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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • me

    Rant: It is so cold in the office today! I’m shivering at my desk, and it’s only 10am. It’ll be a long day.

    Rave: Dinner tonight with an old coworker. I’m quite excited to see her.

  • Rants: I haven’t been able to sleep well for nearly a month now getting probably only 2-3 hours of solid sleep per night. If this lack of sleep contributes to me being sick I will be royally screwed as I don’t receive health insurance from my job until April. Additionally, upon looking at my work calendar I realized that I’m working every single weekend from now until March.

    Rave: Though I’m working all the time, I bet my job is still cooler/easier than most other people’s jobs. Beer sales is on the up and up these days!

    • Try Benadryl. It makes me sleep like a baby, and I wake up clearheaded.

      • Thanks for the suggestion!

        • me

          If Benadryl doesn’t work well for you (it doesn’t for me), try a 3mg dose of melatonin. I have a bottle of 3mg ones that say you can take 2 and I’ve seen 5mg bottles, but 3mg does it for me when I just need a night of actual sleep instead of restlessness.

          • Yep, melatonin is good stuff. I take it with magnesium on nights I know I’ll be restless and it works like a charm…although it seems to make me have vivid and bizzare dreams!

      • Try a book. Always works for me, especially when I haven’t been reading much fiction.

        • I was going to mention that it’s a good idea to avoid starting at a screen– be it TV, laptop, or cell phone– at least one hour before going to bed. The light coming out of those things tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daytime and makes it difficult to transition out of active/alert mode. Reading by a not-too-bright light s a good activiti for prepping your brain for sleep mode.

          • claire

            Not as good as not looking at a screen, but there’s actually a program that will dim your screen (actually, lowers the red light which is what keeps you up) as your bedtime approaches.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I read somewhere that blue light also triggers our brains to stay awake, so putting on sunglasses that block it helps transition to sleep.

        • That’s something that I should probably do. I don’t have a TV in my room but I do find that I’ll watch some random documentary on Netflix before going to bed. I should start exercising my mind more by reading before bed. That should tire it out!

    • How hot is your bedroom? I’ve been sleeping so much better since I reprogrammed my thermostat to be another 5 degrees lower at night.

      • I try to keep my bedroom around 70 degrees. My windows are REALLY drafty so I use a space heater and program it so that if it gets too warm it shuts off. I was sleeping much worse before I had one. I’d constantly wake up nearly every hour shivering and now I just wake up constantly. I’m wondering if my body just got used to waking up every hour which is why it still happens even though I’m warm.

    • I find that when I am regularly exercising I sleep much better.

    • And to add one more rant: I just found out that I paid a little over $4,400 in interest on ONE student loan during 2011. How atrocious is that?! I’m afraid to know how much interest I paid for my federal loans in 2011….

      • Yep, they front load the interest, and you don’t really start paying much principal for a few years. If you can afford to, it really pays to make extra payments early in the repayment period because that will all go to principal, driving down your overall interest payments.

    • add a cup of warm milk with vanilla at bedtime to all these fabulous suggestions…hope you get some rest!

  • Rave: Three-day weekend!

    Rant: I need to spend my day off buying new tires for my car and organizing my condo.

    Rave: Who cares – I have a three-day weekend!! Here’s to being productive and having safer tires.

  • shipsa01

    Rant: The 74 bus. How did Metro screw this up so badly?

    Rave: The weather! It’s like balmy out there today. 🙂

    • what up with 74 bus, I have been seeing that around Chinatown lately, is it a new route?

    • Regarding your rant: are you just bashing Metro because it’s fashionable or can you share a bit more detail about what’s wrong with the 74?

      • I hate the 74 bus because it replaced the 70/71 running down into SW. Now the only bus running into SW is the 74, which only goes as far north as 7th & Mass. If you want to go further north you have to transfer or just take the metro. Also it doesn’t run as frequently, it’s always crowded, and the Circulator to SW was cancelled at the same time which makes it even worse.

      • shipsa01

        Sorry for the late response – I keep forgetting that PoP doesn’t send e-mails when someone responds (or if they do, I’m not signed-up).

        The 74 is a waste of a line. They had two decent buses (70 and 71) that ran from Silver Spring to SW (right next to the stadium). In addition they also had an express bus (79) that ran from Silver Spring to Archives and a Circulator that went from the actual Convention Center site (7th and O) down to the SW Waterfront and ran every 10 minutes. They got rid of the 71 and the Circulator and stopped the 70 at Archives. To make matters worse, they replaced the Circulator with the 74, which only goes to 6th and K (stays completely out of Shaw) runs every (when it’s accurate – most of the time it does not) 18 minutes (not 10 like Circulator) and mind-boggingly runs up 7th, which just replicates the Green Line 100%.

