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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Has the city collected any Christmas Trees left on the curb? They said they were going to collect them between the 3rd and the 13th but I still see lots of trees out there looking pretty sad.

    • Sir Douchy:
      By now the ‘as space allows’ rule applies, per the DPW website, so it could be a gradual pickup:
      “•Any trees not collected by January 14 should be set out with your trash to be picked up as space in the trash trucks allows over the following weeks.”

    • We put our tree out on Jan. 1 and it was gone about a week later. I suspect that the tree trimming crew may have ground it up along with the limbs that they cut.

    • saf

      Mine got picked up, along with 2 others. But they missed one that was out at the same time.

      • Save the trees! Why are you people buying REAL TREES anyway? I never understood that. They have very REALISTIC looking artificial trees at Walmart. Makes me sad to see all the rotting trees on the streets, trees that are not serving us with oxygen. The genocide of trees just for “decoration” is HORRIBLE! How would you like it if someone killed you then put glittering balls and lights all over you?

        • saf

          Why? Because we like them. Because we don’t want to support the plastic industry. Because we won’t buy from WalMart. Because Christmas tree farms replant every year. Because we like to support family farms. Because our trees become mulch and support the growth of more plants.

          • soon you will be shopping at Walmart, you will have no choice! And these are still LIVING expressions of nature that we grow only to chop down and decorate. Forgive me if the tradition seems a bit ridiculous. But instead of these tree farm people replanting evergreens that won’t even get a chance to fully live, they need to REPLANT the Amazon rainforest.

          • Lol. Go tell that to all of the farmers in VA who make a living selling Xmas trees. Tell them to go to the amazon, and plant trees there.

        • Nothing’s wrong with a fake tree, but who in DC has the space to store it the rest of the year?

        • Do you also hate jack-o-lanterns and bouquets of flowers?

          • yes I actually do not like the irresponsible waste of pumpkins durning holloween when people are starving in the streets and could use those pumpkins for nourishment. I love bouquets of flowers, flowers grow a lot faster than trees do, but then again, with this bee shortage we have, we may want to keep as many flowers in the ground as possible. Patronize me all you want, but it is my opinion and I have the right to it. As far as where to store artificial trees, the one I have folds into SMALL SECTIONS for easy storage. My point was that it seems WASTEFUL to have a real tree and it costs tax money to get all the trees delt with when they are thrown on the streets. It seems to me that you would save yourself a HUGE HASSEL every year with a fake tree; I.E. dragging the thing around and dealing with pine needles and killing an innocent tree, if you just have ONE PURCHASE for an artificial one, verses NEW PURCHASES every year.

          • So naive. What do you think happens when you wave your magic wand and everyone has a plastic tree instead of buying live ones? Do you think all the evergreens currently growing for Christmas harvest next year and the year after will be pardoned, and allowed to live out their natural lives, generating oxygen and making happy homes for little birdies?
            That would be nice. But in the real world, the tree farmers will go bankrupt and sell their farms to developers, who will chop down all the trees and build “luxury townhomes”.
            I prefer to support my local tree farmer.

  • pablo .raw

    rave: learned a new photographic trick yesterday, the fun never ends!
    rave: another great show with my band last night
    rave: I almost never have rants, either I’m an optimist or a very blessed man

  • Rant: Parking tickets. I have discovered via the website that I had two parking tickets I never knew about. Good thing I checked. One of them was something I would NEVER do, but without knowing about the infraction at the time, I can’t contest.

    Query: Are off-duty police vehicles exempt from parking regulations? One of my tickets was for “25 feet of a stop sign”. I expect that I parked with my front bumper past the no parking sign. Thing is, there’s a cop on my street who parks his cruiser most evenings ALL the way past the no parking sign, almost right up to the stop sign. It’s like it’s his own private space. But he’s home, off duty.

    • I think I know exactly where you live…someone is going to hit that police car someday, possibly myself.

    • I signed up for the email notification so that I don’t ever have a mystery ticket double on me.

      RE: the cop. I’d rather he/she parked illegally and left the legal spaces for those of us who would otherwise get a ticket. But I hear ya!

  • Rant that turned into a Rave: No eggs in the house last night when I sat down to make brownies. Threw in a can of pureed black beans and the brownies turned out amazing!! Seriously- protein, no veggie oil, no eggs, etc. and tons of yummy chocolate-y flavor. What’s not to like!!
    Rant: Husband working a ton and I’m feeling like I have to pull the weight around the house, doing the chores and maintenance- talked about it last night but not sure what the next step is.
    Rave: He’s cute and enjoys his work – that makes up for it ;-).

