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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Three weeks and not a call back for a new job position after first interview.

    Revel: I just had a second phone interview, crossing fingers.

  • Rant / Rave: Living in Uggs everyday. Having been a former opponent of them, I can’t seem to get them off my feet.

    Rave: Caps win!

  • Rant: People on the bus who don’t move to the inner seat
    Rave: My stink-eye from the front of the bus cuased the offender to give me the window seat

    • I get it if you’re getting off at the next stop, but sitting in the aisle just because you don’t want to climb over someone is rude.

    • I totally, shamelessly ask if I can sit down, or just obnoxiously climb over people for the seat. My biggest pet peeve is when people eye open seats but don’t ask people to move over so they can sit in them! Don’t let the seat hogs win!

      If you’re getting off at the next stop, are blocking an inner seat, and the bus is crowded, just give your seat up, yo. Or just climb over people. Less rude than hogging an open seat.

      • she rode at least 1.5 miles and got off one stop before I did. The rider is a repeat offender and I always call her out on it. So frusterating.

      • I always move from the aisle seat, but I think there are times why people may legitimately want to keep the aisle. For example, this applies more to metro than to bus, because I am tall, it is quite uncomfortable to sit on the window seat. I know many take the aisle to hope that they keep the row to themselves, but I think its incumbent on others to assume the person may have a legit reason for staying in the seat and ask if they can sit in that seat or have the person move over.

        • I’ve had to sit in the aisle to (like when I’ve had a suitcase on the metro), but I make eye contact with people, ask if they’d like open seat, and get up to let them in.

  • Rant: Coming down with something… sore throat, chills, no energy. Boo.

    Rave: Doctor’s able to see me today so hopefully I can get some quick relief.

    • If you are just “coming down with something,” is there a reason why you need to rush to the doctor? Unless you had a SEVERE sore throat that lasted more than 4-5 days, I would not be going to the doctor. It sounds like you probably have a virus based on your symptoms. I’m just wondering how many people rush to the doctor for viruses, and of course demand antibiotics for supposed “quick relief.” Thus, they waste the doctor’s time, increase antibiotic resistance (if the MD is foolish enough to give it to them), and place an even greater burden on health insurance. Maybe we need to up the premiums to discourage this kind of behavior.

      • You are the worst.

      • LOL right when I posted this I anticipated a response like yours… I should have known better. Anyway, I don’t really think I need to get into my medical history and/or situation with you. I think it’s safe to say that I know I’m doing the right thing for my health so I’ll leave it at that.

        Rant: Idle speculation about the decisions I make to care for my health.
        Rave: Freedom to not give a sh!t what presumptuous fools think about the few facts they learn about me on a rant/revel thread.

        • Yeah, a little context would have helped a bit. It sounded like, “I’m getting the chills and now I’m running to the doctor.” Sorry, but that kind of vagueness warrants a response (especially because I know too many people like that, and I venture to say so do others).

          • Does it really warrant a response?

          • Well perhaps I’m like the other people you know who are NOT like that. Anyway yeah, you’re totally right, this is all my fault. I should have known to provide a lot of details in an effort to preemptively explain why a visit to my doctor is justified…

          • Sure, if you like having debates or making points about important matters (i.e. too many antibiotics being prescribed; people who rush to doctors needlessly, driving up health care costs). This is an open forum, last time I checked. If you post something, be prepared for questions and responses.

          • There is a difference between a general debate about health care and probing a stranger’s personal medical issues and decisions.

      • Actually, anonymous, if it’s an incipient influenza, the quicker you get on the tamiflu, the better.
        And I do believe many physicians have been clued in to the problem of overprescribing antibiotics. *eyeroll*

        • me

          The keyword there being “many”. Ugh, I visited an urgent care facility on Friday due to either a UTI or kidney stone (which I have a few per year). After performing a quick test, they determined I didn’t have an infection and said “What do you want me to do about it?” I said “Well, nothing then, as I was hoping it was a simple UTI and I could get antibiotics, but I’ll just wait to see now.” He looked at me for a second, then left the room, and came back with a prescription for TWO WEEKS of antibiotics, 60 naproxen, and 20 narcotics! That doctor was either uneducated or didn’t give a rat’s patooty.

          • This was the point I was trying to make. Many people are well versed in antibiotic resistance and why taking antibiotics isn’t necessarily helpful and can be harmful. Kudos to those people, and it seems like everyone on this forum is educated in this. But there are some that aren’t, and there are a lot of doctors that feel obligated to give a suffering patient SOMETHING. I’ve had it happen to me several times.

