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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Missed registration for National Half Marathon on March 17th. Anyone, who registered isn’t running? I’d love to do the bib number transfer. Please help! 🙂

  • Rant: what the hell am I going to do all day at work now that every site I go to is black for SOPA? Call my congressman? Oh wait…

    DC residents need to get a free pass on this.

    • If SOPA passes it will affect us all…from Wikipedia right on down to Prince of Petworth–in short everybody who has a web presence. Though I suppose DC residents could get a pass, I sure wasn’t thinking about that when I blacked out my own sites.

      Mini-rant: The WordPress plugin for doing a simple redirect to AmericanCensorship.org didn’t work. (So at least one of my sites is not black as I had intended.)

  • The trash and recycling bins DC Gov gave out are total garbage!! Every time we get a windy day they fall over spreading nasty bottles and cans and lots of trash in alleys. I spent 3 minutes cleaning up my neighbor’s trash, including much more in my own back yard because these cans can’t stand up properly. Whoever chose them should be fired. Period.

    • If you are talking about last night, I would characterize that as a bit more than just “windy.” When I was in bed I thought I heard someone revving an engine outside my window. Only after the sound continued for 10 minutes did I realize that it was the wind howling. I was pleasantly surprised to not find trash all over my alley this morning.

  • Rant: Somebody got killed in broad daylight 2 blocks from my house in front of a giant supermarket and it didn’t even make the local papers. This makes me want to leave CH.

  • The new YWCA at 14th and Belmont is open! Haven’t heard much about it since moving from Chinatown. Might be a great new resource for the area.

  • Rant: People dropping like flies in our office- everyone’s leaving to new jobs!
    Rave: Got my promotion, enjoying my work, and happy here for the time being.
    Rave: Hoping to leave work before the sun goes down to get in a run outside.

    • Same here!!!

      When I started, we had about 40 people in the office. By the end of next week, we’ll be down to about 12. It’s very disconcerting.

      • It’s crazy, right? I’m very happy for those people leaving as they have great opportunities but it’s also crazy to see the office dwindle around you… I hope it’ll be a wake-up call for management.

        • Bear

          Britt, it’s the same around here–this time last year there were 8 people in my division in the DC office. Now there are two, including me, and the other person is new! It’s crazy.

  • Rave: The Brasaola and Arugula Pizza at Open City (special menu). I’m a pizza purist. You don’t put salad on a pizza……until now.

  • Rant: Just got a cup of coffee from Firehook that literally tastes like mud. I almost spit it out all over my desk.

    Rave: Life has been stressful lately but I think I’m handling it well. Go me 🙂

  • Rave: Had a great time in Vegas last week.

    Rant: Came back to a shooting/possible murder last night beside my house and can’t find it reported anywhere but I figured as much.

    • There has been an uptick of violence in our area lately. Very sad. I walk down that street often as do many others. Though this seem to be directed at a particular person/people, anything can happen.

  • Rant: Have a job interview Friday, and need to bring references. I have this stupid irrational fear of asking coworkers/supervisors for references. Also I think the job is a slight step down from my current job, but we’ll see.

  • Rave: Bought a new pair of pants for work last night!
    Rant: They don’t fit as well today as they did last night. Not sure how that happened…

    Rave: Started my workday off by dancing to Shake Your Groove Thing for a promotional video! Not only did it get my blood pumping but I got to see the two priests I work with dance, too. We’ve decided to try and dance/stretch every day.

    Rant: Our furnace has two settings: Off and Boiling Hot (slept with two windows open last night). No matter how many repairmen look at it, there’s no helping the damn thing. Landlord too cheap to get a new one.

  • Rant: DEADLINES! And feeling dense (seriously – I think I need a tutorial to Pulse because I still can’t get non-fuzzy PoP on my iphone!) and tired and just generally burned out even though January is barely half over. And taped telemarketing messages from blocked numbers.

    Rave: Sun, Grizzly Bear-based Pandora stations, and pretending that spring is almost here.

    In totally unrelated news, has anyone every done a clothing swap at Nana’s? Seems like a neat idea, but I have no idea what to expect or if it tends to be worthwhile.

  • Rave: Came back from the holidays at 189lbs. This morning I was at 182.6, I am starting to see my abs again. I’ll be looking diesel at 175.

    Rant: people parking in my shared alleyway. It’s not your own fcuking driveway. If you’re house doesn’t have a designated parking spot, 1) park in the street, 2) move to another neighborhood, 3) sell your car and get a bike, or 4) go pound sand. This goes double for you people with VA or MD plates. I won’t think twice about calling the cops and leaving you with a $55 dollar souvenir ticket on your windshiled.

  • Rave: My health — can’t knock it.

    Rant: Bf talking about having kids/getting married in a few years. That is nowhere on my agenda or in my thought process at the moment. And yet I feel guilty b/c this is the only healthy relationship I’ve had. I want to move to New York as I am rather over DC and further my career. Whomp, whomp.

    Rant: The cold. I am ready for May.

