House of the Day (reader request)

A reader requested we take a look at the house being converted to condos at 13th and Euclid St, NW. What do you think of the mini pop up? You can see what it used to look like prior to the expansion here.

Closeups of the pop up after the jump.

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  • what is wrong with people, this is a beautiful house and doesnt deserve vinyl siding. also the addition doesnt match at all.

  • There’s got to be a law against this crap.

  • christanel

    It looks like they’re still working on the addition – perhaps will add bricks later?

  • That 1200 block of Euclid is one of the most beautiful around though

  • So very sad. I used to live around the corner from there and the former owners gave up such a beautiful house/yard/garden. It is such a shame to see it become this monstrosity.

  • In the first pic the pop-up looks like a Southpark character. And that is the nicest thing I can say.

  • Take it back mr. Bruske!

  • I’m guessing this is going to be some sort of community room/rooftop access for the condo units… which doesn’t really make it any better, but more understandable. (My first reaction, at least, was why an addition would be necessary on what is already a gigantic — and beautiful — home.)

  • I live a few houses over and pass by this at least once a day. I’ve been monitoring its progress, and until now had NO idea that pop-up was there!

    so yeah it’s ugly but it is really not noticeable from the street–they should have done a better job for the people that will be chilling on that roof though because they’re gonna have to bbq next to that awful vinyl.

    also it should be noted this house was pretty trashed before.

    • I agree with jm. I drive/jog here several times a week and have never noticed the popup until now……but maybe the disgusting graffiti on the brick was too distracting.

      • I live across the street and come down a small flight of stair to street level, so i can see the pop up when I come out my door and knew it was there. But I agree, it looks like it’s for roof access. The house was gorgeous and I’m sure the condos will be stainless/granite/top of the line and totally out of the price range of most people already in the neighborhood 🙁

  • Considering the company doing it is known for doing halfway decent condos I was pretty disappointed when I walked by this place a week ago and saw the roof deck access and new addition they added above the garage.

    That house is on a short list of the cities most beautify corner townhomes and they really just “shat” on it.

    Considering the incredibly small visible surface area of the roof top stairwell and the addition they added to the side, adding a matching brick veneer would have cost nearly nothing. The fact that they didn’t just screams “cheapass”.

    I mean vinyl siding on a building like that? What a joke.

    • Cap City is cheap. They use vinyl in some portion of all their projects. Their materials are bottom shelf, too. Terrible renovation.

  • I seriously doubt it is vinyl siding–probably fiber cement siding, but still not appropriate. My initial thought is they could have extended the existing mansard roof upwards to create an attic story that better blended into the architecture. Alternatively, match the material capping the top of the bay (copper maybe?) and clad the new pop up with that.

  • The addition over the garage is whatever, not horrible, not good. The pop up looks like a mobile trailer at a construction site was forgotten on the roof. Pathetic.

  • Deafening silence from the anti-historic preservation crowd…

  • Drawings on the Cap City website lead you to believe that they will be painting the addition to closely match the rest of the house. I would assume what you see now is not the final color.

    Though it is a shame to see some of the architectural detail disrupted by the roof deck, I think the finished apartment will look much better than the house did for the past few years (pretty run down).

  • I live directly across from this building, on the same floor as the rooftop addition, what’s interesting is that this popup is not reflected in the drawing/rendering positioned outside the property.

    Is that a common practice, as it seems to be a slightly distorted understanding of what the renovation is going to be?

    • Phew, for a minute I thought they were going to leave that nasty box on the roof.

    • Anyone check out the floor plans? The pop-up is actually only for the 3rd floor “penthouse” unit. I guess the area needed for a common stair would have taken too much away from the unit.
      Hate to be the one that lives in the unit right over the parking garage…
      Also, looks like the guy who buys the 1st floor corner unit will need to buy a circular bed…. how the heck do you furnish a room with no flat walls?

  • I agree their work is not always the best – unless they are forced to. They are capable of doing nice work – their projects in Dupont and Logan often look better. Up here they use cheaper materials and don’t bother to always blend with the historic architecture. Seriously…this is one of the nicest houses in CH… and they couldn’t put a little more attention on the front facade to hide the pop-up a little? They couldn’t think of a slightly more compatible finish material? It’s just too bad. Dreadful.

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