      • Sorry, but I’m one of those who has had strep throat so many times in my life that I know it when I feel it. Given my frustratingly intimate knowledge of that illness, I’m perfectly comfortable self-diagnosing that one and would absolutely not wait 4-5 days as you suggest. That would just be dangerous. Gotta say, I’m a bit stunned by your comfort in making declarative statements about individual health choices.

      • Well, I make up for people like that by waiting at least two weeks (usually with a fever) before reluctantly dragging myself to the doctor.

    • Good luck today– I’ve been sick for 5 weeks. Sore throat, sinus infection, congestion. Just when I start to feel better a new symptom appears (or re-appears). I should buy stock in Kleenex.

  • Super-Revel: I got promoted. Several months before I expected to! I feel like this giant weight has lifted and now I can actually focus on doing my job well instead of worrying about politics/what people think of me.

    Rant: I should have started pushing for it like 6 months earlier than I did. Oh well!

    Revel: NO KNEE PAIN on my run this morning! Thank you IT band gods.

  • I stepped in dog shit yesterday, and experienced a moment of searing hatred for all dog owners. Then I remembered all the dogs and dog owners who are totally cool, and I got over it.

    I can’t bring myself to clean the beshitted sneakers, which are probably 5+ years old anyway. Shoe shopping in my near future. I’ll be looking for slip-on light athletic shoes (life’s too short to tie shoelaces), if anyone wants to make a recommendation!

    • not sure if you are M or F, but I am F and my fav sneakers are sketchers bikers dream (or something like that). light weight, low profile, cute, no laces… if you are a guy they might make something similar too.

    • anon. gardener

      couple of weeks ago my husband stepped in dog poo while raking leaves in front of the house, and he threw the shoes out immediately. and they weren’t very old. can’t blame either of you – it is vile. we’re dog owners, and cannot understand how people who don’t pick up after their dogs can sleep at night. happy shoe shopping!

      • +1.
        As a dog owner I can not understand how people can be so negligent. Picking up after a pup is not pleasant but it’s what you signed up for.
        I’ve actually offered someone a poop bag when I saw they had no intention of picking up after their dog. Needless to say that person avoids me now.

      • I wonder if a stray piece got lost in the leaves and the owner couldn’t find it or didn’t know it was there. I spent a lot of time hunting around in the leaf piles that accumulate on the sides of the sidewalk this Fall– you’d be surprised at how lost it gets in there. I’d try to yank my dogs over to the middle of the sidewalk when they started to go, but didn’t always catch them in time. Thank god leaf season is mostly over.

    • Ahh this post cracks me up. I bought new boots a few weeks ago and the third time I wore them, I stepped in dog poop. It got all over my boots, the car, my bag (it was very soft and wet… ugh…) and when it happened I immediately cleaned everything with some wipes my boyfriend had. Then when I got home I realized there was some that I missed on my boots so I left them outside until I could clean themm properly. It is now a week later and I have not touched the boots. My boyfriend even joked this morning that he bets I’ll never wear them again! I love the boots but ugh…. I just dont want to touch them.

    • power hose and bleach. you’re all good

    • Highly recommend Puma’s ballet flat-style shoes — super comfortable and fairly stylish (i.e., they don’t look like clunky sneakers). I just bought, um, 3 more pairs.

  • rave: on day 3 without a cigarette. using the patch helps a little.

    rant: still desperately want to smoke something. in the evenings it’s the hardest, especially after eating a meal.

    Q: anyone on PoP tried electric cigs before?

    • When I quit 25 years ago, I satisfied the smoke urge with lots of pot. That may not be your thing, but it worked for me.

    • I’m not a smoker but my fiance’s brother uses an electronic cigarette and was able to give up smoking cold turkey. He recommends it to everyone. Good luck!

    • Congrats! I’m on day 10. You don’t need a thing except to read “the easy way to quit smoking” by Alan Carr. Don’t try to replicate smoking with anything, it just keeps the myth at the forefront that you’re missing something. Try and change up your routine at night – do it all differently. Nonsmokers don’t think about pretending to smoke. Welcome to the world of being a nonsmoker. You’re great and I’m so proud of you!

  • Rant: For courtesy’s sake, I had to invite our assistant director to participate in a phone call to a client today. I hate to inflict her on people.

    Rave: Everything else about work today is great.

    Rave: Also, I look totally cute today.

  • talula

    Rant: general weirdness at work that comes with starting a new job. The constant worrying if you’re doing things right, what others think of you, are you asking enough questions, or too many questions, etc etc.

    Revel: Three day weekend coming up, and my boyfriend will be in town!

  • Enough with the photos of your coffee, people. It’s coffee. They made a little design with the milk. Does not need to be immortalized for all time, especially when it’s in a to-go cup.

    • I think its gorgeous. Finding beauty in small things is the key to joy (and good photography!). It reminds me of watching a pint of guiness settle.
      It also makes me lament that my only coffee options at work are burnt&bitter Starbucks.

