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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

We’re actually on holiday hours here but I hope everyone has a memorable MLK Day.

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  • Kalorini

    Rave: I randomly drew the 49ers in the family playoff pool, and the game on Saturday night was so exciting! C’mon Niners, mama needs a new pair of shoes!

    Rant: Still a little bitter about the Jets not making it.. damn G-men..

    Rant: Parking in Adams Morgan. Couldn’t drive to Virginia last night for the game for fear of not getting a spot after the Giants/Green Bay game. I’m all for this new parking enforcement rule!

    Raveish: At least those broken windows in the 16th-18th Street section of Adams Morgan seemed to have gone down?

    • I don’t think the proposed parking changes will affect evening parking, only daytime parking (which is unfortunate, given that there seems to be more need for restrictions in the evening).

  • Rant: I work for the company that did the fundraising for the MLK Memorial, but they didn’t give us off today.

  • Rave: I actually like working on MLK. It’s soooo peaceful and quiet. When I was out at 6:30am I felt like I was the only person alive in this city.

    Rant: I feel so sick and bloated. My girlfriend got pizza last night and my body is not responding very well to it.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: Construction noise from the row house next door being renovated was intolerable this morning.

    Rave: They are renovating the previously blighted house next door! (This is my mantra as the noise overwhelms me).

    Rave: The two little boys in the neighborhood who stopped by my house to ask if I could come out an play on my new adult razor scooter with them. We raced up and down the sidewalk on 5th St. They are amazed an adult has a toy like that and their joy was contagious.

  • Rant: Tenants let their children run and play in the hallways. If you say anything to them, they act like they don’t understand English.

    Rave: I am glad the Baltimore Ravens won yesterday.

  • Rant: Taking down my Christmas tree today

    Rave: Still very fresh and few needles have fallen! Buy local!

    Rant: Dining room looks bare without Ralphie!

  • Rant: People that still have their outdoor Christmas lights on well into January. Seriously! The holidays are over, time to let it go and take them down…or at leasdt unplug them. I’m sorry, but anyone that still has their holiday crap up is just plain lazy.

    Rant: Working today.

    Rave: It’s very quiet at work – catching up on my net surfing.

    • What about just plain “winter lights?” Do they also offend you? And what if – god forbid – my tulips bloom past the proper tulip time? Do I have to cut them down? Did all the winter blooming rose bushes drive you crazy too?

  • The Washington pro football team beat the Giants TWICE this year. Shouldn’t THEY be going to the NFC championship game? Just sayin…Or wishing someday…

    RANT: my house is cold. Really poorly designed heating system.
    RAVE: having radiators reinstalled starting this Thursday!

  • Rave: This photo of the MLK day sign. Where is it from? The illustration reminds me of a 1950s or 1960s magazine ad in Ebony or Jet, when black folks could be depicted as being happy and sophisticated in advertising (and not brooding or aloof or uber-hip or gangsta or hypersexual or sassy like today)

    • I met the guy who does those signs back in the mid 1980s in College Park. His name is Damon but he goes by “Nomad.” (Check his signature under MLK’s tie.) He wanders all over town, goes to restaurants and fast food places and trades these caricature signs for food or cash. You can find his work all over town. Good to know this guy is still alive.

  • Rave – DC’s own, the 49ers Vernon Davis!
    Rave – The courage of MLK and the Freedom Riders. Thank you.

  • Rant: Unable to join in the MLK Day parade due to work

    Rave: The friendly lady who was sitting next to me in the metro station, commiserating about the delays due to single-tracking.

  • Rave: Keeping my snowflake lights lit until we actually get some snow.

    Rant: Judgmental people

  • RANT: no heat in my entire building since Friday night with no end in sight. It’s beyond frigid and no one seems to care. This is a condo building and the management company is beyond awful. They’re not giving us ANY information other than to wait a couple of days for repairs.
    There has to be some recourse, right?
    RANT: Portable heaters just don’t do the trick.
    RAVE: day off!

    • DC has a law that they MUST maintain heat in your apartment at 55 or 65 degrees….if it’s not that warm you ahve the right for THEM to provide extra portable heaters.

      • there is no “them” if you own a condo. it’s yours. it’s your [condo association/management’s] problem. the heating rules are to protect renters.

        now, if you rent from the owner of the condo, you certainly have recourse. it’s worth checking out the Landlord-Tenant Survival Guide published online by Georgetown University’s law school.

  • Rant (1): UPS website claims that “customer [me] was unavailable for delivery” and a second attempt will have to be made. Total B-S- since I have been sitting at me desk all day, and the phone never rang – obviously they never even tried.
    Rant (2): Keep getting wrong numbers for someone who obviously doesn’t pay his bills. Talked to one of the callers, and at least the guy isn’t faking my name or address. (And they gave me the guy’s address.) Anyone have any ideas if this kind of low-level identify theft (phone # only) poses any threat? I’d rather no change my number if I don’t have to.
    Rant (3): Not making much headway on the work I brought home this weekend…. maybe better get off-line…..
    Rant (4): Too many rants today.

    • It’s possible that you have a recycled phone number. I get those phone calls too. I just tell them that the phone number doesn’t belong to that person anymore and they stop calling.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Sick all weekend and still sick today.