        The new 74 should have a 10 minute schedule, should reach further into Shaw (I would recommend the new Shaw library), should be run north on 6th (to hit new parts of Penn Quarter and Mount Vernon Square) and should be run South on 9th.

        Also, make it into an actual line and not a loop, which is so terribly frustrating when looking up on NextBus.

        Enough rant, I’m taking my ball and going home.

  • rant: i feel like i’m the only one, but i just. don’t. care. about the republican primaries.
    rave: it’s already thursday!

  • Rant: Super-stressed at work. I took a week off for the holidays, and now that I’m back it seems like everything is being dumped on me.

    Rave: It’s almost the weekend?

  • Rant: Insane number of police vehicles last night at ~8pm between 16th-18th Street, NW and Columbia Road. Any details on the crime that took place?

    Rave: Saturday’s high temps will make it feel like beach season.

  • Rant-

    copyright watermarks on Flickr photos

  • Rave: The NSO emsemble concert at Acre 121 last night! Chamber music and an oyster po’boy!

  • Rave: After beers and self-pity last night and a “running until I don’t feel feelings” early morning jog today, I realized my work screw-up is probably not as world-ending as I thought it was.

    Rave: I am gonna eat so much bread this weekend from Columbia Heights’ new French bakery!

    Rant: Work. Sucks.

  • Rave: Today is the day I will address my status at work, first via email with the temp agency, then by phone to follow up later.

    Rave 2: Researching and some initial contact with grad programs I intend to look at has so far been positive!

    Rant: Slacking a bit on my exercise regime this week

    Rave 3: Starting on another language (semi proficient in 2 other foreign languages) so I can communicate better with my boyfriend’s family.

  • Rant: Sunrise. I need a 630 a.m. sunrise and the sun is refusing to get up before 7:30. Lazy star.

    Rave: Each day is a blessing and a gift – even the really crappy ones.

  • Rant: Coworkers came back from their vacations with the same need to spend 7 out of their 8 working hours walking around and having loud ass conversations instead of doing real work.
    Rant: We work in a bull pen setting so everyone ‘experiences’ these boisterous conversations.
    Rant: Coworker forwarded a totally inappropriate email to the entire department that was anti-immigration (legal or illegal).
    Rave: I totally shut her ass down in an email response and reported her to HR.
    Rave: I again had to explain to these 40 something year old women that people were actually working this week and all loud conversations should be kept at a minimum or moved to the employee lunch room. I got dirty looks but now my area is pin drop quiet.
    Revel: I did all of this in a total respectful way.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Could you come to my work and respectfully tell everyone to be quiet? They are driving me nuts!

    • What did the email say? I am curious because reporting somebody to HR is a serious offense and could possibly get the person fired. I hope you understood the potential consequences and think they are warranted before you decided to play office thought police.

      • What people think in their own business.

        What people choose to e-mail to an entire department at work becomes everyone’s business.

        Most workplaces warn employees that work e-mail is not private, and that they can get in trouble for saying in work e-mails things that aren’t in accordance with the company’s anti-discrimination policy.

        • Everything you say is correct. But my point is that it takes an extra step to take it upon yourself to go and affirmatively tattle on that person to HR and possibly threaten their livelihood. I am sure a direct (not copying everyone) response to the person would have the appropriate curative effect without taking it that next step and creating an HR file on what could have been an innocent lapse in judgment.

      • It was something about why America is failing because immigrants are allowed to come here and work. I cant quote it verbatim right now but the jist was:
        Legal immigrants come to American work and go back to their countries to live it up.
        Illegal immigrants come to America and steal American jobs.
        It basically said that people should start reporting companies and even individuals who preferentially hire persons in either category.

        • All Valid points if you work in IT. I Know many foreign born owned IT companies only hire people foreign nationals from their country. Anybody who does IT contracting for Gov, should agree with this.

      • And really Office Thought Police? I am well aware of the importance of people being employed right now, tis a pity that this grown woman didn’t. I didnt send a totally inappropriate email to over 50 people, and please note other reported it too, so I was not over reacting. Think about that before you start calling me names.

        • For what’s it’s worth, I say congrats on taking action! I’m right there with you in terms of having little tolerance for thoughtless crap like that. Hope your day was only onwards and upwards from there!

