Good Deal or Not? “Too many features to list” edition

This home is located at 127 U St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Elegantly restored Victorian feat: 3-BR, 2.5BA, formal LR, DR & Parlor, , hrwd flrs. , french doors, orig. gas FP mantel, skylight, wainscoting , deep floor plan, MBR w/ walk in cedar closet, exposed brick, new kit with granite counter. In Law suite w/ sep kit, , 7ft. ceilings, front & rear entrances. This is a must see! Too many features to list!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $712,000.

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  • I’m glad you previewed this house. I saw it on the market a few weeks ago and love it but can’t understand why it’s still out there. I think $700K is pretty close to what a home in this condition would fetch but maybe it’s a little high considering it’s only 3 bed/2.5 bath. $650-675K may be a little more realistic. I know a house on the unit block of T with similar dimensions just fetched $600K but this house includes some amenties exceeding that one.

    • I’d be willing to bet that the reason it’s still on the market is because it’s 300 feet from a housing project.

      Some people will automatically write it off because of that fact alone.

      • this isn’t 300 feet from public housing… the public housing is on the other side of 2nd above v street, several blocks away.

      • That cant be the reason. As already noted, the housing project is further than 300 feet and plus, most of Columbia Heights is actually within 300 feet of public housing and you’d be lucky to find a place for 700k there… so there must be another reason.

  • That basement shower is trippy!

  • The real estate agent’s text describing the photos has “trying too hard” written all over it.

    For example, “made of Terracotta Brick which cascades down the structure” — sounds like the brick facade is falling off the house!

  • oh god, who is responsible for that basement?

  • This house has a lot of potential but is priced like it’s been upgraded. Some beautiful features but no parking, badly smells like smoke, odd rooms upstairs including a bathroom with a toilet in the middle of the floor (as opposed to against a way). They’re going to need to do a serious price reduction is my guess.

  • I also thought that the main floor looks pretty nice/fancy, while the upstairs looks rather plain in comparison.

    Some of this could maybe be solved with better staging, but it also seems like the owners focused their beautification efforts on the main floor and left the upstairs and the basement alone.

  • I’ve always loved that awning

  • Is it seriously that expensive in Bloomingdale now?

  • I agree with most everyone here. I don’t think the upgrades are that nice, and I don’t like the kitchen at all. The cabinets look haphazard and are too high over the stove, the microwave is on a shelf instead of being hung under the cabs. I love the dining room, but think it all looks a little worn.

    And love this: “The dining room is perfectly located next to the kitchen.” Really? How novel.

  • I am surprised it is on the market… the place is amazing. I think that it is $700K is an appropriate price for the historical details this house has to offer. I agree that the basement could use some work (when I visited the house I was told the floors were heated), but you are not starting from scratch. Also, if I remember correctly, there is a new furnance. Lack of a parking space is a negative, but in Bloomingdale that is not a deal breaker.

    • +1. I am shocked (even a little dismayed) that there is not more enthusiasm for the character, historical details, and elaborate finishes in this house. When I first saw the photos, I did a double-take and took another look at the listing to verify that it was a rowhouse and not a condo or co-op. Even then, I figured that I must be missing something.

      Boo hoo– the microwave is on a shelf. I usually think people are too focused on the finishes (and not enough on the location and size). But there’s really more to a house than granite counter tops and updated tile work in the bathroom. This house (granted, I mostly mean the main level) has character in spades that could not be easily duplicated with remodeling.

  • If I had a budget of $712k, Bloomingdale wouldn’t even exist to me. You can find vastly superior houses in better parts of town for the exact same price. You may lose a few square feet, but who cares.

  • janie4

    I love all the detail, but the descriptions take away from it – trying to hard is right. ‘Marble like glazed tile?” So faux blue stone. It may be pretty, but don’t draw attention to the fact that you were trying to do a high end style on the cheap. A photo talks about the upper floors “original lead crystal fixture” in a bedroom with a photo of a ceiling fan.

    Also, do the light fixtures convey? I have antique ones, and they’re going with me when I move.

    Plus, I call foul on that kitchen. That is not custom cabinetry, – semi-custom at best. Further, they lose a lot of storage space with the cabinet hanging – they had rooms to go with 42s on some of them, and they went with stock height.

    I don’t care that the microwave is on a shelf, but the range hood and stove are not fabulous – I know, I owned them both. I still have the stove and it’s a pain to clean, and it’s a seriously under-powered range hood. Can’t see the sink, but the layout looks weird. Take out the table, the pie safe, and the shelf with the microwave, (all of which leave with the tenant) and you’re not looking at a ton of cabinetry or counter space.

  • Yeah, the foyer and living room are the best rooms in that house. They look like they came out of a Horchow catalog, but the rest of the rooms are just okay. The back of the building looks run down. I’m not sure it’s worth $712K either.

  • I bet it is the psychedelic tiling job in the basement that is causing people to look elsewhere. It looks like it is out of Alice in Wonderland.

  • yeah, and the house may burn down due to those curtains in front of the bedroom radiator! And why put those chintzy railings on that nice old stairway? I am a little puzzled, because there are some lovely things about this house, but also a lack of judgement…

  • Whoever buys this place will at a minimum need to re-do the kitchen and basement and God knows what else. Whoever did this rehab thought they were going to fix up grandma’s house (may she RIP) and sell it to some “young moderns” at 300 times what she paid for it back in 1957. Nice try, but they will never get $712K for it, not in that neighborhood.

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