McCoy Sisters Beauty Salon – Blast from the Past

I feel like the McCoy Sisters Beauty Salon from North Capitol Street (NW side) could be from a movie set. What do you think – 50s in this photo:

And 70s in this photo:

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  • This was a nice bright spot after reading about Giselle (poor dog! poor owners! beautiful story). Madame CJ Walker is from my hometown, and seeing the sign in the window about her beauty system made me smile.

  • I drive by this place most Sundays and I love those signs. I was wondering how long it would take before they would be featured by PoP.

  • the lady who owns it is a gem. a GEM.

  • I go by this place all the time. I have almost never seen it open. Perhaps it is by appointment only or very limited hours. I love the signage!

  • Damn this takes me back! I remember waiting for my great aunt to come out after having her hair done and that was the early 60’s. I’m glad to see it’s survived.

  • live on this street. This place has not been open in years. The upstairs neighbors did get their place raided for drugs about 8 months ago. I’m hoping they sell the building and do something productive with the space.

    • Especially since the backside is starting to crumble under the weight of neglect. It’s a complete hazard as is in so many ways.

    • This place might have been grand at one point, but it is now creepy. After living in Bloomingdale for over a year, I have only seen people inside once. The drug raid and the deteriorating backside is just the start of the problems. This is a sweet corner space… just wish something productive would go into it.

    • If anything, it should get a Horse’s Ass nomination.

    • Here’s a thought for John (and disingenuous) Salatti & Hugh Youngblood. Rather than entertaining a ridiculous light pollution complaint against Mr. Taylor’s sign and harassing parking enforcement for actually handing out tickets to people who essentially are double parked but think because they put the hazard lights on that makes it ok to block traffic for chunks of time, how about you guys push the owner of this property to take care of the property. That would be “Building a Better Bloomingdale”.

      • I’d like to correct a typing mistake on my part the (and disingenuous) should be after ridiculous not after John. I’m not sure what I was doing when I added it there. My apologies. I in no way meant to say that John Salatti is disingenuous. My meaning was the complaint that was levelled against the Taylor Funeral Home sign as creating light pollution was disingenuous and perhaps motivated by some other factor.

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