New Building at Rhode Island and R St, NW Nearing Completion

It’s amazing to see the progress at the building going up in Shaw at Rhode Island and R St, NW, I wish I could find my before photos…

Renew Shaw notes:

625 Rhode Island Avenue NW – located on Rhode Island Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Streets, this is a project designed by Suzane Reatig Architecture that will be developed by The United House of Prayer for All People. It will be a 32,125 square foot multi-family building comprised of 16 units, eight of which will be affordable to households earning 60 to 80 percent of the AMI, with a mix of two and three-bedroom units, ranging from 1,150 to 2,200 square feet. Additionally, there will be 11 surface level parking spaces, open green space at ground level, a green roof, small rooftop deck, and developers will shoot for LEED certification.

Rendering of 625 Rhode Island Ave, NW via Suzane Reitig Architecture

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  • 2200 square feet???!!!

  • -anyone know how one applies to buildings that reserve spots for lower/middle income families like this building? i imagine the spots are gone by the time the building is built right?

  • 50% is ‘affordable’ housing? so who’s the sucker who does not qualify for affordable housing who buys or rents one of these apartments? who would want to pay to live in what’s basically a housing project?

    • um, 60-80% of AMI is over $60,000 a year. That’s probably a couple of full-time service industry/nonprofit workers or a single professional, possibly with a kid or two. Not someone who’d qualify for public housing or other government benefits.

    • Who’s the sucker making 55K paying double the amount in rent for less space who will live a block away in the new apartments above the metro…

  • You **imply** this is a rental building which is confusing.

    Could you please just come out and tell us in all future posts if the building is rental or condo?

    Thank you.

  • the block had been designed to be balanced. the building to the immediate east of this was the centerpiece, with four rowhouses to either side. this large, modern replacement took out the four rowhouses on the west side of the building now used by catholic charities and threw off the balance.

    wish the church could have found a way to incorporate what was there and build off of that. oh well, history marches on. don’t need to remember what was there, right DC? sigh…

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