  • claire

    Rant: Went to the eye doctor recently and need glasses – could tell my vision was getting a little near-sighted so thought I would need glasses for driving, but apparently one eye is near-sighted and one is far-sighted and I should wear glasses all the time.
    Rant: Glasses are ready to be picked up, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to go get them (place is in DC & only open M-F 10-6 – I work in MD).
    Rant: Have to shift my mental image of myself to include glasses… will take some adjusting.

    Rave: Feeling more certain than ever about plans for the next year or so.
    Rant: Long-term plans always seem so intimidating.

    • Looks like it’s a glasses/contacts kind of day- good luck with the glasses! Try and get a fun pair as well as an everyday pair- it’s better to be able to mix it up every once in a while!

    • Let me know if I can help with the glasses…would be happy to repay the kindness 🙂

    • Yes, I also find the yearly eye exam requirement an annoying expense. My contacts prescription has not changed in 23 years (since I was in early high school) and I just want to get my prescription renewed so I can replenish my contact supply. I’m no libertarian, but I do think grownups can decide for themselves when they need a doctor’s appt.

    • You’ll get used to them really fast–other people will too. I first got glasses as an adult, and immediately friends who I’d known for years were sure that I’d ALWAYS worn glasses.

  • Rant: Contact Lense Prescriptions- Why the heck do they have to be renewed every freaking year? I cannot get new contact lenses from 1800 Contacts until I see an eye doctor who will charge me a hundred bucks to tell me my eye sight hasn’t changed. Seriously?
    Rave: My eye sight hasn’t changed- first time in a LONG time- I’m blind as a bat and thought they would just keeping getting worse!

    • I’m blind as a bat too, and mine get worse every year. Hopefully one day they will stop changing too!

    • ugh, i agree on this one. Its so annoying because all of a sudden I realize its a year, I only have two weeks of contacts left and my company has changed insurance again this year and I cannot go to the same doctor…every year I end up wearing the last pair of contacts too long because I have to search for a new doctor and they always end up being booked for a month or two.

      • Kalorini

        Your old eye doctor would hopefully give you an emergency pair to prevent your eyes from getting scratched. I remember having to go to my childhood eye doctor to get an emergency contact lense (it ripped while I was visiting my parents) and he was really nice about it.

    • I had a recent outrage over this. Also my Doctor will not provide my my full glasses Rx to order cheaper glasses online since “they do it wrong and we don’t want to be liable.” Last time I got contacts and glasses from my eye doctor with an exam it was close to $500 WITH insurance. Sigh.

      • I honestly wouldn’t go back to a dr if he wouldn’t give my the full RX. I never buy contacts or glasses at the dr’s office because of the price.

      • Agreed that you shouldn’t be using a doctor that refuses to give you a full prescription. When I brought up the prospect of buying my contacts elsewhere, my eye doctor offered to match the price of the online places. You might try that tactic (after switching to a better doctor).

    • This has happened to me before and it is annoying. I have had good luck with My Eye Doctor on M street. Very professional staff, can get you seen quickly, and even helped me with a complicated insurance situation. Dr. Miller is who I saw. And my prescription is pretty complicated.

  • RANT: my job and my boss. How in the world do senior level people get away with not knowing how to do simple things, or being irresponsible and losing stuff all the time? And then, I have to walk along behind them, cleaning it up with dust pan and broom. I need to get out of this. Anyone want to open a doggie daycare with me? Dead serious.

    Rave: It’s Thursday. I am wearing jeans at work today. Eff it, I want to be comfortable.

    Rave: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

    Rave: Slept pretty well last night. I echo the love here for melatonin. Recently started again. Helps a ton.

    • Taking out someone else’s trash is one of the greatest casualities of being a subordinate.

      And um, I’d be interested in hearing more about your doggie daycare inquiry. This is something I have done a little research on and seriously considered starting my own business. I dogsit a lot, hence the interest.

      • See if POP can give you my e-mail. It’s something I have been fantasizing about for years, but am at a block as how to actually make it happen. Would love to talk to you more!

    • I would also like to talk about the doggie daycare idea. It is something I have seriously thought about doing!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m grumpy and everyone is too loud today.

    Rant: I hate shared work spaces. I need some personal space!

    Rave: I remembered to buy stamps.

  • Rant: It’s my f#*’n birthday.

    Rave: It’s my f#*’n birthday.

