Off Road Indoor Cycling Coming to 905-7 U Street, NW

Very cool news about the renovation going on at 905-907 U St, NW. The second and third floors are going to house Off Road Indoor Cycling – “a dedicated indoor cycling studio”. I’m told that if all goes well they will open their doors around the May/June time frame. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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  • That’s great, and I also am glad facilities like crosstraining and yoga studios are opening in DC, but I’m repeating the call for another full-service, traditional gym somewhere in Ward 1. The WSC at DCUSA is completely overwhelmed. They need competition in the worst way. If someone opened a Gold’s, Fitness First, or Bally’s gym in the area, they’d make money hand over fist.

    • Agreed, and with the large spaces available in much of the new development up and down 14th, that could likely happen. Although the YMCA opening on W between 14th and 13th might squash that happening in the immediate proximity.

      I am very excited for this business to open on this block. The 900 block of U Street has been really taking off for the past year and it looks like that trend is continuing!

      • Minor clarification – it’s going to be a YWCA, not a YMCA.

        As noted previously in another thread, the community center at 14th and Girard has a fitness center, albeit one whose hours aren’t quite as encompassing as WSC’s et al.

  • Agreed about the gyms. I think the Washington Sports Club might be the only full service gym north of U Street and east of the park. That’s a HUGE area that’s underserved. At one point there was going to be a Results gym in Petworth but that fell apart ages ago (it was going to be in the One Tree Flats/Jair Lynch building on Georgia Ave near the safeway – medical clinic moved in instead). Petworth and/or Columbia Heights could definitely use another gym.

  • so what exactly is off road indoor cycling? for a brief, wild moment I pictured some sort of cyclocross velodrome.

    but I’m guessing this is more of a spinning thing, right?

  • Mr.Kitty & Poes

    Yay!!! can’t wait !!!!

  • So excited for an indoor cardio option closer to Bloomingdale! We need more gym options on this side of town. Looking forward to the opening!

  • With all the restaurants opening over here, what’s wrong with a small business and a spin studio to burn off the calories? Sheesh!

  • I miss the old results

  • “Off Road Indoor Cycling”? Is there a track? What’s the appeal? Hate to see more play things for the twits on U Street, but if it takes more annoying “I own the road and I don’t have to obey the traffic laws” DC cyclists off the street, then more power to them.

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