Petworth Cleaners Opens Up at 3903 Georgia Ave, NW

Photos courtesy of Petworth Cleaners

Petworth Cleaners is having their Grand Opening today at 3903 Georgia Ave, NW. From the owner:

We offer next day organic dry cleaning as well as a on site tailor. For our grand opening, we’re offering 20% off all dry cleaning. We also provide shirts laundry, alterations, and shoe repair. I’m coming from my parents store in Bloomingdale where i’ve worked for the last 4 years.

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  • Someone should track the number of new businesses and redevelopment coming into DC in Petworth and 16th Street Heights. This is really great!

  • yes, very exciting, welcome to the neighborhood!

    but how are there so many clean clothes ready for pick up so soon? they must be really good. 😉

  • I am getting envious of that block of Georgia Avenue NW (between Randolph and Shepherd).

    Hoping to see more new places coming to Georgia Avenue, and south of the Metro too if possible.

  • T

    I’ll be stopping by soon! I need a new cleaners…

  • what are the prices like? i kind of embarrassingly do my dry cleaning drops on visits out to family in md about every two weeks (yes, i’ll wear a suit multiple times [especially since i don’t commute in wearing it], yes i have enough shirts more or less to pull it off). saves me a huge amount of $. typical three suits and five shirts in dc is like $40. in rockvillle or bmore it’s $12, well worth it.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood! We’ll try you out as our new dry cleaner, even if i miss the dog that lives/works at sun cleaners on 14th.

  • Does anybody know the hours? I want to take laundry to give it try but don’t want to go during an off hour.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Praise be! Ten years of living in Petworth and we FINALLY have a neighborhood dry cleaners I can walk to and not have to peer through plexiglass to interact with the proprietors.

    Thank you and welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I really hope the tailor is good!! PoP – I look forward to the follow-up with reviews. I’ve been very happy with Kilroy’s Cleaners on Upshur, but they don’t seem to be able to do more complicated tailoring.

    • all ridiculous kidding aside (see above) it would be great to find a good tailor to fix up stuff that doesn’t fit right or needs a hem.

  • Does anyone have any information on their pricing?

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