  • Rant: UPS customer service. We were expecting a packaged and my husband literally watched the driver make several other deliveries on our street, never approaching our house, and then drive away. UPS’s tracking system claims the packaged was delivered at the vary time all this happen. They claim somehow it was both left at the front door and signed for by some random combination of numbers and letters.

    Double Rant: When I call UPS to try and figure out what happened, they say their records show it was delivered and beyond that they refuse to do anything else. When I tell them that my husband was home the entire time and witnessed the drive never approach our house or ring the bell the call me a liar.

    Rave: Home Depot, who I ordered the item from, promptly refunded my transaction.

    Rant: I still have to find a box of 1 inch black hex tile so we can keep moving on our new bathroom.

    Rave: It is my Friday!

    • pablo .raw

      I once had the exact same experience with UPS delivering a package. It was near 5:00pm when I saw the truck, and the only thing I can think of is that the truck driver wanted to go home early.

      • If it was my usual driver, he is actually really great. So that makes me think either it was an honest mistake or perhaps a different driver. Or worse someone along the way helped themselves to my package.

        It isn’t the fact that the package did make it that bothers me, though it is annoying. It was the complete lack of customer serivce and the insulting comments they made to me like “maybe I just need to look around the front of my house a little harder”. It is a DC rowhome, there aren’t may places to put packages.

    • Morris Tile near the intersection of Rt. 50 and Kenilworth Ave., just east of DC.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I will give them a call and see if they have what I am looking for. Do you happen to know if they stock most things or would they have to be ordered?

        • They have a pretty large warehouse with a lot of stock. It’s in that ugly warehouse area. If you’re coming from DC, go out 50 east, exit on Kenilworth going north, take the first exit right after you cross over 50, and it’s kinda right in front of you or a little to the left.

    • God why can’t I write… we were expecting a package not a packaged. Ugh.

    • This exact same thing happened to me. They reported the package delivered and signed for. There was an investigation and in the end we found out that the package was returned to Italy (its point of origin).
      I wonder if its the same mailguy?

    • But wait.. I thought that private mailing companies are sooooo much better than USPS that we can do away with USPS? 🙂

      Glad you got your $ back, hope you find your tiles.

  • Rant: I find it upsetting that our press and city leaders find our atrocious DC homicide statistics good news. While I guess a drop is good, look at DC and PG stats compared to everyone else in the area. It’s like night and day, DC tolerates murders. It’s like Mendelson introducing bills to address flash mobs but tolerating well-armed career criminals that use child assasins to do their dirty work. At least Thomas is going down.


    • I don’t get your beef. The assessment in the article, which comes from a disinterested third-party and not MPD or elected officials, is that DC compares well to just about any other city. A 40% drop in murders is impressive. Ideally, there should not be any. But unfortunately there will be murders in a major city. The fact that things have gotten 40% better on that front is worthy of some applause. And the fact that the homcide closure rate has increased significantly is also worthy of praise. I don’t see any support for the argument that this City “tolerates” murders.

  • Rave: Have finished the day’s annoying tasks, and everything else I need to do today is interesting.

    Rant: One of those annoying tasks was one of the world’s worst meetings. My boss can’t run a meeting, and we always seem to end up spending 2 hours talking about things that aren’t relevant to the task at hand.

  • Rant: As a twenty-something, my skin is already betraying me. Spending hours frowning at my computer each day at work is starting to give me a permanently furrowed forehead!

    Rave: I’m lucky to have a job that is a great fit for me and one that I feel is of value to the world at large. Maybe I just need to shell out some money on a fancy wrinkle remover serum thing? Or find a gracefully aging lady and get her to tell me all her secrets?

    • If you haven’t been using an SPF 15 lotion on your face every day – start now. Oil of Olay, or any of a number of other brands will work.

      If you have been, maybe get a new job or laugh more. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I’ve been using Oil of Olay SPF 15 lotion since high school and it’s helped keep my skin youthful. It’s better than a lot of more expensive lotions I’ve tried.

        If you don’t like the way lotion or sunscreen feels on your skin, I recommend putting on as soon as you get out of the shower when your skin is still moist. Then as your skin dries, the lotion dries too and you don’t notice it.

    • I hate using sunscreen (I just don’t like how it feels on my face), but I generally stay out of the sun or wear a hat if I’m outside in warm weather.

