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  • the top one looks my wife’s old apartment building entrance.

  • orderedchaos

    The tan door needs a “NO WAY” sign. (h/t Stephen Colbert)

  • so the door on the right is for Yahweh? who goes in on the left? Beelzebub?

  • I’d like to put a similar pattern like that in the vestibule of a house I’m renovating. Anyone know how it’s done or what it’s called? I’m sure it’s easier than placing individual little tiles… (well, at least I hope it is…)

    • I would probably call that pattern a greek key pattern. I love the look of that type of tile and would love to one day rip up my current bathroom floor to build something like it!

    • It’s called a greek key and many tile manufacturers carry mosaic tile in this pattern. It typically comes in a 2′-3′ sheet held together with a mesh backing which is laid down into your mortar bed. You then grout over just like you would a typical tile floor. The only tough part is getting the pattern to resolve itself at the corners or intersections. Some people do this by putting a large enough tile at the intersection to receive the pattern (usually this tile is either the pattern color or a third accent color).

  • Is that the hallway in the Northumberland? (V and New Hamp)

  • The door is 13th and florida

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