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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Help, PoP! At least on my browser, almost the whole site has just gotten italicized. I think maybe the close-italics tag at the end of “Madame Meow” isn’t working… can you fix?

      • On that note, I just tried to do a search for rentals on the pop real estate site, and unless everything costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to rent, I think something is up — perhaps a decimal place error?

        • It looks like there are some for-sale listings that seem to have been inaccurately incorporated into the for-rent listings… maybe the real estate agent checked the wrong box.

          Compounding this is the fact that the default sorting method seems to be “Price (High to low).” So the first “rental” listings displayed are the ones that say (for example) $559,000 per month.

        • I had assumed that the “rentals” priced in the hundreds of thousands were mistakenly labeled rentals and should have actually been labeled sales.

          If you search by price from low to high, you find some actual rentals priced in the thousands instead of hundreds of thousands.

        • Damn, “textdoc” beat me to it!

        • hahaha I thought the same thing. You just put your price range in and then it shows more realistic rentals. Beware though…I got my hopes up about a particular apartment and contacted the agent immediately. It had been rented out many moons ago.

  • me

    Rant: People who think their time is more valuable than your own. I have been waiting for 35 minutes to have a meeting with someone, who usually breezes in pretty late and gives no apology.

    Rave: It’s Friday, yo.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: PoP fixed the italics problem.

    Double Rave: I’m at a place where I am really enjoying my job. Sure, there’s at least one toxic person (who I thankfully don’t report to anymore), and general craziness now and then but I really love the autonomy I have, the ability to use my skills, and the fact that I make a difference in people’s lives.

    Triple Rave: mj’s cat avatar. Every time I see it I smile 🙂

  • Rave: Friday and working from home. Enjoying the haunting of the wind. Is there anything cool going on in DC tonight?

    Rant: Macrodantin. This antibiotic has killed my appetite and I have to take it for a couple more weeks. Plus, I have constant headaches because of it. Grr!

    • can I ask what you are taking that for? I know u mentioned Lyme in previous post, I suffer from Lyme too, wonder if that is why u need that?

  • Rave: Received excellent feedback on my performance at my new job via my temp agency rep. HR told her that they see a lot of potential directions I could grow into within the company.

    Rant: Not getting hired on full time right away. Extended for now, while the company executives deal with other more important business than hiring on an admin assistant. It’s probably going to happen in 2 months though…

    Double rave: My weekend will be full of Scandinavian-ness. I’m seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo tomorrow, Hedda Gabler on Sunday, and I’ll eat a Danish just for the hell of it 🙂

    Rave: Continuing to get emails from grad programs who’ve seen my GRE scores is a great ego boost

  • Rant/Rave: Totally amused that WTOP had to warn people that water mixed with road salt will leave white streaks on windshields. Can’t imagine the panic of the uninformed.

    Rant: Can’t wake up.

    Rave: 3-day weekend!

  • Rant: my very recent bf told me as a joke that he is intimidated by me. I have the feeling that it wasn’t a joke at all (also based on recent events). Anyway i had similar experience in the past but I didnt know what the issue until after the relationship ended. I am really not sure what to do to make this guy feel confortable with me, i really like him and want things to work. Just for some background: The intimidation may come from the fact that I am early 30, smart, have achieved a lot with little and i am pretty stable and can talk about almost anything (I am saying this just to get better advices). Anyway what can I do? I dont want this guy to slip away… he is 5y older, has a successful job and look confident to me, so i dont understand why he would be intimidated by me… he constanly give me compliments and tell how he is impressed…the only thing i can think of is to start giving a lot of compliments too (that is easy b/c i love a lot of things about him)…advices???
    RAVE: had a great time with him yesterday

    • Sometimes “I’m intimidated by you” can be code for something else, something they don’t want to offend you with. I don’t doubt you are smart, successful and easy to get along with, but is it possible that in conversation you try “one-up” him?

