Menomale Pizza Napoletana and Craft Beer Coming Soon to Brookland

Pizza and Craft Beer is coming to Brookland. Menomale is coming soon to 2711 12th St, NE:

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Their Facebook page says:

“We are Americans inspired by our Italian and Irish roots to bring authentic beer and real pizza to the Brookland area of Washington D.C.”

It sounds like the pizza is gonna be the real deal:

Our oven was custom built and imported by us from Naples, Italy. Weighing in at 5,500 lbs, it’s made of a particular salt based stone only found in Positano, Italy. American manufacturers of this oven use a sand based stone, though it retains heat, the salt adds a unique texture and flavor to the crust. Typically US pizza ovens are most often gas fired, 550 degrees, and cook a pizza in about 8-10 minutes. Menomale’s centerpiece is wood-fired, 900 degrees, and will cook a pizza in about 90 seconds.

I emailed the owner who is hesitant to announce an exact opening date but believes they should be open by mid-Feb. They have already received their liquor license so beer will be pouring at that time as well. I’ll update with an exact opening date when it is finalized.

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  • Glad to see Brookland finallly getting some restaurant love!

  • Also happy to see Brookland getting some much needed attention, however this location on 12th NE is a little odd. Sort of too far for the CUA folks to walk over to for lunch or dinner and not really in the center of the Brookland action.

  • Woo hoo! GF and I just moved to Brookland, and I’m thrilled to see this coming in. One more local gem to lure our inveterate NW friends out to visit…

    Agreed, it is strangely outside the main strip up around 12th/Newton, but maybe they’re trying to position themselves as walkable from all the new development coming in at RI Ave station?

  • It is pretty strange that the location is so far from the Brookland metro/12th street commercial corridor. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to this!

  • I live around the block and am excited that Brookland is getting something legit. I don’t think the location will be much of a problem–it’s within walking distance from the RI Ave station (which has some new development), and 12th street gets quite a bit of commuter traffic.

  • Nice, other than the misspelled name. Menomale means, roughly, “thank goodness.” There should be no accent over the “E.”

  • Please let this work out, please let this work out! We’ve been admiring the, in our words, “gentrified font” on the sign for weeks. Brookland could really use a few more decent restaurants. Agreed that this location is a tad odd but there are newly renovated apartments or condos that should be open/up for sale soon in that block. There’s also a bakery that’s been open on and off for a year or so. Hopefully, this will give that end of 12th st the push it needs. Even Sammy Pizza King took down some of the bars on their windows and got a new sign recently.

    • It probably seems far because the length of the known 12th street area is smaller than others. Just think – we walk way far further to restaurants when we get off at, say, Dupont and go to Laorial plaza. I’m good to walk a few blocks!

  • This is two blocks from my house and I CANNOT WAIT! Yes, it is a bit removed from the “main 12th St” corridor near the Brookland metro, but as others have stated, there is a TON of re-development coming to the Rhode Island Ave metro, and this is pretty close to that.

    As for the person saying they are going to get stabbed on the walk home, seriously? I have lived two blocks away for the last 1.5 years and really have not felt unsafe ever.

  • brookland_rez

    Craft beer. Mmmmm….. That part of 12th st is improving. I’ve never felt like I was going to get stabbed anywhere in Brookland. I will definitely go there and at least try it.

  • I guess I am in the minority, but I would much rather see a place that serves good, cheap, greasy pizza and cheap American drafts.

    I get delivery pizza at least once every two or three weeks, and every time I think “this is decent, but DC needs better pizza.”

    Not once have I ever said: “you know what I want to do tonight? Spend $25 on one beer and an 8″ pizza.”

    • I can think of many place in Brookland that you can get greasy pizza including the Chinese restaurant a couple of doors down. Considering in all of Brookland that are exaclty two full service restuarants where you can get dinner and a drink and one will be closing soonish (Col Brooks) and the other is over a mile away, I think a semi casual sit down restaurant is exactly what the area needs.

      I am sure they will ahev happy hours and you will be able to get some decent deals.

    • There’s no shortage of cheap American drafts and pizza in this town. Try Cleveland Park Bar and Grill, Kavanaugh’s Pizza Pub in Glover Park, Millie and Al’s in Adams Morgan, My Brother’s Place down by the National Mall, or Armand’s (Capitol Hill and Tenleytown) just to name a few.

      • CPBG doesn’t deliver, Armands is good, but expensive, Kavnaughs is OK, but a prime example of the “this is decent, but DC needs better pizza” thing I mentioned, and M&A and MBP are just foul.

        Sure there are plenty of pizza places here, but no good ones.

      • Sorry, but there is a shortage here. Especially if you are coming from east of Brookland. Cleveland Park and Adams Morgan are a lengthy train and car ride (with traffic lights). We deserve walkable pizza-beer sit down joints just like any other area.

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