  • Rant: Had to drive to Gaithersburg yesterday to get my car serviced.

    Rave: There’s a Roy Rogers in Gaithersburg. I had lunch at Roy Rogers for the first time in years. Mmmmm, bacon cheeseburger.

  • Even when I try to stay on the straight and narrow path, I still get a little pink surprise on my windshield. I accept tickets as the cost of doing business (having a car in DC.)

    I’m not complaining though.

    • That was a reply to WDC…. which reminded me, I should search the tickets on my license plate now. If I miss the deadline, I don’t want to spend half of my day pleading with the DC ticket administration. It is quite an operation down there.

      I’m still not complaining though.

      • I just went through that administration this morning. I didn’t realize you couldn’t appeal without paying everything upfront. And we almost got into it with the ticket lady on our way in the building, because she was lurking on 7th street at 9:29 with an itchy finger on the ticket gun. I am soooo over the ticket racket in this city.

  • Rant: Sleep and I are no longer friends. I can’t for the life of me get comfortable anymore. I give up. No more sleep.

    Rave: This weather. Crisp and cold.

    Rave: Signs that this baby is coming soon.

    Rave: Many of the new Weight Watchers / diet recipes I’m trying have passed the SO’s discerning palate. Chicken sausage and mushroom alfredo? Wanted seconds (and to take it to work for lunch). Chicken and pepper alfredo pizza? Ate it all with no leftovers. He even ate my vegetarian chilli! Good to know he likes what I like, plus the recipes only take 10-15 mins to prepare so I still have the energy to cook.

    • You need some silk pajamas. It makes all the difference when you can roll over without it being a major workout.

    • I suggest Ambien.

      And this may sound simple, but do you exercise regularly? I suggest vigorous exercise or running in the afternoon or evening for as long as possible. This way you literally are exhausted by bedtime.

      • She’s pregnant. Ambien is out and exercise shouldn’t raise your heart rate too much this far along.

      • When you’re 27 months pregnant, as Meg seems to be, vigorous exercise leads to rolled ankles and pulled round ligaments (ouch) and pharmaceutical sleep aids lead to bed-wetting.

  • claire

    Rave: Recently got a kindle (early bday present), and it’s giving me a push back into reading regularly again.
    Rant: Have to decide what to do with my books… will keep cookbooks (since the kindle can’t do nice photos) and some of sentimental value, but it’s hard for me to reconcile the ereader and my long time dream of having a ridiculous library. But I know not having to move boxes and boxes of books will be worth it in the long run.

    • anon. gardener

      Don’t get rid of all your books. I’ve got a Nook, and I love it, but nothing will replace the real thing. In fact, my book collection has improved since I got the Nook – it was an opportunity to weed out all the junk.

      • claire

        Definitely not getting rid of all of them! But I am planning to move to a different country in about 7 months and my parents already complain about the amount of my stuff they are storing, so a good weeding out is definitely in order… just can’t help feel like I’m moving backwards from the Beauty and the Beast esque library by doing it though!

        • Emmaleigh504

          On the other hand, you have a lifetime to collect the books to put in your big future library. And you don’t have to have all the books when you get the library, it’s nice to have room to grow.

  • Rave: radiator work started today. Getting the 100-year-old oil furnace and tank cut out as well.
    Rave: took the day off from work.
    Rant: it’s cold and the cats are freaking by all the banging.

    • good luck with this. we removed our 100 year old radiators and old coal burning (later modified for heating oil) furnance. it took 4 hours for a crew to break apart the furnance. that sucker was heavy, dirty and a nightmare to get out of the basement.

      • It’s pretty nasty and hate the smell of that heating oil

        I’m actually having the radiators reinstalled and a used gas furnace put in. I found everything on craigslist and cleaned up and painted the radiators myself. I posted a photo of them on PoP’s flicker pool.

  • Bear

    Rave: Fun date last night. Hoping there will be a second…

  • Rave: Just saw a sign advertising retail space in the “Blue Castle” (700 block of M Street SE). I’m really looking forward to this– it’s such a cool building and that’s the perfect place to put a big block of stores. Hopefully it’ll attract more business to the southern end of 8th street.

  • Rave: Got to work on-time!!

    Rave2: It’s sunny and it’s Thursday!!