      • Wieso? I think Meg’s got it. But just because a third party can never know for sure, try this experiment: pause a full second after he says something before you respond. See if it makes your conversations less stressful (for him).

    • That is an odd thing for him to say.

      Could be code for “I think you’re too good for me”??

      The one-upmanship thing that Meg mentions is a possibility… but alternatively, it might be that you’re not one-upping him at all, and maybe you just aren’t deferring to him the way previous girlfriends might have. (Just speculation.)

      I’m a little concerned about this idea of him saying something supposedly as a joke that’s not really a joke. That seems like rather an “I’ll have my cake and eat it too” strategy, and seems passive-aggressive as well (“Oh, I’ll convey this message… and then deny that it was the message I meant to convey!”). Proceed with caution.

      I understand your anxiety about not wanting him to “slip away,” but be careful of going to extremes to try to placate his ego.

    • time to assess and adjust your attitude or find a guy that isn’t a chickensh*t.

    • You aren’t dating the guy that just had a beer for the first time in his life, are you?

  • Rave: Job interview!
    Rant: The job is in Rockville and not close to the metro. Gag.

  • rant/rave: I just signed up for OKcupid and met a guy from it for the first time last night. Online dating is going to be… interesting 🙂
    rant: The same guy I went on a date with (thru match 2 years ago) at the Teaism in Dupont was there last night too. I guess it’s his preferred blind date spot, and I need to find a different one, lol.

    • You can take my old dating spot at L’Enfant! It’s nice and romantic and rarely has any AdMo douchebags in it, even on a weekend night.

    • It will be interesting! I went on a date once with a guy and he knew prior to the date I was from Texas. His very first question was “Have you ever shot an armadillo?” I told him yes (it’s the truth). We never spoke again.
      I went on about 10 bad, bad dates and then I went on one with a guy that is so amazing he’s still around 8 months later and will be for a long time!

    • i never had a bad okc date. have fun. good luck!

      i just started using it again after ending it with someone i met in real life. (rant: it’s never a good idea to date someone who works in the same building because its awkward/sad when you see him in the halls)

      was supposed to meet someone last night but he was stuck at work late so we may try again this weekend…

  • Rave: Two year anniversary with my sweet fiancé is tomorrow!

    Rant: But I’m sick! I’ve been sick since Monday. Why won’t this go away?!

  • Rant: I am out of Ketchup. My pain is almost unbearable.

    1/2 Rave: I have substitutes! So it’s ok–don’t worry about me, no not at all. Hot sauce, a little BBQ sauce, just things with salt and little kick that can be suitable under some circumstances. That’ll work if I can plan my lunch right. But I will need to re-stock very soon.

  • Rave: My life is awesome.

  • Rant: Walked into a three urgent tasks (due at the end of the day, I only told you this morning, panicky…) at work on top of everything else. I was hoping to head to an really interesting conference my center is hosting today!
    Rave: The conference is being webcast- get to listen in and get my work done.
    Rave: Best buddy coming to visit for the weekend!!
    Rant: We wanted to go snowboarding nearby but it looks like not much snow at Ski Liberty or Whitetail… anyone been out recently?

  • Rave: In a sudden burst of productivity, I set up several meetings for Monday

    Rant: Just remembered we are closed Monday (but everyone accepted anyway)

    Rave: Not going to worry about it since today is my birthday!

  • rave: FRIDAY

    rave: 3 day weekend

    rant: not sleeping well lately, and neither is my pup. i think my body is adjusting to not smoking, and having the patch on. having nightmares. i think i need to take the patch off when i go to sleep.

    rant: have plans tonight with new guy but really just feel like curling up on a ball on my couch with my dog. except one of my new years resolutions was to be more social.

    • Not sure how the patch is typically used, but I had a friend who said he would only put it on when he got a severe craving, and that strategy worked very well. It might be worth a try if you don’t want to wear the thing all the time. Good luck!

