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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Ever since seeing the forum post about rats in the house I have been totally freaked out. The neighbors behind me are really bad with their garbage and our back alley is a hot bed of rodent activity. No rats in the house in 7 years for us but I am still freaked out.

    • anon. gardener

      Cultivate a relationship with your local alley cat posse. We never see rodents, and always assumed that the cats kept them away. Assumption was confirmed one day when we found one of the cats lounging on the porch next to a giant rat carcass, looking smug.

      Rave: stone cold killer alley cats who purr when i scratch their little heads

      • If you’re not a cat person terriers will work in a pinch. For 3 years I lived next to a guy who I’m fairly certain had a rat nest in his backyard. I would constantly see rats, or evidence or rats, in my yard, but they never made it into the house because my Schanuzers would go crazy whenever they saw one. They never were successful in catching a rat but they definitely scared them away.

        • anon. gardener

          Oh man, terriers are murder on rodents. More single-minded than cats. Cats chase and kill rats for fun. Terriers are on a mission to exterminate every last rat from the face of the earth. They have no off button. Dogs are higher maintenance than cats though, that’s the only down side.

          • Our papillon used to be a pretty proficient ratter in her younger years. And she’s not much bigger than a large rat.

          • Yeah, my terrier would spend every waking hour staring out the window in search of rats. We had to beg and plead with him to take a break and eat.

      • I dunno–we used to have a large cat colony in our alley, and they and the rats seemed to have a detente.

      • I seriously wish that our alley cat posse took care of the rats!

        Instead, their MO as of the last few nights is to completely ignore the hoards of rats in favor of sitting on our back porch, taunting our watching cats by yowling at the top of their lungs for hours on end. The taunting alley cat posse doubled last night, so apparently things must be getting good in the world of neighborhood cat drama.

      • anongardener,

        That might have been the funniest comment I have read all week.

    • We have / had a rat in our storage shed (I saw it once at night, and its nest is still in there). There is also a neighborhood cat I’ve seen prowling around. I haven’t seen the rat in awhile, so I’m hoping cat met rat and nature took its course.

    • I was once told that to combat rats and mice that you should fill any holes in your house/shed with steel wool and then use expanding foam to lock it in place.

      Apparently, rats and mice have a difficult/unpleasant time chewing through the steel wool.

      • I’ve also heard this, and was going to suggest this.

      • yes – this works. we had mice in our house. we trapped them, then figured out where they were coming in. filled the holes with steel wool and then used the foam. haven’t had one since.

        sadly, our housecats don’t have the balls that stray alley cats do. they did nothing to curb the mouse infiltration.

        • I give my cat toy mice to practice on 🙂 One morning before I put on my glasses I thought the one beside my bed was a toy mouse………………..it wasn’t.

    • are we neighbors? I feel like we are.

      • We must be neighbors because this is probably a unique problem to have in DC 🙂

        • Where are you located? In all seriousness, my Westie terrier can catch and kill anything in a matter of minutes. I’ve brought him to many houses in order to do his “job”. Last week he almost killed an opossum bigger than himself. We can walk over some time and give it a try, if you’d like. (I’m at enotsnil at gmail.)

          • That is a great offer. Thanks. To clarify, I am not presently having a problem. The rats are so far confined to the alley. But there are a lot of them. I am just phobic about the issue and yesterday in the forum a poster talked about trapping/finding 3 or 4 rats in their house. If the situation changes I will let you know.

        • smart ass comment was not needed.

  • Rave: After consciously making a “lifestyle adjustment” in what/how much I eat, I already feel a bit slimmer around the middle 🙂

    Rant: Slipped up and had a soda this morning. Can’t do a full cold-turkey deprivation, I guess.

    • Don’t worry about it. You will go crazy if you don’t let yourself cheat every once in a while. Just don’t make a habit of it!

    • claire

      Don’t remember if I suggested this in a previous comment thread, but I’ve seen some diets that recommend having one day a week where you eat whatever you want. That way, you have that day to go crazy, fulfill any cravings, etc, without feeling discouraged, and after a while of eating healthier, you stop craving the really bad stuff anyway.

