Progress at the Brixton Coming to 9th and U St, NW

Back in Oct. 2011 we noted that a serious roof deck was coming to the Brixton at 9th and U St, NW. A reader writes:

“I have been glad to see the building directly across U St from Nellie’s being fixed up with what looks like a new roof deck. I noticed this morning that sometime this past weekend their faux-stone façade was painted white. I don’t know why they didn’t just take that ugly stuff off, but it is what it is.”

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  • Nice, this will be a great addition in time for summer.

  • Taking off that fake stone is often more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll often find slipshod repairs behind it that will cost even more to fix.

    • So it is preferable to just paint over any potential structural problems rather than actually ripping off the ugly facade to see what is behind it? Thought that the new owners were actually going to rehab this neighborhood eyesore but I guess they are doing it on the cheap.

      • Let’s withhold judgment until their done. Removing formstone is a huge pain in the ass. I’m not sure I would want to subsidize the extra 50K or so that would cost if they can come up with a passable cheap alternative. You know the beers are going to be expensive enough as it is.

      • Cosmetic problems, not structural.

      • @huh Doing it on the cheap? Do yourself a favor and have a look at pictures of the building(s) before this renovation. They have put $200k worth of steel to shore up that building. Go around to the alley and you can see it for yourself.

  • I first read it as The Pougues were coming to Brixton. . .

  • They completely gutted this place. From looking at their other projects I wouldn’t ever accuse them of doing things on the cheap. I would say lets see the finished product before saying that it doesn’t look nice.

    I predict that this place will be insanely popular and will continue to fuel development east on Florida Ave/U street

  • devoe

    This summer will be significant for the development of Fl. Ave east of 9th street with Brixton, Howard Theater, Shaw’s Tavern, Bistro Bohem, and Pizzarro Pizza opening up.

    It could mean people walking around in decent numbers which would be exciting.

  • The Historic Preservation Reveiw Board did not allow them to remove the “historical” faux-stone. That area is in the Greater U Street historic District and had to have all work and redesign approved.

  • Maybe the white part is just primer.

  • ‘Huh?’ – jeez, you’ve got quite the hair-trigger on snark. Doing it on the cheap?? Huh? I agree with ‘new’, have you actually looked at what they’ve been doing? Have you actually looked at other places they’ve done?

    • I agree. They don’t do cheap stuff. Why don’t we wait until the finished product before we start complaining?

  • Removing form stone is mighty expensive. I would estimate to remove it from this place would cost well over 50K. That’s better spent inside the space. The white paint is much nicer than the hideous faded form stone. I’m amazed at well this space is moving along. I like how the development is moving east down U street, to Florida (Shaw’s tavern). I can one day see the strip from U to Big bear being renovated.

  • Hopefully the gaggles of straight girls can stay off of Nellie’s roof deck now!

  • Can someone explain to me what’s so bad about formstone? I think it looks pretty good as-is, and painting it looks ridiculous. Either take it off or let it be.

  • Formstone is being removed from the building at 12th and H NE, and that doesn’t have the earning potential of this site, so I don’t see cost as the thing that’s prohibiting the owners (who are the ESL folks, right? they have money) from getting that done.

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