Shaw’s Tavern Update

Dear PoPville,

I have seen people cooking and cleaning at shaws tavern and update on them?

Back in mid-Dec. we learned of the new owners taking over the space.

Since that time they have applied for a new liquor license which says the new Shaw’s Tavern will be a:

“New Tavern. Gastro pub style American food, gourmet coffee and deserts. Jazz and Classical music as live entertainment. Occupancy load is 260. Sidewalk Café has 35 seats.”

In early Jan. Eater DC did an interview which revealed some interesting details:

First of all, it’s going to be a casual place. It’s not going to be fine dining. With the setup and everything it would be hard to go that way. You will see a lot of microbreweries still here and a lot of wine and also cocktails. Cocktails may be a little focused on American liquors and brands. Beers are mostly going to be microbreweries from the US, a lot of them from around here. And then back of the house, obviously, is all his.

The only change I did to the space is I got rid of some of those couches and I ordered some more of those high-tables that we have so that people have more tables to sit and actually eat. The only thing is they have leased the whole building now and the upstairs is commercial, so we’re thinking to expand upstairs in the near future. It’s going to be private dining.

And then we’re planning to hopefully add a rooftop deck as well.

Shaw’s Tavern is located at 520 Florida Ave, NW. I will update when an exact opening date is announced.

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  • Got to make sure I get to that pre-opening party! Gonna be a rager!

  • This was an update? All I saw was news from a few weeks ago what did I miss? That POP is always teasing us! : )

  • Classical music! Is that what you have to say to get a liquor license these days? I guess if saying you will have go-go is a death nail than maybe classical can have the opposite effect. Can’t imagine going to a tavern to hear classical music. Maybe this is some new hipster trend that I am not cool enough to know about.

  • claire

    I’m starting to feel hopeful about this place again… fingers crossed!

  • Now I’m not a really superstitious person, but this place seems a bit cursed. I think it might actually open when hell freezes over.

  • if you read the abra posting on the door it says that their hearing is scheduled for march. they will probably not open until then.

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