Progress at 11th and Monroe St, NW (Trolley) Park in Columbia Heights

Jan. 2012

Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above from 11th and Monroe St, NW (Trolley Park). Construction began back in Aug. 2011 but it’s finally starting to take shape. Looking forward to seeing how it looks with blue skies in the Spring. Also looking forward to seeing who patronizes it…

Sept. 2010

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  • I drove by recently, and some of the old men who used to hang out in the park were standing outside, gazing forlornly through the bars.

  • jim graham,

    can you please make the police make it a priority to actually patrol the new park and arrest people drinking in public? It’s the same 5 or so whinos everyday, if you want to get a head start they are currently drinking in the alley next to the park.

  • Interesting video from the earlier incarnation of the park:

    The video definitely has one perspective, and I think both sides have valid points. And really, the design tried to accommodate that. The park has much better sight-lines now, so it will be harder to engage in illegal activity without being detected from the street. The play area is better separated from the areas of the park where problematic behaviors occur, so hopefully parents will feel more comfortable bringing kids there to use those areas regularly. There are still plenty of game tables and seating for the old park regulars. At the same time, the park just looks a lot more attractive (and will be even better in the spring once the new plantings bloom), so hopefully, it won’t feel as dingy and will get a lot more use overall, thereby feeling safer for those who might have felt initimidated in the past. It was really just a small portion of the prior users who were problematic, and that is who can’t be allowed to ruin it for everyone else.

    What is really needed is, for when this park opens, vigilance on the part of park users to IMMEDIATELY report any illegal activity, particularly fighting/threats, drug use, or severe intoxication, happening at the park, and for the police to respond very quickly, and to also patrol this area regularly to set a good precedent. There is no reason that the park can’t be enjoyed by all types of people, but at the same time, a few people engaging in public fighting and urination/defecation without consequence could easily scare off lawful users, and that pattern can’t be allowed to be reestablished.

  • I think Occupying this park (by neighborhood residents interested in enjoying its amenities, during the daytime hours) is a protest that everyone can get behind!

  • I tried to bring my kid there multiple time being the closest playground to our house, but children were always outnumbered by winos and pot smokers and it was clear we weren’t welcome. The city must make it clear that playgrounds are for kids, not grown men.

  • Does anyone know when the playground will be open?

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