Good Deal or Not? “Cozy Corner unit” edition

This condo is located at 332 2nd St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Perfect Investment on the Hill! Easy living in this Fantastic 1BR in pet friendly bldg. Cozy Corner unit. Full size kitchen/appliances, larger than most in this price range/location!!. Phenomenal location across from Senate Bldg, near Union Station/shops,Metro. Gas/elect included in condo fee.”

You can find more info and photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $237,000.

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  • People, try picking up your clutter, getting nicer looking furniture…and open your blinds and let natural light in! It’s amazing that some people actually sell/rent places with their terrible photo taking. Also use any numerous programs out there to stitch together photos so we’re not just looking at a boring corner wondering what the space really looks like.

  • If judged by this comp in the same building, which looks to be far more updated and well-maintained, I would say this is a little over-priced.

  • It’s hard to know if this is a good deal without knowing how much the condo fees are.

  • Yes to the cleanup & ugly decor. As to emptying the sink, all I can think of is hello roaches??

  • I think the clutter shows how really tiny this place is and that all you’re paying for is location. Even then, I wouldn’t plop down a quarter mil for it.

  • I’ve seen this listing on Redfin-IIRC, it’s currently occupied by a tenant, so that could account for (but obviously not excuse) the mess/clutter.

    I do like the location, but I think it’s a place that could seriously benefit from being shot with nothing in it.

  • looks like HOA is around 500 according to this older listing:–106B/mls-DC7679298. Not bad if it includes electric.

  • You know it’s tiny when you have to store your snow shovel next to the sofa.

  • That building looks like crap with all the bricked-over windows on the front.

  • I lived in the sister building that was developed at the same time that faces Massachusetts Avenue (can see it off to the left) for several years, and the location is awesome.

    The big negative is if you have a car because parking can be a problem (meters on Mass/D and no AM parking even for Zone 6ers on 2nd). There was a laundry in my building so I can’t say for sure that this one has it’s own.

    I don’t know that this price it too out of line considering size/location.

  • My ex used to live in a 2nd floor stduio in this building. It was the dumpiest apartment I have ever been in and I have lived in a lot of cheap places. There was no heat in the winter at all, we slept in layers of clothes. Doesn’t look like the place has been upgraded at all. Nice location but I can’t imagine living there no matter how low the price is.

  • I’d just like to point out how weird this building is, having asymmetrical square and trapezoidal bay windows and then middle row of windows filled in. just bizarre.

  • We need a new feature – crappiest listing of the week. This listing agent should be drawn and quartered. Though s/he can’t do much about a horribly depressing building facade with the bricked in windows.

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