      • I’ve lost 65lbs (LOTS of working out and Weight Watchers) in the last 13 months and I agree that one day of being more relaxed is helpful.
        Saturdays, after I weigh in, I work out. The rest of the day I eat what I want, mindfully – cupcake? sure…just not 3. Chinese delivery? yup and yum, just more soup and dumplins then kung pao tofu (or have the tofu steamed, not fried). I don’t feel deprived, and mid-week, when I really am craving something, I can say “just a few more days til Saturday and I can have ____”

        And then I work out more and feel old every time I move 🙂

  • Rant: trying to work things out with a very special lady but the vibes from her aren’t positive 🙁
    Rave: made dinner for a friend last night and she loved it. Thai peanut chicken, from scratch!
    Rave: The Prime Rib for restaurant week lunch today! Excited
    Rave: Topaz bar comedy night last night

    • Rant: At least your wife didn’t say to you “I am falliing out out love with you” like mine did last night.

      Rave: At least we have 20 years under our belt and 2 half decent kids to cherish.

      • oy vey…sorry to hear that.
        Hopefully you can work it out and rekindle the romance…and she realizes that 20 years is worth fighting for

      • so sorry to hear that. those are the hardest words to ever hear from a loved one. i experienced the very same words almost a year ago and till this day i am devastated. hopefully you two can work things out. rave: cherishing the 20 years of marriage and your children.

        • Do we really want to re-hash spouses/ ex’s doing extremely morally bankrupt activities while secretly plotting the end of your relationship? If so re-read my rant from a week or so ago…

          Rant: Still reeling from my Rant the other week over my breakup. How the F do people deal with things when people do stuff that is as F’d up as this.

          • I had a boyfriend not only cheat on me, but also steal from me. And then break up with me. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

            It’s going to sound cliche, but time heals all wounds.

          • Meg, That sounds pretty similar….Cheated on me with internship boss at DHS (cheating), Used him to get ambien, xanex, hyrdocodone (which he was giving to many employees), created a double life the last 3 months and the guy may not even have known she was with a 3+ yr boyfriend who moved here with her and lived with her(lying), I helped her family pack her stuff when she wouldnt email, talk, text once I called her out, she then drilled out the locks and stole stuff (stealing). Did I mention she is in law school and lied about her previous mental health detention on her application? soo…to sum it up Meg, Shots at the next PoP happy hour?

          • My ex boyfriend fell out of love with me after 5 years together and still had the balls to lead me on that it was “just a phase” and that we’d be back together after a few months. What’s worse is that I believed him. I can’t imagine what Anonymous is going through– I think the hardest but best lesson I learned was to prioritize myself and my own happiness over everything else. We all have our ways of coping, and I empathize with everyone this has happened to. My ex never stole, at least, but he did neglect a lot of things I left with him to take care of when I went abroad for a semester, so they were ruined. Not as bad, but still shitty.

          • Here is hoping she does not pass the bar exam. It does not sound like she is fit to practice law and should not be in a position to handle people’s confidences, money etc. If she goes the DHS route, I doubt she will get a clearance since they will want to know all of her former addresses and will get a chance to talk to you.

          • Not only was my ex (4 year relationship) cheating on me with his ex girlfriend, he was also cheating on me with random people that he met on an online hook up site. Men, women, couples, etc. Needless to say, it was a very disturbing thing to discover. It’s taken me a year to get to the point where I’m even interested in dating again. But now I realize that I really dodged a bullet. Thank God I found out because otherwise I could have married the f*cker.

          • rant: I had an ex who posted and responded to personels on Craigslist while we were still dating.

            rave: I am now married to the love of my life, who I’ll get to see again soon since 75% of our deployment is over!

            rant: my husband’s father asked for a divorce 30+ years later, after cheating for 6+ years on her with the same woman. He took her through the ringer in the divorce, bad mouthed her in court and verbally abused her (which he had done for 30+ years so who expected differently?).

            rave: we never have to see him again. He will never know the names of his grandchildren. He is a horrible human, but now we can SAY it.