    • Yup. It’s the patch for sure. Probably a good idea to take it off before you go to bed, as you suggested. Also, make sure you are taking the correct dosage depending on how much you smoked. I didn’t smoke much so I just used the step 3 cause the step 2 was causing me way too many problems. If you use a patch with too much nicotine it can really mess with your system (especially sleeping at night and crazy dreams).

    • Congrats on making it this far! You’re awesome!

      I was way less social when I quit for a little while and I think it made the whole thing harder; I was sad because I couldn’t have my cigs and then I was sad b/c I was sitting at home alone. So, maybe try to make it out for at least a little while?

  • Rant1: Wife’s friend and hubby visited last weekend. Great time except hubby is constantly talked about how awesome he is, and felt compelled to “knowledge drop” (similar to “name-drop”) about EVERY topic, vs. what I would consider appropriate contributions to the conversations. Plus, he never stopped talking!!!

    Rant 2: We took advantage of the great weather and went for a bicycle ride with a neighbor, who proceeded to “mother hen” me to death about riding with clipless pedals, and riding fast downhill. Then he ragged on the motorcycle I’m restoring. Totally sucked the fun out of the ride for me.

    Rave: My wife is the most amazing woman on earth, and I love to love her!!!

  • Rave: New Kitty! She’s still a little shy, but has come looking for my attention and purred last night and this morning while I was petting her!

    Rant: Back pain from car accident continuing/getting worse, makes me tired and it hard to sleep, walk, sit and concentrate
    They totaled my car, so I’m taking tons of cabs because walking also hurts.

    Rave: Could have been so much worse!
    Not my fault, saved me the trouble of selling the car, will eventually get a settlement for pain and suffering.
    Long weekend for Kitty bonding.

  • Rave: Beautiful people moving into the neighborhood.

  • Rave: Working at home!

    Rant: My teen is having an end-of-semester meltdown, and I may need to throttle her.

    Rave: She a great kid, and if this is the worst of our troubles, we’re very, very lucky.

  • Rant 1: One week to go before my whole department shuts down and I’m out of a job.
    Rant 2: New hammer of doom company didn’t direct deposit checks so I haven’t been paid yet. Good practice, I guess?
    Rave: It’s been a great ride and I love my (soon to be former) co-workers…we’re living it up with breakfasts, lunches, and a bring your dog to work policy.

  • Rant: My face looks like I just rolled out of bed even though it’s been hours and I’ve already had 2.5 cups of coffee. Eyes all pouffy and everything.

    Rant #2: Woke up in a tear-filled panic because I dreamed that everyone at work was super upset with me. Apparently I was supposed to know the words to a bunch of songs from the 1950s because we were putting on a recital for our families and our clients, but I didn’t know the songs, showed up late (because I didn’t know if was happening) and wore a dress that wasn’t conservative enough for the event. I don’t even know where to start analyzing what my dreams are trying to tell me!

    Rave: Friday. Long weekend with time to clean the house. More coffee!

  • Raves: Had a great night with friends. It’s Friday! Planning to catch some great movies this weekend. Footbal playoffs Sunday! Volunteering Monday! Blessed with another day of life!!!!

    Rant: Football season is almost over *tear*

  • Rave: Today is the last day of a co-worker I can’t stand!

    Rave: 3 day weekend

    Rave: HH plans tonight, party on Sat, museum visit and lunch w/ friend on Sun, taco dinner with friend on Mon….I have a great weekend plan.

    Rants: None

  • Bear

    Rant: This week has been nuts tying up all the loose ends on my projects here in Uganda. So. Tired.

    Rave: I’m coming home tomorrow!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t get warm today. Hot tea, sweaters, scarves and office minks are not working.

    Rave: In a few minutes I will have some hot duck gumbo to add to my arsenal against the cold.

    Rave: Freaking myself out reading a Glitch in the Matrix thread on Reddit someone tweeted about.

