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  • This is my favorite house in DC. It looks like it came right off of the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

  • That house is in Cleveland Park btw and yes it’s awesome.

  • Is that a thatched roof? Wow.

    • ah

      Cedar shingles, but it looks like it may once have been thatched. Certainly the roofer did a good job giving it a thatched appearance.

      There’s a house in Wesley Heights that has a similar roof and was, in fact, thatched until a few years ago, when it was replaced with cedar shingles.

    • That type of roof is called thatched. While it isn’t roofed with reeds (like in ancient thatched roofs) the cedar shingles are meant to replicate reeds (and be a tad bit more durable and, with treatment, a tad bit less flammable). I have a 1923 builder’s guide that has a several illustrated pages on how to frame and build this type of thatched roof. They were popular in the teens. Includes making a lot of curved cuts to your rafters and furring, and lathing the the bullnoses and lookouts to give the bent shingles a curved nailing surface. Hard core in terms of labor.

    • Here’s a photo of how to frame a thatched roof: http://flic.kr/p/b7pKi6

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