            Rave: when bad things happen to good people, good eventually comes their way. All people aren’t shit, and love is still worth pain in the end.

      • Don’t give up. My parents got divorced after 30 years and ironically my dad pretty much made all of the improvements/changes that would probably have saved the marriage – just did so in another marriage. It is probably good that your wife told you this because you have a chance to work on it. I think the point of no return is where you become totally embittered toward one another, hopefully you are not there yet.

  • Rant: I would like that guacamole. Thanks. If it’s green salsa, not so much.

    Rave: Slept most of the night in our leather recliner.

    Rave: Saw my very first episode of BSG. Very late to the bandwagon, but I get the hype. Won’t be losing my job then wanting to write new episodes, but I still liked it.

    • According to the caption on flickr, it is guacamole. I want it too. Mmmmmm.

    • I’ve had my possessions held hostage for my guacamole….

      • My mom was never a big fan of tex mex food (I know, it’s a crime), so my love of guacamole is relatively new and I’m not sure how to make a good one. Care to share a recipe?

        • Roughly mash an avocado and add diced jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, salt, and lime juice. This is all to taste to just add a little at a time– you don’t want to overwhelm the flavor of the avocado. It’s especially easy to go overboard with the lime juice so be careful with that.

        • i would say caroline’s recipe is perfect, although i often crush one to three cloves of garlic into my guac as well. the flavors pair nicely, but, again, respect the avocado above all.

        • Avocados
          Red Onion
          Pinch of salt
          Hint of lime squeezed in at the end for freshness

          It’s really just an experiment. Start by smooshing up the avocados first and then adding the ingredients as you prefer. It helps when the avocados are on the smooshy side of the spectrum because when they are firm I it’s harder to make and I also don’t think they taste quite as good. I like a chunkier guacamole rather than the pureed stuff I see so often here, yuck.

        • Thanks all for the suggestions!

  • claire

    Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Having a little miracle fruit tasting tonight (it’s a berry that makes sour things taste sweet for about half an hour after you eat it).

    Rant: Have to drive out to Sterling to work tomorrow (not fun on the best of days), and it’s supposed to be icy and/or rainy.
    Rave: Making some extra moolah.
    Rave: Then coming back to DC and going to dinner at Little Serow!

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: waiting for delivery people. I would actually rather be at work today.

  • We need to add POP’s “Please no personal attacks” line to the “S**T People in DC Say”

    : )

  • Rant: Our little guy was sick yesterday.

    Rave: When our little guy is sick he gets cuddly.

    Rave: He is better today, it is amazing how quickly they heal!

    Rave: Grandma arrives today, so the Mamas will get some time off for good behavior!

  • Rant: it was revealed that Santorum won the Iowa caucus by a few votes, and yet they lost hundreds of votes from 8 precincts. It’s reasons like this that Iowa doesn’t deserve statehood. Oh wait.

    Rave: Chinese New Year coming up. I’ll get to have some Chinese food at a friend’s.

  • Rant: So, bed bugs are extremely horrible, right? Say you found an awesome studio apartment at a great price that you really really want, but then discovered that it had like 15 complaints on bedbugregistry.com. It would be a BAD IDEA to move there, right?! Right? I am still tempted to test my luck…

    Revel: I guess I am lucky to have never experienced bed bugs. Knock on wood.

    Revel: My current apartment is super cheap with a month-to-month lease so I guess I’ll just keep living here and saving money.

    • NO NO NO NO NO

      Trust me…..not worth it.

      • NO NO NO NO NO. Have to agree with Anon. I thought I had bed bugs for about a week. Turns out I didn’t, but I basically didn’t sleep the entire week. Don’t do it.

    • DON’T DO IT. The last apartment building I lived in had an infestation of bed bugs. Thankfully, they didn’t completely invade my unit. (Also, knock on wood, it doesn’t appear like I brought any to my new place.) But, I did get bit several times. I’m very sensitive to insect bites, so they swelled up and itched like crazy. I couldn’t sleep (the fear!) for several nights; I had a mild emotional breakdown because I was just so stressed out about them. :$

    • Yeah OK thanks for confirming. I’m pretty non-squeamish and might not be scared off by roaches or mice…but bed bugs sound painful.

