Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Sorry for the abbreviated postings and delay in email correspondence last week. I was in Oakland and San Fransisco. Some sweet old houses out there but so happy to be back home!

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  • claire

    Rave: Relaxing vacation.
    Rant: Vacation over, back to work.

    Rant: Brrr is it cold out!

  • RANT: POP is taking way too long to open, maybe that is why the RANT/REVEL page is pretty empty today? It took like 20 min to open and is pretty slow…

  • Rant: My 8 month old has an ear infection, I’m 1 month into a new job and couldn’t stay home with her today.

    Rave: Husband was able to stay home with her.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: Mega-slowness on PoP today. What’s going on?

    Rant: Drank wayyyy too much this weekend. I’m so sorry, Lady Liver.

    Rant: I’m feeling terribly useless during this winter break from grad school. I know I used to be busy before grad school–what the hell did I used to spend time doing?!

    Rave: 4-day work week? That’s about it.

  • Rave – Had a mellow no stress holiday!
    Rant- Maybe too mellow – was in bed by 8PM on New Years Eve.

  • Rant/rave?: thought my year was on a good start after
    waking up on NY day with the guy i have been seeing
    for a couple of weeks, he told me he had a great time and was happy
    Rant: 2 days later no news,it is maybe too early to
    tell but this is not a good sign
    Rant: thing seemed to be going pretty well, either
    I am going crazy for no reason or some people
    are just great actor and i suck at this thing

    • whoa, i am dealing with the same exact thing as you are this week. it’s very frustrating. i hope it works out for you!

    • Too early. I’d wager you got together on NYE because of drink and revelry — not because it was obvious where things were headed. Why don’t you make the first move? Send him a jokey text or just one saying how you enjoyed your time together. Time to get both parties on the same page. He may have no idea you feel shunned right now.

      • claire


        Can’t expect others to be mind readers. If you want to see someone, make plans with them. If you want to date them, ask them out. If you want to know where a relationship is heading, ask and make clear where you are interested in it heading. Anyone who responds poorly to this straightforward approach is going to create major communication issues later in the relationship anyway.

        • Btw this was not the drink because we planned for the night. And it wasn’t the first time we hooked up. I don’t mind communicating, but how would do that when people just disappear. I text a few hours ago, nothing. Will try to call tonight but after that I am done, will not try again 🙁

          • If he doesn’t respond to text or calls it’s unlikely that there’s something serious going on and he can’t get to the phone. Look at it this way though — who would want to be with some spineless loser that can’t communicate, anyway?

          • Hi Meg, we’ve all been there.

            As ridiculous as it sounds, the whole “he’s just not that into you” mantra is totally liberating. If he isn’t crazy for you then he’s not good enough for you to spend time on. A good guy will make it known often and in uncertain terms that he likes you. Go meet some of the thousands of eligible men in the city to have fun with — no drama 2012!!

      • i disagree. if you talk to a person regularly, as in everyday, and then suddenly don’t hear from them anymore/or that person is unresponsive, in my case after a couple of months of dating, it’s bizarre behavior.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: 2 weeks after favorite winter coat decided to fall to pieces, my favorite pair of jeans have decided to follow suit.

    Rave: Grandpa sent a cute Christmas card wishing me a Merry Christmas from Bina (a rhino I adopted for him 1 year) and Squirt (a turtle I adopted for him this year.

    Rave: Looks like cousin’s destination wedding won’t be as expensive as I thought.

    Rant: Destination wedding is still at a beach, and my pale and pasty skin does not like a beach.

    Solution: Maybe I should blow the money on Dior goods instead.

  • Rant: Dealing with a psychopath of a landlord.

  • revel: had friends stay with us from out of town this weekend and it was so nice to get to know them both a lot better.

    rant: a lot of difficult things happening. i was mugged a few weeks back. a family member was just diagnosed with cancer and is in surgery as i type, husband got hit by a car on New Year’s day, cut my hand badly while trying to take care of him.

    revel: preparing for asia vacation. either the universe is telling us not to go. or it’s telling us we need to get away stat.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry for all the tech problems this morning!!

  • Rave: Hurrah! The holidays are over. Back to the regularly scheduled program.
    Rant: Incoherent bosses who are absolutely horrific at motivating staff
    Ravalicious: Escaping said boss soon.

  • pablo .raw

    No rant, no rave; I just want to wish everybody a wonderful 2012!

  • Rant: Ahhhhh SO COLD!

    Rave: puffy coat and long underwear are kind of doing the trick.

    Rave: Wonderful, relaxing holiday with friends and family and now a 4 day work week!

  • Rave: Happy New Year!

    Rant: Car accident last week – car totaled, back pain

    Totally other driver’s fault, so her insurance is covering everything.
    I was getting a handmedown new old car in a few months, anyway.
    My friend and brilliant physical therapist just worked wonders on my back.
    The whole thing is annoying, but could have been so much worse, no one seriously injured, my pain is relatively minor and should be gone in a week or two, so I’m counting my blessings (including getting full value for my fairly crappy used car, which I will use for a vacation, a couch and my metro pass).

  • Rant: cut off by a car this am while biking to work (he decided he wanted to make a right hand turn from the middle lane). Fell off my bike and am sore but could have been much worse.
    Rave: the amazing people who stopped to help me!

    • I’m glad people stopped to help! I fell down in Dupont yesterday walking my dog… flat on my face, bloody knee, dog yelping… no one even glanced my way. 🙁

  • Revel: It finally feels like winter!

  • Rave: I just had a fantastic week with family in my favorite place. It was wonderful, if too short.

    Rave: I’m also happy to be back at work. I like my job, and there’s a lot that’s going on right now that’s interesting.

    Rant: Winter can bite me. I’m such a princess about the cold.

  • Rave: Wonderful vacation with LOTS of family time

    Rant: Had to pay $300 to fix my toilet. The damn thing actually sucked up a tube of make-up remover! And it was all my fault so I had to foot the entire bill.

    Rave: Rang in the new year at the Legwarmers concert! T’was awesome!

  • My birthday is Sunday and no one seems to care. Maybe I’ll just spend it with my family.

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