PoP Pre-Preview: Coffy Cafe in Columbia Heights

Our last update on Coffy Cafe located at 3310 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights said they were hoping for a Jan. opening. I stopped in last Mon. and got a chance to take a look at the space. I’m happy to say that Coffy Cafe is hoping for a soft opening in a couple of weeks and a grand opening in Feb. Take a look at their menu here.

I was psyched to see that the space is much larger than I originally thought it would be. Obviously there are some finishing touches ongoing but I’m told the place is gonna be decked out with 50s/60s comfy furniture. Stay tuned for a proper preview soon.

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  • oh yeah that’s nice and big and looks like it’ll be groovy as hell!

    any word what brand coffee they’ll be serving up?

  • That Plaza has some serious untapped potential. Hopefully this will be a leap off point.

  • The names of the crepes are awesome. Can’t wait to order a Cleopatra Jones followed by a Mrs. Peal!

  • Looking forward to seeing it open and glad to see it looks so promising. Speaking of cafes, check out Ricky Darell Barton’s paintings hanging at Qualia Cafe on GA Ave. Very cool.

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