New Parking Meters Go Up on Upshur St, NW in Petworth

Do you think this will hurt businesses on this still revitalizing commercial strip? Or do you see this as a good sign – like the strip has arrived?

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  • I expect it is a sign of the apocalypse. It is 2012 after all.

    More to the point, it is probably a sign that the businesses there want parked cars to turn over every couple hours.

  • Now how will Derek Strange leave his Caddy parked out front? #PelecanosProblems

  • Not a bad thing. My only concern is that now the business owners on the strip will park their unsightly vans on the residential streets. Kilroy’s and Bentley’s already do.

    • bfinpetworth

      Oh gosh, how horrible to have unsightly vehicles on your street. Lets be happy the businesses seem to be doing well on that stretch of Upshur.

      • My comment had nothing to do with the businesses doing well. All the opposite, I commend them. However, they should keep their vehicles in their properties/buildings, and not around the residential streets where the homeowners and their visitors are entitled to park.

    • I agree. This will lead to more spillover onto side streets. And with more houses around there being converted into condos, parking may get tighter for the residents.

  • Would love to know how the few businesses there feel about it. It’s not exactly the most dynamic commercial strip in town. Good ol’ DC – always looking to suck more revenue out of us.

    • The meters may have been installed at the request of the businesses, if they heard from their customers that parking was a problem.

  • If I’m remembering correctly, there was quite a bit of discussion on Petworth listserves/blogs about the recent installation (and subsequent removal) of parking meters near Yes! Organic Market.

    Maybe this is the same kind of thing — DDOT (?) seizing what it perceives as an opportunity without consulting the neighborhood first?

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