      • Please listen to the advice you have received. You need to run away from that studio. The bugs will make their homes in your belongings and bite you on your face as you sleep. Once in a while you will roll over on one that just fed on you and squash it , you’ll know this happened by the blood stains you will be finding on your pillows and sheets. You will also have to move and pay for treatment out of your own pocket at your new place because you WILL move them with you.

  • Note to everybody: Do your duties. Be responsible. Don’t expect people to pick up the slack because you are too selfish to take care of your own burdens. I have just about had it UP TO HERE WITH DOING OTHER PEOPLE’S JOBS FOR THEM AND NOW I’M YELLING.

    Rave: It’s Friday, the day is halfway done, and I have a three-day weekend. And I’m done with my grad school project that is due on Monday, because I AM RESPONSIBLE.

  • Rave: Finally got a PoP account, got tickets to the late M83 show, it’s Friday!
    Rant: Why don’t people understand that I treasure my one non-social night each weekend? I’m tired!

  • Rant: Who wants a new attorney when you can hire one with experience who is competing against me for the same job?

    Rave: Getting treated to Shake Shack this weekend.

    Rant: Needing stitches & being uninsured due to lack of employment and a BS “pre-existing condition”

    Rave: 2012 resolution to spend for QT with friends working fabulously

  • Rant: People who are CLEARLY too sick to be at work – yet come anyway – and proceed to piss and moan about being at work, while wheezing and coughing on every available surface. Ugh. Just. Go. Home.

    • I come to work sick.
      When you are a woman and don’t have paid maternity leave (or short term disability) but one day know you’ll need it, you hoarde your sick leave at the expense of others.

      Don’t like it? Work with us harder to get a federal PAID maternity leave program. Otherwise…antibacterial gel and the courtesy of sticking to my cube when I come in sick. It’s worked so far, but I try not to use my leave unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Rave: princeofpetworth.com

    Rant: the commenters

  • Rave: Switched to a new insurance at the beginning of the year and I love it! I scheduled a doc appointment online (for just 1 week in advance!); went to the lab for work yesterday and received my results via email later in the day.

    Rant: In a rut at work. Feeling very blah about everything in my life at the moment. Going to talk to my doc about seeing a therapist. I’m so hormonal and irritable; I don’t want to be on this emotional rollercoaster. It’s time to admit I need help.

    Rave: I have a very supportive and loving boyfriend.

    Rave: I have a stable job and good insurance.

    • Your rant/rave could’ve been written by me, minus the health insurance part (my plan is pretty good, but nothing to write home about.) Best of luck!

  • Nicoo’s guac looks delish

  • RANT: My furnace hasnt worked since Monday! My house is so cold and my landlord is being a punk about the repairs. Why can’t we just use a reputable HVAC company?!

    RAVE: My boyfriend and his housemates have been gracious enough to let me stay with them until said furnace is fixed!

    RAVE 2: Its finally Friday…even though this week was short it seemed soooooo long.

  • Rant: See above re: alley cats who find it entertaining to sit on our back porch and scream their heads off at 4 in the morning, while our indoor cats sit in the window and wait for the taunts to end.

    Rave: The weekend. And the fact that there is only one more full week of January left. The end is in sight!

  • Rant: Bored off my a** at work today! No boss, hardly anyone here, nothing to do…….plus, it’s cold!

    Rave: Going coutry dancing at Nick’s tomorrow night! Can’t wait to learn more line dances. :o)

    Rant: Hungry but don’t want to go to lunch yet…because the sooner I get back from lunch, the longer the afternoon seems.

    Rave: Treating myself to the movie “Extremely Loud Incredibly Close” tonight.

    • Nick’s is fun and all but being from Texas I enjoy going there to laugh at the people line dancing. Then they look at us in disgust when we mess them up by two stepping and half stepping through their lines. That is how they REALLY dance at all those great Texas dance halls.

