Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Simba (Update: Found)

Please keep your eyes peeled for Simba. He was lost this morning around Georgia and Missouri Ave, NW. Unfortunately the owner is out of town but says: “If anyone sees him he would most likely respond to the offer of some kind of food, and his name, Simba. I can be reached at 360-561-1885.”

Update: Happy to report Simba has been found.

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  • Oh no! Does animal control know?

  • I live pretty close to there and will keep my eyes out for him. I hope he comes home soon. Any idea how he got out/lost?

  • I am Simba’s owner, and he has been found! I don’t want to cast aspersions on the people who were tasked with looking after my dog, so i’ll just say the people who lost him were also the one’s who found him, so I am thankful to them for that.

    What I really want to say is that after finding out Simba was missing this morning, my first recourse was to email PoP. Literally within 5 minutes of sending that email Simba’s picture and my # were up on the website, I could not have asked for more help from PoP. This website is obviously a fun source of entertainment for us all, but it is also a great neighborhood resource, so a million thanks to PoP.

    -Simba’s owner

  • So glad he was found! And Props to PoP for posting so quickly!

  • worst dogsitter ever

  • Does that mean that Little Rascal’s Dog Park was looking after him? (They’re located right at that intersection.)

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