the end of Spring, or sometime in Summer 2012.”

SnitchEye’s Facebook page says:

“SnitchEye Wine Bar is an original concept bar that hopes to open its doors in 2012. We hope to cater to the the tee shirt and jeans crowd who seek to enjoy good and affordable wines in a non stuffy setting. Stay tuned for updates. SEE YOU AT THE SNITCHEYE!”

More info as it becomes available.

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  • This is great news for FloRhIde!

  • This sounds great. I’m excited to see how this turns out.

  • devoe

    If the marker on the map is accurate, and given that this was presented to the Bates Area Civic Association and not the Bloomingdale one it probably is, then this is slated to go into the long vacant building on the SE corner of 3d and Fl. Ave. This space has a great, apple-tree-filled yard on the third street side that would be ideal for outside seating.

    • Great for bees as well!

    • claire

      Oooh I bet you are right! I always look longingly at that building when I pass it, thinking of the lost potential. This sounds great!

    • If it is the SE corner (234 Florida), I hope they are buying the building. I lived in a second floor apartment in there for a few months in 2006 or so. That side lot is such an opportunity and it’s been heartbreaking to see that location vacant for so long, but the landlord/owner is a complete incompetent snake and a crook. If he is still involved, well, I hope the wine bar the best…

  • It’s been a banner week for new establishments whose names make me feel kinda queasy. Cafe Carvy? SnitchEye?

    • I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking wine at a place called SnitchEye. If you need me I’ll be funneling natty light at McNasty’s.

      • jm-
        Lame. My friends and I will take your spot. Now run along and find a nice funnel.

        SnitchEye, we can’t wait for you! Telling all my friends and neighbors.

    • AK,
      That sounds bad. Try GasX, Pepto or Dramamine. You’ll be better in no time!

  • This while go over great with the local crews. They just love a good Snitch. “Snitches get stiches” ~ anonymous crew member

  • What is a snitch eye? And why is a wine bar called it?

    Is it some sort of warning to the criminals in the area that everyone in the bar will not hesitate to drop the dime on them? If so, thats going to be the top target for robbery in 2013.

  • Yay! The neighbourhood keeps getting better and better!

  • Psyched to have this nearby, but for the love of god PLEASE reconsider this terrible name. It sounds disgusting. And sketchy. Won’t make me want to come drink wine there.

  • I was at the meeting. SnitchEye was put to a vote or forum or whatever on Facebook. That is how they came up with it. I think it is fine and I don’t think they are trying to impress the ‘local crews’.

    1300 Blk,
    They mentioned that a guy named Ben was the owner. They seemed to think he was a good guy. Is this the person you are referring to?

    • Could be. DC tax assesment database shows the same owner as when I was there. But it also shows that the property was subject to sale at the tax auction in 2010 (probably after the tax status was switched to “Blighted Property” due to years of neglect), and the sales database entry isn’t coming up.

  • i like the name. it is memorable. why do wine bars usually have names related to wine – cork, proof, vinoteca, etc. this is original.

  • This is truxton and not bloomingdale!

  • Hi PoP, I am one of the owners of the future SnitchEye Wine Bar. I was happy to see some buzz on our future endeavor and want all to know that we are open to constructive comments and suggestions. We have not mentioned the address of the property as we are just beginning our negotiations with the owner (who by the way has done some wonderful renovations to the building) but we will keep everyone posted on the latest as soon as we know anything.
    The name has become the most commented item of our business. It comes from an inside joke, it was put up for a vote on a few personal facebook pages and an overwhelming 400 people chose it.
    Find us on our Facebook page under SnitchEye Wine Bar so you can be up to date. We plan on involving the community in the process of opening the bar and would love all of your suggestions.
    Till then 🙂

    • Best of luck to you on the negotiations. I hope that you are able to secure a lease. I’m sure many who live in the area will want to know the outcome.

      • Thanks Stefan. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out all the new developments as they happen. Hope to see you at the SnitchEye!

  • I, for one, as a three-year resident of Bloomingdale, cannot wait for this location to open. I have multiple good friends who have decided to invest in the Shaw/Howard/Truxton/Bloomingdale area(s); and, I am a huge advocate for them to be the brave and emblazoned few who continue to be the lifeblood of up-and-coming neighborhoods – this side of Georgia Ave.

    It takes a lot of conviction to start a small business in this climate and area and people who chastise – no matter the justification – should be more conscientious of the people/areas they affect with their comments.

    ALL of that being said, welcome (tentatively), to the neighborhood, SnitchEye, can’t wait to stop by!

  • I’m so excited about this bar!! I love the idea of a wine bar that is chill and you can wear jeans too. Snitches get stitches.

  • So I have to admit I’m kinda new to the neighborhood, but I love the idea of having a wine bar around the corner. Curious to see if this is the final logo or just a placeholder. Either way, the name is definitely unique, but I don’t find it a turn off.

    I also think it’s awesome that the owners seem so engaged and open to feedback. If they’re able to keep this attitude up with the new business – plus, a killer wine list… obviously – I see no reason why this won’t turn into our new regular place. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Love the name SnitchEye. It’s catchy, and doesn’t carry the same pretentiousness like other wine bars in this city.

  • I could not be more excited for this!!!! LOVE the name! I will definitely see you at the SnitchEye!

  • You had me at great, comfortable, and affordable wine bar. The name is provocative and un-stuffy, and I am excited to see this place open! In this economy, we need more small business owners making such venues happen. Who knows what a Snitch Eye is, but it is welcome to go out and find the scoop on great wine that is delicious AND affordable and report back.
    So, if you put down the funnel of Natty and the negativity, jm, since the wine will be reasonably priced, I’ll commit that your first glass of wine at SnitchEye will be on me….

  • As a small business owner looking to open a retail store front in Bloomingdale, I think this is great! SnitchEye will be a great addition to the local businesses popping up around that area. And with a catchy name – you won’t soon forget it.

    As a resident of Bloomingdale, I couldn’t be happier to see new businesses take interest in our up and coming neighborhood. Small and local start-ups will always have my vote over chain or big box retailers.

  • I know the owners of this forthcoming wine bar and feel they are the most genuine, down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. I don’t doubt they’ll continue to be open to both feedback and criticism alike. Can’t wait to be one of the first customers!

  • What an awesome idea! The area could use a relaxed place to unwind and meet up with friends. I think the name is great!

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