  • Rave: Friday!!
    Rant: Cops blocking off all surrounding areas of Potomac Ave last night from about 10pm-2am. Helicopters flying overhead for hours on end, and a SWAT team was deployed. Does anybody know what was going on??

  • Rant: Coming down with a cold, but am still not sick enough to stay home and sleep all day like I want to.

    Rave: Friday. I realize almost everyone else puts this as a rave today, but I am incredibly thankful that it is.

    Rave: Excited to go home and watch more episodes of The OC with the hubby tonight. We got the first two seasons on DVD and have not been able to stop watching!

  • Rant: crying at my desk because Etta James died
    Rave: her music will always be with me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Going to see the Marrinsky Ballet on Sunday with Schwesti and my nieces.

  • Rave: Pinterest. I’m obsessed.

    Rant: After three months, still recovering from an injury.

    • what is the true draw of Pinterest? I think I might be getting old to start getting interested in new sites. Sorry, Internet.

      • I use it for a few things, with recipes being the main one. Of course, it’s all stuff that’s already on the internet somewhere, but a lot of it is from blogs I don’t typically read, so it’s introduced me to a few new cooking blogs. I’ve also gotten ideas for a few DIY stuff my apt. For example, I learned about DIY chalkboard paint through a pin and used it to paint a table. A lot of people I know who are planning their weddings use it to get wedding ideas and a couple of people I know with kids use it to get ideas for fun crafts to do with their little ones and for birthday party ideas.

        I also like being able to pin recipes I like so I can easily find them again without having to save them as favorites.

        I’ll admit, some of its appeal (to me anyway) is just that it’s a way to waste time while looking at pictures of homes I like/places I’d like to travel/food I’d like to cook. But, it does have a practical purpose, too!

  • rant: I’ve been feeling dead in side for months… ughhh so sick of this

    rant 2: put too much salt on my lunch yuck! when will I learn?

    rave: I got an amaryllis bulb and it shot up in about a week and now has four (soon to be eight!!!) beautiful flowers on it

    • Save it, stick it in your yard once it’s room temperature outside, give it fertilizer and it’ll come back next year too.

    • I had an odd thing happen with my amaryllis bulb. I planted one last year, it bloomed and was beautiful, and after it was done I put the bulb in a plastic bag and stored it in a closet for the next winter. A few weeks ago I pulled the bag out of the closet and was shocked to find it full of soupy mud– the amaryllis bulb has completely liquified somehow! If anyone has a sceintific explaination of how that could have happened I’m really interested.

  • Rant: Once, just once, I’d love it if my Smartcard would work after I loaded it up. No, I didn’t leave it next to my keys or credit card so it isn’t demagnetized and no, it isn’t an old Smartcard it’s brand new. Once, just once, after asking the metro station manager to assist me because the thing refuses to work, I’d love it if they wouldn’t act likes such nasty asses doing me the supreme favor of life. Then they express surprise when they can’t get it to work either, scream that I have to bend it and swipe it hard, then proceed to snap the end off of my brand new Smartcard while demonstrating the “proper” way to handle it.

  • rant: my procrastination bit me in the a$$ and I don’t have a ticket to the concert I wanted to go see tomorrow.
    rave: met a really interesting guy through okcupid this week – I’m not sure there’s a spark, but we’re going to hang out again next week.
    rant: I’m so congested that my ears hurt and it’s really uncomfortable 🙁

  • RAVE: the boyfriend is taking me to Casa Oaxa tonight, so excited for mole!

  • Rant: Another kid gets away with murder. He’ll be back on the streets, even though very tight case, all he does is plead to second degree and he’s out by 35 yrs old. Apparently it is practically legal in DC to kill another person.


  • There’s NO app for that! I have family driving in from MA tonight, expected arrival midnight, but they may be halted by ice/sleet/wintery mix. I just tried online searching for motels along 95 in Del. or Md. in case they want to bail out but there is just no way to search for that. AAA is no help at all. Any ideas?

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