New Japanese/Ramen Shop Possibly Coming to Adams Morgan

2441 18th St, NW was home to Jumbo Slices and Kabob, you remember the questionable marketing campaign? Well they didn’t last long, closing back in Sept. ’11.

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the space and I finally got to talk with one of the new owners. I think folks are gonna be very happy. While our communication was a bit limited due to his lack of English and my lack of Japanese, there was one element of our conversation that was crystal clear: there will be no jumbo slice in the new space. He was adamant about that. While his plans are not finalized, I pressed him to find out what options they were considering and he said a Ramen/Japanese style restaurant. Nice! This def. seems like it could be legit. Stay tuned for more details as their plans are finalized.

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  • Wait. A ramen shop that DOESN’T sell jumbo slices? I bet they don’t even sell a grilled chicken caesar or a not uninspired foie gras and black truffel slider. Madness! You can be sure I will be registering my disdain on Yelp without even walking through the front door.

  • Love ramen and live in the area. If it’s tasty I’ll be in there once a week.

  • OK, here’s what you say to the dude:

    Rah-men-yah oh ah-kay-tie dess-kah?

    Then he’ll know what you’re talking about. You might not understand his response, but he might say something like, “Hi. Occy-moss.” or “Hi. Occy-ma-show.”

    Then we’re in business.

  • As someone who is sooo pleased about the ramen trend catching on in the U.S., this sounds good to me!

  • Not so sure I’d want to patronize a Japanese noodle shop on 18th street that doesn’t sell jumbo slices, cupcakes, bad barbecue, frozen yogurt, or sell one or all of these items out of a truck.

  • Actually, with ramen becoming a widespread commodity in DC, I want something even better: a yakitoriya!

  • A proprietor of a Ramen shop that speaks very little English is a very good sign.

  • It needs to be a ramen shop inspired by a DC ramen shop inspired by a Taiwanese ramen shop inspired by a Japanese ramen shop inspired by the original Chinese ramen noodle.

    And it needs craft beer. And only three seats with a minimum 5 hour wait.

    Then Adams Morgan will be the new H St NE.

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