    • FWIW this one isn’t in a to-go cup. You can see the porcelain handle on the right and the saucer.

    • Yeah, PoP should apologize and refund you the two seconds of your life you wasted looking at that photo!

  • I recently moved to DC (13th&R) and I am looking for a an ethnic market. They usually have cheaper produce than the prices I’m seeing at whole foods. In the past I have gone to Grand Mart but there isn’t one around here. Anyone have a secret grocery they’re willing to share?

  • Rave: Looks like this new position is going to happen, after 3 months of discussions

    Rant: Said job would take me across the country from my SO, and POPville, and potentially very soon. I’m struggling with leaving my comfort zone!!

  • me

    Rant: I’ve been on the same level of this ball-breaker game on my phone for about 2 weeks now. No more free passes to skip levels. And it is driving me bonkers.

    Rave: It IS level 998, so maybe it’s just telling me I need to stop playing. 🙂

  • Rant: cannot sign in to PoP from my PDA! The sign-in pop-up layer keeps hiding from me when I try to find it and I cannot swipe my finger to wherever it goes! I must write my nickname and trust that everyone here believes it is really me!
    Rave: I have a slick new phone/PDA (made in part by my super-engineer brother!!) that was never actually publicly released! Secret stealth technology!

  • Rave: Restaurant week lunch with my fave former and current female coworkers.

    Rant: The RW menu posted online doesn’t really offer anything “good” for the entree. Worried my coworkes won’t like it, and since I picked the place, I’ll feel bad.

    Rave: Taking the afternoon off.

  • Rant: Today is the “day of meetings”: already had two (one of which was two hours) and still one to go (which will be another two hours). Needless to say, not much else accomplished.

    Rant: Someone broke my copier by trying to unstick the paper jam…now there is a tiny piece of paper stuck in there and the damn thing won’t work. If I’ve learned anything while working in an office, it’s that the worst thing you can do while trying to free the paper is to tear it.

    Rave: It’s almost Friday!

  • Rant: Saw some really bad behavior today. I get that this isn’t unusual, but I literally saw some chick running for the metro this morning, got up to the turnstile, literally SHOVED someone out of her way (who was about to run his smartrip), blew through, and then ran over two people on the escalator. WTF?

    Rave: The girl yesterday who offered her seat to a very confused looking senior citizen who was looking uncomfortable with metro’s rush hour cattle car.

  • Rant – I left my favorite necklace (gift) in my gym locker yesterday, and didn’t realize it until I was home. Very depressing!

    Rave – This morning it was still there!

    Rave – Kisses from a tiny puppy while I was waiting at the bus stop .

  • Rave: Dr Pepper 10
    Rant: I’m so tired of eating unfulfilling microwave dinners day after day. I need to learn to cook quick simple lunches!

    • I love regular Dr. Pepper, and not a fan of Diet Dr. Pepper (depsite liking other diet soda), and really want to try Dr. Pepper 10, but their commercials annoy me so much that I don’t want to buy the product! Your comment may have given me the push to try it, though.

    • A happy medium between packaged meals and making your own lunch every day: Every few weekend I will cook up a big batch of rice and fillings (in my case beans) and assemble a ton of burritos, wrap them in foil, and freeze. Three minutes in the microwave, and a homemade lunch that require zero effort the night before.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I do the same thing, but with soup b/c I love soup. I cook up a big pot of whatever soup/stew/gumbo I want and freeze in individual serving size containers so all I have to do it grab 1 and go.

        Though sometimes I forget to label the containers and have a surprise for lunch.

  • Rave: Mail! Came back to the office after several days at offsite training to find several long awaited packages awaiting. Simple things.

    Rant: PoP mobile site is still a little funky. I tried to use it to support my sanity during particularly long sessions earlier this week, but it was so fuzzy that it was impossible to read.

    Additional Rave: Today’s beautiful weather, creative outlets, a wonderful boyfriend, cute cats, Instagram – despite the craziness, things are good!

  • Rave: I was running late and threw on a red sweater over black pants and a black turtleneck.

    Rant: I look like a back-up dancer in “Mr. Rogers Does Vegas.”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Took today off to run some errands.

    Rave: Errands done and popped in Dior because I could.

    Rave: Dior!

  • Rant: Sala Thai on Georgia Ava is still cranking freakin’ Christmas music!

  • Rave: Marion Barry says the children with guns shooting each other, 3 this morning in SE, has gotta stop. Yeah mon, like any day now Mr. Mayor, how about some new tough sentencing laws for juvenile gun crimes!

  • Rave: Finally got around to going into Ruff N Ready at its new location and loved it even more than the old store. Two levels, more room, same vibe.

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