Progress at Progression Place in Shaw

Thanks to a reader for sending the photos of Progression Place coming above the Shaw metro on 7th St, NW. They write, “Admittedly not too thrilling, but still a solid sign of progress!”

This property is gonna make for some extraordinary before/after photos.

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  • How is the residential portion coming along? Heard someone say its just the office portion that is going up now. Haven’t been by to see for myself.

    • Moving at a much slower pace. Still not yet above ground.

      • I might be wrong, but I think they did the foundation/below ground work for both structures initially, and then they just put up the office building first. I don’t think they will even begin building up on the residential side until the first side is done. That said, if they’ve already done the basement/garage section, it should go along much more quickly.

  • I think both sides are going up very rapidly. They’ve filled in the underground portion of the residential side and are about to begin the aboveground part.

    These types of projects are the kiss of death for the future of people like that Moss woman.

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