    • my office is freezing too. I find using a heating pad in my chair makes a world of difference. To be perfectly honest I’d be happy in a heated sheepskin adult onsie but thats not very professional!

    • me

      Dammit, emmaleigh. Now I’m reading the thread. The goosebumps aren’t helping in a cold office. Do you have a glitch in the matrix story? The only thing I can think of is once I had a dream where the dog I had growing up (and was now living with my parents) was upset with me because I never came home to visit him, and now it was too late. Sure enough, you guessed it- when I spoke with my parents that day, they had to put him down the evening before (and I had that dream about 5 hours or so after it happened). Sigh. (Actually, makes me a bit distressed just thinking about it now.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t have any stories that happened to me. But this thread reminded me of this 1 story I heard in college.

        This kid down in Louisiana was killed by a hit and run. After his tombstone went up a picture mysteriously, so the story goes, showed up carved in the back of the stone. It showed in stick figures the kid chasing his dog across a street. The dog was chasing a fox or something. It also showed a truck with 3 people and their names above it on the road the kid was crossing. And as the story goes the 3 names were actually the three arrested for the hit and run.

        The picture is indeed on the tombstone, but I don’t know if anything else is true.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Left out a wee detail, according to the story, the dead kid drew the picture in the back of the tombstone so the people could be caught. The police etc didn’t know who hit the kid until the picture appeared.

    • talula

      Ha! I was just reading that thread on reddit, and had to stop for a PoP break because I was getting freaked out. Also have you seen this site? http://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/

  • Rave: Have had an awesomely productive week. Two projects that I have been toiling over for months were finally completed this week.

    Rave: Get to meet my friends’ new baby on Sunday!

    Rave: Have an awesome boyfriend who made me delicious dinner on Wednesday when I had to work late.

  • Rave: Hall and Oates Pandora Station
    Rant: 2012 is kicking my ass thus far. Hoping Friday the 13 will be kind.

  • Rant: Boyfriend drama continues. Haven’t seen him since Monday morning because he worked 10 a.m. to midnight EVERY DAY this week and couldn’t make time for me this morning, his only time off. Works all day tomorrow, too.

    Rant: T’is Friday but no plans for tonight. 🙁

    Rave: Going ice skating tomorrow night at the Sculpture Garden!

    Rave1: Three day weekend!!

  • anon. gardener

    Rave 1: Longest week ever is finally over.
    Rave 2: had my first – and definitely not last – croissant from Le Caprice. I’d forgotten what a good croissant tastes like.

  • rave: tickets to portlandia live and snow patrol
    rave: hotel booked for sleep no more
    semi-rant: priceline stretching neighborhood boundaries. when will i learn?
    rant: i also didn’t read the WSC fine print. ” ” ” “?

  • Revel: Bought new water heater + expansion tank from HD supply warehouse for $350.00 Wonderful handyman will install for $200.00. Every plumber & Home Depot were quoting at least $1000.00.

    Revel: Tenant is being very cool about it all and gave me a good stiff drink after 2 a.m. drainage drama. I gave him $100 off rent. All is well with the world.

    • Make sure the person installing your new water heater and expansion tank is a licensed plumber and gasfitter because you need a permit to install a water heater (gas or electric). If the water heater installation causes some kind of damage to your home, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damage if the installer was not licensed. Also, if the installer is not licensed, the water heater manufacturer will not honor the warranty if you have any problems with your new water heater (within the warranty period).

      • Thanks – but after checking with my insurance, a licensed contractor, my condo management company, the bylaws and several plumbers – I’m good to go. It’s electric, so no gas worries. Even the plumber said installing an electric water heater is a pretty straightforward diy project. Any potential disasters would be of the wet but non-explosive nature.

        • And as for permits – the independent plumbers and Home Depot both said it would be my responsibility to obtain permit/inspection on my own after installation. Fortunately – even our vastly incompetent DC govt. doesn’t require someone to go for 60-90 days without hot water while waiting on a permit!

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