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  • UGLY. I don;t even need to see the finished product.

  • terrible, why do they allow this. Look how bad the rooflines of that block are gonna look. On a better not, I love that green house. Bike past it everyday and its so nice

  • Yep, pretty egregious. A big middle finger to the rest of the row. Seriously though, does the city Historic Preservation board have *any* say in how something like this is built? (Obviously not?) I understand there are designated historic districts, but besides that, absolutely anything goes? One might argue that this decreases neighboring values – does that concern the city at all?

  • Not a “pop-up” in the traditional sense: it was an empty lot, this is new construction. Check Google streetview for how it used to look.

    That being said: too tall and will break up the the look of the block like any garden variety pop-up. The houses on that stretch and pretty small, though. If had been turreted like its neighbor it would fit in nicely, but then you lose the full utility of a 3rd floor. I’d say I’m reserving judgment for the finished, but let’s be honest: it won’t be good.

    • agreed. can’t call it a pop-up if it’s all new construction. you should probably clarify that in the body of the post, dan.

      • I can’t help but put your comment to LL Cool J’s “Don’t Call It A Comeback.” “Don’t call it a pop-up if it ain’t been here for years…” Regardless of fully new construction or an add on–ugly is ugly, sin is a sin. I don’t think the parlance changes anyone’s interest in commenting on the visual assaults caused by either…

  • I like the mixture and variety of heights. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

  • You know, it doesn’t matter how bad that is going to look (and boy it is not off to a good start) if the quality will suck if these pictures are anything to go by. Buyer beware.

  • Anything is better than a vacant lot. Also curious to see how it turns out. Hopefully it won’t be as square as the framework makes it look

  • rhode island is generally pretty hideous and architecturally inconsistent (in almost a charming way) so I guess it fits?

  • Done fucked up the whole block now

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