    Rant: Sympathizing with those also caught in the DC ticket racket. I’m convinced they have a pic of my car in their handheld. The meter readers lie in wait for expiring meters. I know from getting a ticket one minute past expiration and in watching a reader do it in Foggy Bottom…pure evil.

  • Rave: My house is no longer on the DCRA’s vacant properties list, and I’m no longer in danger of having my property taxes go up 500%!

    Rant: Having to prove to DCRA that we’ve continuously occupied our home since two weeks after we closed escrow.

    Rant-the-sequel: It’s not clear that I won’t have to “re-prove” that I occupy my home every year from now on. DCRA said as much when I called them, and the letter I received seems to indicate that their agreement that we occupy our home is only good for FY12. Sheeesh…

    • How did they determine that you didnt occupy it?

      • Anon X… We’re not sure, but possibilities that have been suggested: 1) The developer who renovated the property before we bought it didn’t follow some procedure that was supposed to remove us from the list (…and the inspector who’s supposed to verify occupancy didn’t do their job); 2) Not knowing that the property was on the list, *we* didn’t follow some procedure that wasn’t disclosed to us during escrow; 3) Someone doesn’t like us and called DCRA to put us on the list. (I’m informed that this is easy to do and quite common in DC.); 4) DCRA had the wrong property in the first place. (The property 3 houses down really *is* vacant.)

  • Rant: Anxiety at home getting worse each week. There is no way I can move out before my lease is up so I’m just sucking it up and hanging out with my friends who care about me outside the house as much as possible.

    Rave: Fun weekend planned. Hoping to catch up with some good friends who don’t mess with drama. Will try not to overindulge.

    Rave: I know what is best for me. Even though certain other people think they do, I’ve got it under control, thank you very much!

    Rant: I wish I had started running years ago.

  • Rant: My doctors office is INCOMPETENT!!!

    • Hmm, didn’t mean to post yet. I have called the office at least four times, each time explaining that they charged the WRONG insurance and now I’m being billed for it. They won’t do anything about it! Today I found out that their billing done out-of-office but apparently they don’t have a direct phone number. Is it possible it get a mediator of sorts? I can’t work with these women.

      Rave: It may be cold out there but it sure is beautiful!

      • that sucks. can you send the bill to your insurer yourself? can you call the insurer and ask them what they suggest you do? or can you just send a certified letter to your doctor saying “I will not pay this bill until you bill my insurance properly”?

        note: with that 3rd one, you obviously open up the door to them suing you, asking you to find another doctor, etc. but it sounds like you’re fed up enough that you might be ok with that!

        • Former medical billing employee here. Most doctor’s offices have a notice (probably in small print on something you signed when you first started going there) that they file your claims to the insurance company as a courtesy service for their patients. They are ultimately not responsible if it goes to the wrong place or the insurance denies the claim. It’s actually up to the patient to follow up on any issues with the insurance company and to make sure the claim was paid. If you don’t get an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company a few months after you’ve seen the doctor, than you should call the insurance company to see if they received the claim. Unfortunately, most patients do not know this, having gotten used to the doctor’s office filing the claims. Call the correct insurance company, there is usually a 2 year time period for which you can file and ithe nsurance will have to pay.

          • One last thing – at this point your best option would be to just ask the doctor’s office for a HICFA (its a special form detailing doctor’s charges and medical codes that must be submitted to the insurance company if they are going to pay the claim. Then mail the HICFA (and any forms that may be required for self-filed claims – see insurance co’s webiste) to the correct insurance co. If you need help, perhaps POP can send you my email address.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I have the Dirty Dancing sound track stuck in my head.

    Rant: Writing KSAs is such a drag.

    Rave: Purchased a gorgeous new wallet that is bright red.

  • me

    Rant: Had deviated septum surgery on Monday and am still feeling like poo. Plus, my feet and ankles are really swollen, probably due to me just taking off the embolism stockings this morning (except to shower the past few days).

    Rave: Management understands and is letting me work from home.

    Revel: Pain meds.

  • Rave: Sunshine!
    Puzzle (definitely not a rant :-): Why do people leave in those “X” stitches – you know, the ones that are used by manufacturers to hold pleats (e.g., in the backs of suit jackets, coats, and skirts) in place, but I believe are meant to be taken out allowing the material to move freely when the clothing is worn? I see so many people walking around with them left in that I’m really curious.

  • Rant: Silly bitches.
    Rave: Silly kitties.

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