Good Deal or Not? “Southern exposure” edition

This condo is located at 1520 Independence Ave, SE:

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The listing says:

“GREAT Look, location & price! Walk to the Potomac Ave. or Eastern Market Metros. Spacious, light-filled, two bedroom condo. Fantastic MBA w/ separete shower and wonderful 2nd bathroom. Southern exposure, open floor plan, excellent flow. In unit W/D. Building completely renovated in ’06. Pet friendly building & FHA approved.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $399,900.

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  • My friend lives in this building, or one of its sister buildings next door, which is almost identical (from what I can tell). This one looks like a nice place. Personally, I think the indent for a tv would drive me crazy. Nice flooring. Not sure about the noise level though, as with most renos these days (my condo building included). I think it’s priced a little higher than it should be – maybe $350?

    Is there a rooftop? It looks possible. That would change things. And what does ‘excellent flow’ mean? Is that supposed to mean that I’ll be totally zen if I buy this?

  • So that’s what you get for 400K around these parts? Yikes! Out west, while not super cheap, 400k gets you much much more (check what you get in Portland, Seattle, Sacramento for the same price). Guess I need to move back there if I want a nice, affordable single family.

    • You must be new here. Welcome to DC, the cheap part.

    • We have other redeeming qualities those cities don’t have… besides, I’ve seen Portlandia and I’m okay with not living there. 😉

    • Why you get more housing for your money out west: you get less money for your job.

      In DC, plenty of people with bachelor’s degrees get paid $75k+. fewer people do in the cities you mentioned.

      • really? people with bachelor’s degrees get paid more in dc? both my husband and i made more in los angeles than we do here. and almost all our friends work for ngo’s and don’t get paid very well. 2 of my friends have masters degrees (1 from U of Penn, other from SUNY) and neither make more than 55k. i think perhaps if you work for the fed you will get paid more but not everyone wants to work for the government. AND should not have to to make a decent salary.

    • I’ve lived in the Pacific NW. Portland & Seattle are great, but comparing Sacramento to D.C. is a crime. When it comes to locations, you get what you pay for. If you want a city with tons of culture& things to do, you have to pay. If you don’t want to pay, there’s always Sacramento.

    • This is not Seattle or Portland. It is the Capital of the Universe, Space and Time. If you cannot hack it here, you can move to Loudoun or Fauquier Counties.

    • I love Portland, it’s awesome. But the economy here in DC is way, way more robust. Hence more people with more money all looking for places to live.

  • I would gladly take a 10-20% pay cut to move to a city where housing cost 50% less, but unfortunately it can be a lot harder to find a job at all in a lot of those cities.

    • The thing is, you could move to Seattle, and make about as much as you do in DC (especially if you’re in the Tech industry), but 400k will definitely get you a nicer place in a nicer part of town.

  • Just did a quick search from…below are examples of a few other cool cities. I know DC is very multicultural, has a lot to do, but c’mon, the housing market here is crazy. 400k barely gets you a house in the ghetto. To live in a safe neighborhood, it seems like you have to drop over 700k here. Unless you want to move out to Falls Church or something. Even if you do make 75k / year, that won’t cut it for a 600k+ mortgage (unless you have a ton to put down first).

    I’m new to DC, and so far, love the town and all the neat neighborhoods, but I’m just kinda shocked at the price for new homes. I’m in no way saying the city’s mentioned below are better or anything, just trying to give an example of the “bang for the buck” in other parts of the country.

    Here is an example of what 400k can get you in Portland:

    In L.A., you could get something like this:

    In Austin TX:

    Denver Co:

    San Diego:

    • If you are indeed a newcomer to this city, consider holding off on slinging around a loaded derogatory term like “ghetto” about a neighborhood you don’t know anything about. It’s actually a great neighberhood to live in with a lot of character. But yes, DC real estate can be frustratingly expensive.

    • I don’t think your examples of real estate for LA or San Diego is comprable. The house in LA is in a bad neighborhood and is a dump. The house in San Diego is about 20-30min from the center of San Diego. More in the suburbs of San Diego. It is equivalent to posting a house in Falls Church and saying it is in DC.

    • That Portland house is awesome.

      As for the LA one, yeah, it’s not in the greatest part of LA. Walkscore gives it a 78, but a lot of the nearby establishments are low-end fast food etc. But on the other hand it might be a comparable area to RFK.

    • Welcome but check yourself on the “ghetto” comments. If you have that mindset, you will miss out on much of what DC has to offer. Not only that but you will find yourself in quite a few argument of which you will not win, especially on here.

  • Ya’ll crack me up. Can we please get back to whether this place is a good deal or not???

  • not so good a deal (sorry lister)…but you can get a WHOLE lot (like a complete house with English Basement) more just a few blocks away in Kingman Park

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