    Rave: Have today off of work so don’t have to use any vacation days.

  • Cuanta mierda tan hablando esta gente cono.

    • Rant: Foul speech.

      PoP, I doubt you’d let this one fly if it were posted in English, FYI. (Unless, of course, you speak Spanish and are fine with this). 🙂

  • thebear

    RANT: Valet parking. My partner had to drive around the neighborhood for almost 2 hours this past Saturday night because Vento’s valet was (yet again) illegally using on-street spaces in the neighborhood. I have yet to get a straight answer out of anyone (Vento’s manager, the valet people, DDOT) as to exactly where their mandatory private, off-street parking lot is, much less the disposition of their application for a public space permit to put in a valet staging area. The manager lied to my face telling me they use the Residence Inn’s garage, then changed his tune and said “a lot at 20th & P” when I told him I know for a fact he was not using the garage. MPD has caught the valet using street spaces a few times (including this past Saturday) but no one knows whether any penalties were assessed or other action taken. DDOT and ABRA have pushed the ball back and forth saying the other is responsible for dealing with complaints/violations. A similar problem occurs over in the West End at Ris (at the Ritz), where their valet will routinely back-up L Street to Pennsylvania with double-parked vehicles and just being boneheads when they turn parking illegally in on-street spaces into a Three Stooges extravaganza.

    The whole point of the valet law was to keep valets from taking neighborhood street spaces away from residents. My ANC commissioner hasn’t gotten anywhere catching them (because they know who he is and don’t misbehave when he’s around). I think we need to strengthen the valet parking law with an automatic $500 fine on the establishment for the first infraction; $2,000 for a second within a 6 month period; and revocation of the valet permit if there’s a third within a year. The lot’s address, total capacity and how many other establishments are sharing it must be clearly posted on signage at each establishment. And, no new valet permits (or renewals) where there’s a residence within 600′ if they don’t get at least 70% of the residential stakeholders within a 2 block radius to agree. Ideally, ABRA regulations should be revised to also automatically include valet parking complaints and infractions as a weighted component of an establishment’s eligibility for renewing its liquor license.

    PRAISE: MPD for (usually) showing up when you call-in complaints about illegally parked vehicles…often while the offending vehicle is still there.

    RANT: MPD for saying that neighborhood patrols know the “No Parking” areas in their watches and are instructed to “ticket on sight” when there is a violation…but the patrols just rolling past and NOT doing so unless someone calls it in. Just think of all the money the District could take in writing tickets on a single weekend night here in Dupont or Adams Morgan! And, sorry folks who think it’s anti-nightlife: The vast majority of people parking illegally either know it’s illegal (they looked at the sign or were ticketed there before and parked anyway), or won’t bother to even look at a sign even when they trip over it. If people know to expect being ticketed (and likely towed) if they don’t or won’t pay attention to where they park, perhaps they will wise up and use a garage, or take public transit or a taxi. No question that parking is a pain in DC but that just does not serve as an excuse for ignoring inconvenient restrictions.

  • RANT: freezing newborn left on steps on Channing St NE (on a white gentrifier’s steps–accident on intention? interesting twist).
    RAVE: miscreant who robbed and assaulted folks in Bethesda, PG Co. caught and extradited to Md.
    RAVE: New Purple People Eaters from up the Parkway: RAVENS!!! Get with it, DC–our Skins stink on ice so let’s support the other team!!
    RANT: going back to work Tuesday
    RAVE: Mid January and still no crippling snow or ice
    RANT: continuing dumb MLK I Have A Dream references by people who could have cared less, or hated him, when he was alive
    RAVE: MLK Day of Service
    RAVE: Watching my wife slurp 10 oysters at Pearl Dive

    • Rave: 8 rant/raves from the previous poster! I liked it!

      Rant: Have to work until 8pm tonight, and every weeknight until the end of March.

      Rave: Work in Public Accounting, but like my job a lot, so its not that bad of a rant.

  • Info please: A friend of mine who was sent to a minimum security prison for financial fraud now wants to communicate by email through Corrlinks. I didn’t even know prisoners were entitled to email services. I have a major problem giving a prison access to my email system. Does anyone have any info on how secure the federal prison email system is?

    • The corporate-run prison email system, Corrlinks, doesn’t really create any security problems for you — you don’t “give it access” to your e-mail system. The prison staff will read and censor all e-mail in and out, but that only affects your emails to/from the prisoner.

    • Corrlinks is a site that you will actually log into to read/send emails. It tells you when you sign up that they have the right to read all emails. It does not, however, access your personal email account. The only connection to your email account is that they email you when you receive a new message at Corrlinks.

  • Revel: Thanks to my wife for the little educational tour of old colonial history, nearby, I learned that thanks to African Americans in the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Rhode_Island_Regiment

    and a lot of cannon fire….

    Cornwallis surrendered.

    Rant: 200+ years later and we still haven’t made it to the promised land.

  • @Anon 6:34 and DC Native, thanks for the info on Corrlinks.

  • Rant: Left my phone in a rental car over the weekend, and they haven’t even found the car yet, nevermind the phone…My own dumb fault I know but ugh.
    Rant #2: Both interviews I spent the weekend prepping for have been rescheduled.
    Rave: At least I have interviews?

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