  • I hate that I’m approaching 30, so why do I feel like I want to celebrate my birthday this weekend? No one is interested, no one has called to asked me what I’ll be doing. Seems like the older I get the more grumpy I become about my birthday, yet I still feel obligated to celebrate it. I have plans to eat at Hanks Oyster Bar with the parents. But I kind of want to do some partying with “friends.” The older I get, the shorter my contact list gets on my phone. I want to have FUN while I’m still in my twenties, yet everyone I know is so boring and they can only have fun with disclaimers. I.E. “I have to be up at 5am to wipe my child’s anus so I can’t stay up late.” or “I can’t drink because I’m on antibiotics, but I’ll drink sparkling water all night long! It’s going to be a blast!” Yea…I miss my college days. But then again, I woke up in a lot of strange beds back then, I digress. Is it too much to ask for to have FUN on your birthday and have other people plan it for you? I guess so.

    • It’s not too much to want to have fun on your birthday… but often (usually?) it IS too much to expect other people to plan that fun for you.

      Decide where you want to go, invite some people to join you, and see what happens.

      • claire


        Also, even when other people plan something for you, it’s often not exactly what you want anyway. And planning an awesome birthday celebration (when it’s awesome by exactly your definition) can be really fun!

        • +1- Plan something fun, invite your friends over, even if just a couple of bottles of wine at your place. I never remember anyone’s birthday, but always like a chance to celebrate with them if reminded.

    • It is expecting a bit much for other people to plan your party. Not everyone was raised to celebrate birthdays as much. In my family, as adults, you get a happy birthday, and that’s it. We don’t get upset because it’s just a birthday. If you have higher expectations you need to voice that with your friends, specifically your best friend. They likely have no idea you’d want them to do something for you. You’re almost 30, speak up for yourself when you want something (meant in a non-snarky way)!

      • Not everyone was raised to celebrate birthdays so festively but MY FRIENDS WERE, And they are who I’m referring to. I have been to ALL of their birthday celebrations, my best friend lives in New Jersey and I traveled to her birthday VIP event at a club in Philly last year so I just don’t see it as asking too much. They all seem to be selfish. Another friend had a big thing at the FRONT PAGE in Dupont yet he’s conveniently busy EVERY YEAR for my birthday. I will probably just enjoy it with my parents. I know how to speak up for myself, but I’m not going to beg people to participate in something they are not interested in. Nor will I participate in any of their EXPENSIVE birthday celebrations ever again. I am a simple guy, I don’t require lavish celebrations…I never implied that. I just think there is fun to be had. But everyone is so indifferent when I bring up the subject. Full of excuses. Also, there’s no excuse for not remembering when my birthday is, all of my friends are on my FACEBOOK and as you all know, Facebook reminds you ahead of time when someone’s birthday is approaching.

        • 1. Sounds like you need to invest in better friends mate.

          But unless you are tight tight tight with them, friends don’t usually plan 30th birthday parties. Girl/Boyfriend/Spouses do… but by that age.. you plan, they arrive. So plan it well, and if no one shows up, see point 1.

          • This is my 27th birthday, not 30 yet. Just being dramatic but 30 will be here in no time. I didn’t know there were social rules surrounding who plans a birthday party and age requirements surrounding it. lol yea and you are right, i need new friends.

          • me

            I’m sorry if this rubs you the wrong way, but I have to add- it’s your 27th birthday. I could see if it was your 21st, 30th, 40th, etc, but it’s number 27. Once you hit 21, birthdays kind of fall by the wayside unless you hit “important” ones like 30,, 40, 50, etc. I know that some people place a lot of importance on birthdays, but try to remember that a lot of people don’t, and it doesn’t mean that they’re not good friends. So take a deep breath, and you will realize that being in your 30s (in a few years) is actually better in many ways than being in your 20s.

  • Rave: I love my job, especially on those days I work from home. No need to venture out in the cold. Or even put pants on:) It *almost* makes up for the fact that journalists are underpaid. I feel like all I ever do is work, work, work. Plus, it’s not like the public ever likes us.

    Rant: Condo shopping is exhausting. I dedicate hours at looking at listings and going to open houses. I wish I were a millionaire and could just buy a freakin’ mansion!

  • Rant: Had an e-mail alert from Bank of America notifying me that I’m overdrawn. Checked my account and $700 has mysteriously gone missing. And, because its still “processing”, they can’t tell me what it is!

    Rant2: Still not feeling well…can’t really eat anything without bad repercussions. Perhaps stomach is rebelling from holiday overindulgences?

    Rave:…still on high after time spent with niece and nephew last week and being the “cool aunt” ;o)

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