    • claire

      In response to your first rant: I feel similarly! But when I think more about it, what it comes down to is neither of us wants kids/marriage now, and neither of us really knows what we’ll want in a couple years (he’s pretty sure he wants kids eventually, I’m still uncertain on the topic), so ultimately we’re on the same page. Of course, if both of you know for sure you want different things, then, well, there are other healthy relationships out there waiting for you.

  • Rant: Being told something about yourself that you didn’t realize you were doing to others

    Rave: Having a partner that loves you, despite your faults, and being mature enough to look my faults in the eye and work on them.

  • Rant: My grad school is way overcharging for this ten year reunion. And they want me to help organize it to boot? C’mon, man.

    Rave: Dating – when it rains, it pours. I have no idea why my luck changes on a dime like that, but it just did. Enjoying it while it lasts.

    Rave: Cute gym guy + spandex = sighhhh…

  • Rant: I just wanted to share a story so that people in Bloomingdale might keep a lookout for some scumbag stealing mail. As I left my apartment this morning at First and V NW, adjacent to Crispus Attucks Park, I came across two packages addressed to my neighbors in my driveway. Someone had opened them, stealing the contents of one, and leaving some items in the other. It appeared as though the thief carefully set the boxes in my driveway as to ensure that I found them. Perhaps the dirtbag felt that he/she was doing the neighbor a favor in “returning” some of the stolen items, but in my mind this coward should still be bitch-slapped right in the tits/balls.

    In conclusion, fuck thieves, and please keep a lookout.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Office supremely cold.

    Rave: Wearing new sweater I bought at Willow this weekend (back of Corehaus on Upshur). Great to find affordable clothes in Petworth!

  • pennyworth

    RAVE: DC United acquire Maicon Santos

    RAVE: New watch alert!

    RANT: new year’s resolution to quit smoking failed

    • Keep trying! It’s incredibly hard and frustrating, but once you get in a groove its not as bad as everyone says. I just passed my three month mark sans cigarettes!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think I inhaled 1 of the office flies, and it’s stuck to my right tonsil. Why can’t we get rid of these damn things?!

    Rant: The loud wind kept me and my kitty up all freaking night. I think my cat was just as annoyed as I was by it. I know the person I dreamed about was annoyed by how loud the wind was.

    Rave: Even with a bad night’s sleep and little office fly on my tonsil I’m a good mood.

  • Rave: Tennis is back! For someone who hates pro football and basketball, this is a lifesaver. Can’t wait until baseball season is back!

    Rant: My toothache kept me awake all night. Waiting to see if it will pass, as it usually does in a few days…if not I need to find a dentist, pronto.

    Rave: Running. I’m getting much better speed- and endurance-wise, and feel great! I think I’ve even dropped a few pounds.

    Rant: Realized the hem on one of my pants legs was undone this morning. No safety pins in the office, so I ghetto-rigged it with paper clips. Ugh.

    • I hear you on the rave – it’s nice to be following tennis again. Are you rooting for anyone in particular?
      And same here with the running endurance. I’m trying to build mine up to run in the Cherry Blossom race. I’ve yet to run a 10 miler.

      • Yes! I’ve been a Djokovic fan for years since he was an unknown, and making silly impressions of the other players. So it’s really awesome and gratifying to watch him win recently…he’s also really hot. That helps. And well, as for running you are way ahead of me. I basically started from scratch (was in shape but hated running and never did it) about 2 months ago. I’m only training for a 5k now, but who knows, maybe I’ll move past that in the future. I’m liking the sense of accomplishment, and improvement, and the trimmer waistline! Good luck with your 10 miler…that sounds awesome/brutal

    • Duct tape also works well for this problem.

  • Rant: Am dithering about attending an event this spring.

    Rave: Emmaleigh504 give excellent advice.

    Rave: The sun is out, which makes me happy since I don’t have to go outside right now. I can pretend it’s warm out.

  • Rave: trying to get pregnant is fun! In a total 180 from the last two decades of my life, I’m ridiculously excited about the possibility of starting a family.

  • rave: finally got signed in to PoP on my mobile (webOS) phone.
    rant: this required me to click the ‘sign in’ link and chase the sign in layer/pop-up down the screen until I could hit my finger on the user and pwd fields before the layer zoomed south again. Only took about 10 tries.
    rave: I finally figured out why my password hadn’t been accepted the past couple times I tried it: somebody who wanted to use my username (mistakenly I think) hit the password reset or something. Whatever it was, I was able to fix it with a new password.
    rant: it took me a long time to figure that out.
    rave: with all issues resolved I should be able to comment to my heart’s content.
    rant: I will not post very insightful or helpful comments. I just know. Sorry everyone.

  • claire

    Rant/Rave: Gave blood today.

    Rant: Meeting at 4 today, bound to run long.

    Rave: Maybe going rock climbing with coworkers on Friday.
    Rant: Hate trying to do things after work, too many logistics. Just a hassle to figure out if I should go straight there or go home first and how to get food in me (by the end of work, I am so grumpy from hunger).

  • Rave: The weather, if only it would get a little colder

    Rant: Good weather in this town never lasts and then were back to the hell that is 90 degree days.

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