Pizzarro (Pizza?) Cafe Coming to 467 Florida Ave, NW

Dear PoP,

This building at the intersection of New Jersey Ave and Florida Ave NW, quietly went from looking like the other houses on this block to having a glass front window and over the weekend an awning proclaiming Pizarro. Sure looks like a restaurant inside, fingers crossed! Any ideas on the who/what/when/where of this spot?

I actually stopped by Sat. afternoon before the awning went up at 467 Florida Ave, NW:

It’s funny – I received a tip that this space was going to become a cafe over a year ago. I kept my eye on it and just thought it was mistaken info. Then, like you said, all of a sudden massive progress was made. (Thanks to others who sent emails as well that something was going on.) I spoke with one of the residents of the building who said that the landlord told them a cafe with pizza could be coming. At first I thought it was going to more of a coffee cafe but with the name Pizzarro, clearly, there will be a bigger pizza angle. Stay tuned for more info when it becomes available.

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  • Finally, decent real pizza coming to Bloomie!

  • claire

    While I love hearing about any new businesses opening up in Bloomingdale, what I’d really like would be a taqueria or pho place…

    • ledroittiger

      Agreed – this will be the fifth place to open up in the immediate area following Italy Pizza, Bacio, Rustik, and Pizza D’Oro. We need something new.

      And I beg to differ with aaron4uva. While the toppings at Bacio are pretty decent and fresh, the oven they bought is a joke and the dough is subpar. From the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to think this new place is going to be any better…

      • We also apparently need a Bloomingdale Pizza Tour! The stores should get together, set a date, make up “pizza passports,” and sell slices. If you get your passport stamped at all the participating restaurants on Pizza Tour day, you get a t-shirt or a coupon book or something.

  • devoe

    I have something else to complain about – why did they cover up that beautiful arched glass and woodwork with an awning? They could have had an old-school painted glass sign.

  • Its owned by the same people behind the snap coffee chain and they said that they plan to make it a sort of a coffee place in addition to offering pizza. This is a positive development but I don’t have lofty expectations.

  • Finally a place that combines casual Italian dining with indigenous genocide!

  • I hope that this place focuses on sandwiches and salads. As noted already, there are more than enough places to get pizza close by. Why is it so hard to get a decent sub shop?

  • I agree with @novadancer, a good mexican place within walking distance of the area would be much more appreciated.

  • I don’t care what goes in. I’m just glad there is more and more legal activity along Florida avenue. It’s almost becoming a nice street. I heard that sunset liquors at first street is becoming a deli. a new wine bar is coming to 3rd street. Lots of stuff coming in. It great to see growth when south o the country is declining.

  • More pizza? Seriously?

  • at one point there was a 24 hour cafe on this block.

  • Florida Ave’s narrow, busy and awkward…..but it’s great to see Thai-Xing surviving the impossible location for such a good while.

    Pizzaro…..will feel more like ugh-bizarro…….once you catch a glimpse of the insanely cheap and unsightly interior renovation.

    The shabby cheap, negative-ambiance of this new shop may very well be the root of this new place’s rapid demise. Stay tuned.

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